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Big Breeze Blows Through Marseille Challenging Nacra 15 Worlds

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  • Big Breeze Blows Through Marseille Challenging Nacra 15 Worlds

    The calm before the storm ( Sunday October 20th)

    From Australia to the United States of America and Tahiti and Denmark... the best sailors in the world have chosen to meet here in Marseille’s South Bay from October 19th to October 25th.

    Today the 80 boats were divided in two fleets; they have started their race for the world title with a 5 to 15-knot- east wind.

    For them it has been the first opportunity to compete on the future Olympic site of the Paris 2024 Olympics.

    NOTE: The easterly increased Monday, pushing teams to their physical limits when these images were taken by Laurens Morel/
    Racing for Tuesday has been cancelled do to excessive winds.

    Interview of the day – Corinne Aubert, Principal race officer

    "Today, each group has managed to do four races, under an unusually rainy sky. Everything went just fine, regarding the weather conditions. Four races for each group, this means the results will be validated. Eight superb starts were launched, no recall procedure which made both the coaches and the organizers pretty happy!

    The days to come will probably be difficult: heavy wind making the sailing conditions unsure, this is why we have been very happy with the organization of this first day. We have taken everything there was to take, efficiency first!

    Provisional ranking before jury decision – October 21st2019

    Georgia PAYNE & Nathan BRYANT (AUS) – 17 points
    Thomas PROUST & Lou BERTHOMIEU (FRA) – 17 points
    Andrea SPAGNOLLI & Alice CIALFI (ITA) – 18 points

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    You never heard "SH!T" yelled in so many languages!


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      Worth The Wait

      Sweet light and gentle breeze fill the course at Yachting Club de la Pointe Rouge in Marseille France
      on Friday after a two day layover due to too much wind.

      Good things come for those who wait ...
      Key figures

      6 races were launched
      0 to 12-knot wind
      5 hours waiting ashore
      30 coaches

      Good things come for those who wait

      After a no-race day on Wednesday because of too strong winds and heavy rain, today has been completely different!

      The first start was initially planned at 10am, but couldn’t happen before 3pm because of the lack of wind. And now that the sun has come back, the wind is playing hide and seek!

      But Philippe Faure, the race committee, is always on the go, he knows the south bay like the back of his hand and knew the wind was coming around 2:30pm. That’s how he managed to allow the competitors to set sail and launch two races for each group.

      And today, for the first time, the 160 athletes and 30 coaches have experienced the perfect conditions Marseille can offer: bright sunshine and light 10 to 12-knot mistral. A perfect afternoon in the south bay

      nterview of the day – Paul Wakelin, Nacra 15 class chairman

      “We’ve had 3 superb races today, which puts an end to the qualifying phase. Tomorrow will be a great last day for both gold and silver fleets.

      Today Marseille gave us the best it has to offer, and it was amazing to see the athletes confronting such weather conditions. The crews were very close to each other, differences in level were really minimum, with very close finish too. Some new teams sailing next to the best ones.

      And last, once again, I must thank the race committee for the perfect decisions they made all day!”

      Provisional ranking before jury – October 24th2019

      Jesse Lindstadt & Lisa Rausch (GER) – 20 points
      Ruben Booth & Rita Booth (AUS) – 22 points
      Andrea Spagnolli & Alice Cialfi (ITA) – 25 points

      " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery