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    One hundred twenty four competitors raced in three different fleets at the 2021 ILCA North American Championships on July 15-18 in San Francisco. CA. Typical of San Francisco Bay in the summer, the breeze was up for the 10-race series, ranging from 15 to 25 knots.

    “It was great to see so much talent on the racecourse this weekend, as well as so many familiar faces,” said St. Francis Yacht Club’s Commodore Bill Dana. “I recognized a lot of the competitors from their Opti days and from Youth Champs, and to have them here again, sailing as adults, was a reminder that sailing is a lifetime sport. Plus, conditions couldn’t have been better.”

    Much of the regatta was sailed in a flood tide, which drew the fleet close to shore on the upwind legs, providing current relief for the racers and an exciting show for the spectators ashore. On the final day of racing, an ebb tide sent the fleet to the middle of the bay where they engaged in an all-on drag race, riding the current train to the windward mark.

    ILCA 7
    In the 24-boat ILCA 7 fleet, racing was consistently tight at the top, especially between four leaders who separated themselves from the pack: Leo Boucher, Ford McCann, Marshall McCann, and Conner Nelson. All four are racing with the US Sailing Olympic Development Program.

    In the end, Boucher finished 1st in the ICLA 7s with 26 points. Ford McCann finished 2nd with 29 points, followed by Nelson in 3rd with 29 points (a tie that was broken by McCann’s three 1st-place finishes compared to Nelson’s one 1st-place finish). Marshall McCann was just out of podium range, with 34 points and, notably, a bullet in Race 10.

    “This was a pretty tough event,” said Boucher. “It was shifty coming off the yacht club so positioning was important going upwind. Downwinds were all about keeping it upright and staying as loaded up as possible. Overall, I’m stoked to have won and we’ll see what happens at the next one.”

    At the end of Day 3 of ILCA NAs, with 8 races down and 2 to go, fleet leaders are making themselves known.
    In ILCA 7, Leo Boucher boasted a picket fence today and enters Day 4 in 1st with 15 points. 2nd place Ford McCann is in close pursuit, followed by Connor Nelson, Marshall McCann, Caleb Yoslov and Nicholas Sessions, all of whom are part of the US Sailing ODP team.
    In ILCA 4, Matheo Capasso scored 3 more bullets today. After dropping his lowest score (2), that puts him in a solid 1st for the fleet going into the final day of racing.
    Tomorrow, Race Organizers plan to get off two final races before hosting the Trophy Ceremony for the 2021 ILCA North Americans. Stay tuned.

    images © Gerard Sheridan

    ILCA 6
    With 75 boats entered, the ILCA 6 fleet was the largest by far. For the regatta’s first two days, race organizers randomly divided the group into Blue and Yellow fleets for qualifying, followed by two days with the fleet split into Gold (38 boats) and Silver (37 boats).

    In ILCA 6 Gold, Charlotte Rose secured a hard-fought 1st place, finishing the regatta with 22 points and demonstrating the power of persistence. Though she was a few points from the podium after Days 1 and 2, she entered the final day in 2nd and then locked up the North American Championship with a 2 in Race 9 and a 1 in Race 10. “This was tough racing, especially with the current,” said Rose. “It was a really great event and I love sailing here!”

    Rose was followed closely by Robby Meek in 2nd with 26 points, and Guthrie Braun in 3rd with 29 points.

    In ILCA 6 Silver, 1st went to Ethan Sargent, followed by David Lapier in 2nd and Hailey Thompson in 3rd.

    Standings at the End of Day 3

    ILCA 7
    1️⃣ Leo Boucher, 15
    2️⃣ Ford McCann, 19
    3️⃣ Connor Nelson, 25

    ILCA 6 — GOLD
    1️⃣ Robby Meek, 16
    2️⃣ Charlotte Rose, 19
    3️⃣ Guthrie Braun, 21

    1️⃣ Hailey Thompson, 93
    2️⃣ Jonathan Seawards, 105
    3️⃣ Oliver Stokke, 107

    ILCA 4

    1️⃣ Matheo Capasso, 7
    2️⃣ Xavier Stoldt, 23
    3️⃣ Jacob Zils, 24

    ILCA 4
    While the other two fleets came down to the wire, a clear winner emerged early in the ILCA 4 fleet. Of the 25 sailors competing, Matheo Capasso maintained a commanding lead across all four days. Coming into the final day of racing, he had won all but one race (in which he scored a 2) and sat an impressive 25 points ahead of the 2nd-place boat, Xavier Stoldt. Though Capasso was over early in Race 9, he secured a final bullet in Race 10 and finished the regatta with just 11 points over 10 races.

    In 2nd for ILCA 4s was Jacob Zils with 26 points, followed by Alejo Di Blasi with 36 points. Stoldt came in 4th with 37 points, followed by Charlie Allen with 40 points.

    On his dominant win, Capasso said, “It wasn’t easy. Conditions were quite difficult, especially today. I was over in the first race today which made the second even more important. But overall, I’m really pleased with how I did.”

    In Day 2 of ILCA NAs, we got off three races in 15-22 knots of breeze. The day started with a flood tide and sunshine and the fog moved in in the earlier afternoon, bringing with it some extra breeze.
    The two ILCA 6 fleets (Blue and Yellow) were first to launch, with tight competition amongst the top of this 75-boat fleet. Tomorrow, the 6s break into Gold and Silver fleets.
    Thanks to our sponsor, @westcoastsailing for standing by help with broken parts! It’s great to have you here.
    Standing at the End of Day 2

    ILCA 4
    1️⃣ Matheo Capasso
    2️⃣ Xavier Stoldt
    3️⃣ Charlie Allen

    ILCA 6
    1️⃣ Robby Meek
    2️⃣ Clara Gravely
    3️⃣ Lillian Myers

    ILCA 7
    1️⃣ Ford McCann
    2️⃣ Leo Boucher
    3️⃣ Marshall McCann

    A championship, on many levels
    After the 2020 North Americans to be held in San Francisco, but were cancelled due to the pandemic, the mood for this edition among regatta organizers was, deservedly, very positive.

    “We had some great racing that brought out true champions this weekend,” said Tracy Usher, Regatta Chair and longtime ILCA racer. “This class has a deep history at St. Francis Yacht Club and it felt like a victory to be able to host a full-on Championship for them.”

    The Championship also served as a qualifier for the US Sailing Junior Pan-American Team, with the top eligible finisher from the ILCA 7 fleet (Leo Boucher) and ILCA 6 fleet (Charlotte Rose) qualifying.

    Day 1 of ILCA NAs can be summed up simply: classic SF conditions. What started as a cloudy, overcast day with breeze in the mid-teens built to 20 knots after Race 1. A consistent flood tide made for relatively flat water as race organizers got 2 races off for each of the 5 fleets. Over the next three days, first gun will sound at 1055 for more high-intensity racing.
    Be sure to follow us here for real-time coverage thanks to in-water reporter @fritzbaldauf!
    Current standings—
    ILCA 4
    1️⃣ @matheocapasso
    2️⃣ @charlie.allen2
    3️⃣ @zils.png (Jacob Zils)

    ILCA 6
    1️⃣ Lillian Myers
    2️⃣ @claragravely
    3️⃣ @robbymeek

    ILCA 7
    1️⃣ Ford McCann
    2️⃣ @calebsailing (Caleb Yoslov)
    3️⃣ @leo.Boucher

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