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Gold Medal Outburst For USA 420 Sailors

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  • Gold Medal Outburst For USA 420 Sailors

    Unfortunately there was no wind today to complete the full 12 races schedule, so the championships were awarded in accordance to yesterday's results.

    After Spaniards domination during the first days, they were finally the Americans who took the leadership on 3 of 4 fleets yesterday and got most of the Gold medals today. The nations prize Francois Mouvet was finally for Spain due to having the highest placed 3 boats in all three Men/Mixed, Women and Under 17 championships.

    Final results - 2021 420 Men/Mixed Worlds
    After winning the last 6 races, Tommy Sitzmann / Luke Woodworth USA were crowned new 2021 420 Men/Mixed World champions, wrapping the event with 20 points after 9 races.

    "Amazing! Super rewarding as it's a really competitive championship to come away with the win. We were working really hard and just tried to get better. I don't know who expect to this but it's very nice" – said the winners when returning to shore.

    Based on a great consistent performance, the French team formed by Ange Delerce / Timothee Rossi FRA finally got the Silver medal with 33.

    The Bronze medal was for Alberto Morales / Miguel Bethencourt ESP with 37.

    Final results - 2021 420 Women's Worlds
    Doing it well from the beginnng and finally discarding just a 7th on the ten races done, Vanessa Lahrkamp / Katherine McNamara USA were finally crowned new 2021 420 Women World champions in San Remo, finishing the event with 27 points.

    "Unbelievable! Amazing! Yes, it's just so exciting. We were not expecting this Gold medal at all. We were going into this like oh, we don't know how are we goona do. Good day yesterday. Great regatta. It's crazy! – declared Vanessa and Katherine together.

    Women's Silver medal was finally for Neus Ballester / Andrea Perello ESP with 37.

    Bronze medal for Apolline Benoit / Ambre Monnier FRA with 56.

    Final results - 2021 420 Under 17 Worlds
    Men's Under 17 Gold was for Freddie Parkin / Thomas Widden USA, winning the last three races yesterday and concluding the competition with 45 points. Silver Medal for Marc Mesquida / Ramon Jaume ESP with 59 and third overall. Bronze medal for Jaime Ayarza / Mariano Hernandez ESP with 71 and fourth overall.

    Women's Under 17 champions were Maria Perello / Marta Cardona ESP, finishing second overall with 58 points, escorted on podium by Maria Pascual / Marta Puigserver ESP and Paulina Rutkowska / Iga Wirlczyk POL on 13th and 18th places respectively.

    211 boats have participated of this 2021 420 World Championships at Marina Degli Aregai in Italy, organised by Yacht Club Sanremo.

    A strong and steady wind of 14-20 knots blowing today allowed three new races to be added to scores on a fantastic fifth day of sailing at the 2021 420 World Championships in Italy.

    The Women and Under 17 championships have reached now 10 races in total, while the Gold and Silver Men/Mixed fleets count 9.

    We're ready now to face the last races tomorrow, deciding our new 2021 420 World champions!

    Race day 5 results - 2021 420 World Championships
    Bad day today for the overnight Under 17 leaders Jaime Ayarza / Mariano Hernandez ESP, scoring a 3-50-30 that displaces them from the leadership for the first time in the event, being now 4th overall (3rd Men) with 71 points. Freddie Parkin / Thomas Widden USA are the new leaders now after scoring a terrific 1-1-1 today and moving to the top of fleet with 48 points and an 18 discard. Women's U17 leaders Maria Perello / Marta Cardona ESP are second overall with 58 and a 16 discard. Third place overall for Marc Mesquida / Ramon Jaume ESP with 59 and a BFD-68 discard.

    The fourth day of races at the 2021 420 World Championships delivered nice medium winds of around 10-15 knots for all the 420's 420 sailors to enjoy of fantastic three new races.

    This way the Qualifying series concluded with 7 races for the Women and Under 17 fleets, and 6 for the Men/Mixed. The last two days will be for playing the Finals, where we'll know who to crown our 2021 420 World champions!

    Women and U17 are single fleets but Men/Mixed will be split from tomorrow in Gold and Silver.

    The Spanish team formed by Jaime Ayarza / Mariano Hernandez ESP continues to show a solid and consistent performance, holding the lead with 25 points. Women's U17 leaders Maria Perello / Marta Cardona ESP are following them with 36. Freddie Parkin / Thomas Widden USA are third overall with 42. Only 1 point behind are Aviv Assraf / Yam Bilia ISR on fourth.

    Spaniards are also leading the Women's championship today, with Neus Ballester / Andrea Perello ESP winning two of the three races and heading the fleet with 13 points. 9 units behind them come Solenza Mariani / Clara Olive FRA (winning the first race today) and Vanessa Lahrkamp / Katherine McNamara USA, both with 22.

    Terrific day for the US team formed by Tommy Sitzmann / Luke Woodworth USA, winning both of red group's races today. They have also won yesterday's only race so they are now on top of the championship sharing 17 points with Fernando Flethes / Carlos Flethes ESP on the second place. Alberto Morales / Miguel Bethencourt ESP complete the provisional podium with 20. Bad day for the overnight leaders Will Michels / Spencer Kriegstein USA who are now on the 45th position after receving three penalties today.

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