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2019 5o5 World Fremantle: The Doctor Is In!!!

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  • 2019 5o5 World Fremantle: The Doctor Is In!!!

    Day of attrition at the 505 Worlds. Four lead changes in the first run due to wipe outs. And they were the good guys.! The time to lead is at the finish which is where Mike Martin and Adam Lowry picked up their second win of the series so far.

    The second race was cancelled as the race committee were busy collecting broken boats in wind that was now gusting 25 knots.
    After 3 heats the top 3 are
    1 Mike Martin & Adam Lowry
    2 Wolfgang Hunger & Holger Jess
    3 Howie Hamlin & Jeff Nelson.

    Day 2 Report:

    This wasn’t the Doctor today, a frontal system had moved in and was pushing some decent breeze into the coast.

    The day started with the best part of the breeze whistling in our ears as the course was set around us. The RO had set the course for a challenging three laps in a south sou westerly and 15 to 18 knots of building breeze. The timing was good to send the boats around in 75 minutes and on the proviso that you stayed upright, the racing was going to be fantastic.

    The first rounding had Aussies Luke and Peter at the front, but by the second rounding they were way back as the German and USA crews forged ahead in the stiffening breeze. But the racing changed from minute to minute as boats took a tumble in the breeze and at one point on the second lap; the gybe point near the beach was littered with no less than five boats that had fallen over. Let alone the number of boats spread over the course.

    all images © RICK STEUART/Perth Sailing Photography

    A scattering of boats greeted us as we made our way down to the finish line and prepared to take the leaders photo and Mike Martin and Adam Lowry of the US was there to greet us as he added to his winning ways from yesterday. Following him and with a huge grin was Stefan Koechlin and Andreas Achterberg. Third place went to Mike Holt and Carl Smit of the USA.

    Racing was called off shortly afterwards due to high winds and the boats returned to shore.

    During presentations, Mike’s advice on how to win on the day was “Don’t lead.” As he explained.. “Everyone who got in front of us, fell over.” “So we just continued on to the finish line trying our best.”

    Standings so far:

    Mike Martin and Adam Lowry of the USA lead with 12 points, followed by Germany's Wolfgang Hunger and Holger Jess in second with 24 points. Howard Hamlin and Jeff Nelson are currently third with 25 points.


    Day 1 Report:

    An overcast day meant that we wouldn’t have the roaring sou'wester of the last two race days and we expected and received no more than 10 to 12 knots out of the west sou west with a light chop and very little swell to concern the 505’s.

    Today was going to be far more tactical with the lighter breezes and the shifty west sou westerly would play into the hands of the boats that could read the changes on the water.

    Race one started with some of the boats going left as they did in the heavier days, but it was quickly realised that the middle was going to pay if you could stay in phase and so it was. First around the top was the German boat Jan – Phillip Hofman and Felix Brockerhoff with Julian Stueckl and Johannes Tellen in hot pursuit. Both strong contenders for the world championships they stayed at or near the front for the rest of the race and found themselves as worthy winners of the first race with Great Britain's Ian Pinnell and Reeve Dunn taking third place.

    Race two started with the line firing off well. We followed the yachts up to the top watching the pathfinders make the top mark first and then return for the first rounding. The pathfinders, USA’s Parker Shinn and Eric Anderson came down for the gates with at least 100 meters between them and the next boat. Around the mark they went and then a sudden stop. They had hooked up on the gate rope under their rudder. And then the indignities compounded as the rudder came off the transom and they lurched out of control below the mark. We had to take evasive action and a support boat came in and helped them off the course.

    On the second downwind, going left paid off for the top ten boats and they stormed the line with only the arrival of USA’s Mike Martin and Adam Lowry stopping the determined charge of Aussies Michael Quirk and Joel Castle who were aiming to get over the line first. Ian Pinnell and Reeve Dunn of GBR were third.

    Standings so far: Germany's Jan-Phillip Hofmann in the lead with 5 points from Ian Pinnell of GBR at 6 points. Germany third as well with Julian Steuckl carrying 9 points.

    Early days yet.. there’s a promise of showers tomorrow in the morning and the breeze is going to come back.
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    Race 3, Muricans Command The Podium

    Hard yards on the water today with PRO Olsen pushing the yachts and crews to the limit.

    Not content with a simple catch up from the previous day, today was the day that separated the front from the back. The Fremantle Doctor was in, with the breeze building as the day progressed. We started with a gentle 8 to 10 knots out of the south south west and the breeze swung into the south west by the time that the first lap was completed.

    All pics © Rick Steuart Photography

    A great two lap race had Aussies Peter Nicholas and Luke Payne relishing the local breeze, grabbing the front and staying there all the way. Right behind them, they had the USA’s Mike Martin and Adam Lowry on their tails all the way with GBR’s Penny and Russ Clark coming in nicely in third.

    The second race, they took the length out another .1 of a nautical mile and put an extra lap in. A real tester. This time Mike Martin found the lead in front of Peter Nicholas and stayed there as though it was his to keep. The shore line looked as though it was the way to go, but the centre proved to be the winner again and in the burgeoning breeze, the boats could only go faster.

    The third race and another three lapper. I heard the sailors talking about it afterwards… relentless. The breeze just kept on coming and despite the best that a sailor could offer, they were starting to get tired and the boats were starting to flip as tired hands let go of a rope, or the tiller slipped in the hand momentarily. But as relentless as it may sound, the best kept going and the results were clear with Mike Martin beginning to erect a picket fence with yet another win. But this time GBR’s Nathan Batchelor and Harry Briddon put their hands up for second and for the double for GBR, Ian Pinnell and Reeve Dunn made it into third place.

    The leader board is starting to take shape with established crews putting together claims on the top three spots, but there is the room to move and the lighter weather forecast for the next two racing days may change all this. A lay day tomorrow and then the hot weather is forecast to arrive.

    Every one is off to Rottnest tomorrow. Sandy beaches, great pubs and the ubiquitous Quokka to have a selfie with.

    The first drop has been allowed and the standings so far are:

    Mike Martin and Adam Lowry of the USA lead with a nett 6 points, followed by another US pair of Mike Holt and Carl Smit in second with a nett 23 points. Howard Hamlin and Jeff Nelson are currently third with a nett 34 points.

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      Not only that, but they own the top four spots!

      Way to go guys!


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        Luvs them Muricans!


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          Congrats to Martin & Lowry for winning it all with a day to spare!
          "Honey Badger don't give a shit"


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            Martin/Lowry Win 2019 5o5 Worlds

            With 5 bullets in the 1st 6 races, San Francisco sailors Mike Martin and Adam Lowry coasted in races 7&8 in which they
            received a pair of 4s and used their two discards for races 9&10 for a commanding 24 point victory in the 2019
            5o5 Worlds In Fremantle. Mike Holt & Carl Smit of Santa Cruz took 2nd with 38 points. 3rd place went to the San Francisco team of Parker Shinn &
            Eric Anderson.

            This is the team's 2nd World Championships, they won together in 2016 in Weymouth. Mike won the 2009 San Francisco hosted 5o5 Worlds with Jeff Nelson
            and as crew for Howie Hamlin in 1999 with Howie Hamlin

            all pics © Rick Steuart/

            We interviewed Martin & Lowry after their perfect picket fence at the 2018 5o5 North Americans
            to gain some insight into their training protocol and game plan for Fremantle

            Day Five at the 2019 505 Worlds.

            The sea breeze was already in as we moved onto the course and the 505 fleet was making good time up to the race area. Racing started at 1100 hrs with a breeze of 9 knots and out of the south west. USA’s Mike Martin and crew Adam Lowry had elected not to sail today as their lead was unassailable and that opened up the scoring for the rest of the fleet.

            To dispel any doubts about the fact that wing marks were a novelty, PRO Robyn Olsen gave us another one this morning. The rather surprised Aussie pair Daniel Keys and Daryl Roos looked back at the top mark and found out that they were first. By the time that the fleet had returned to the top again, sailing became a dash to the wing when the breeze suddenly strengthened and yesterday’s last race winners, Jan Saugman and Marcus Cooper found themselves well to the fore and rounding the wing first. Close behind them were the South African team of James Largier and Richard Hutton-Squire with West Australians Peter Nicholas and Luke Payne trying to pass them. It didn’t happen and that was the order over the line for the finish.

            The second race was a traditional 2 lap windward–leeward that started out at 1.3 nm and as the breeze grew, found itself extending out to 1.5 nm for the last lap. West Australians Pete Nicholas and Luke Payne were relishing the burgeoning breezes. Staying up right and ahead of Julian Steuckl and Johannes Tellen was all that was required of them. In third place Mike Holt and Carl Smit of the USA had had a good race and had ensured second place in the world championships ahead of fellow Americans Parker Shinn and Eric Anderson.

            The 2019 505 Worlds were an all American affair this year with Mike Martin and Adam Lowry taking the win with a nett of 24. In second place Mike Holt and Carl Smit showed that consistency will get you a long way (nett 38) and Parker Shinn and Eric Anderson were working very hard to beat their fellow Americans and managed to snaffle third place with a nett of 42.

            Standout sailing over the regatta, where do we begin? The Americans really showed us how it’s done and they covered it in both light and heavy breezes. The German crews were pushing all the time and would have been happier with the lighter breezes, but still showed their commitment. The local boys and girls really played their part. From the senior members through to the 125 sailors who have stepped up, they worked to keep their boats going and the way they generally handled the conditions was a credit to them.

            The 2019 Worlds regatta was sailed in testing conditions for the first three days and then champagne sailing for the next two days. Light to moderate breezes and an easy swell made it great sailing through out the fleet on Sunday and Monday.
            Fremantle Sailing Club and their race teams of volunteers helped by the FSC staff, kept the regatta moving and fed well. The morning coffee stall was very much appreciated by all, as was the work by the canteen ladies who fed the masses with the help of the clubs cheerful bosons who grilled and cooked every day.

            Until the next 505 worlds in Sweden

            Farewell from the water off Fremantle where the Doctor resides.
            Rick Steuart
            Perth Sailing Photography

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              Congrats all the way around!


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                Bass Strait Turns Up The Pressure For Aussie Laser Nationals Finals

                The last day of competition at the Oceania and Australian Laser Sailing Championships off the coast of Devonport saw all categories decided across the two final races, which were held in deteriorating conditions.

                In the 4.7 class, a second and a fifth placing on Tuesday was enough to see Queensland’s Kristen Wadley hang on to her lead from the day before and take title by just one point from West Australian junior Lawson McAullay. Brooke Jones (NSW) was third on countback and leading youth girl, followed by youth boy's winner Jonathan Lio (Singapore).

                all pics © Beau Outteridge/Australian Laser Sailing Championships

                Another accomplished performance from 2016 Olympic gold medallist Tom Burton (NSW) proved enough for him to sew up the standard division. Burton triumphed in the opening race of the day before a third placing in race 12 gave him a five point win from Matthew Wearn (WA), with Swifto Elliott a further seven points adrift.

                Brett Beyer (NSW/ACT) was the leading master in seventh, while eighth-placed Caelin Winchcombe (WA) was the leading under 21 sailor.

                The radial fleet saw Belgium’s Emma Plasschaert enter the day with a four-point lead finish with a six-point victory courtesy of a second placing in race 11. Zac Littlewood (WA) remained in second and was the leading youth male, followed by Manami Doi (WA) and under 21 women’s winner Mara Stransky (Qld). Sixth-placed Simon Merritt (Vic) was the highest-ranked open male and tenth-placed Stefan Elliott-Shircore (WA) the best junior boy.


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