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Youth Foiling Gold Cup: Cagliari Knockout Rounds Underway

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  • Youth Foiling Gold Cup: Cagliari Knockout Rounds Underway


    Perfect wind conditions for the knockouts. ETA Sailing Team is out. But they are ready to be back.

    The event has ramped up a gear with the start of the knockouts, a series of direct eliminations that the teams must face over the coming days in order to secure a place in the final.
    The knockouts are organised in three rounds (A-B-C), each consisting of three races, in which six teams participate.

    The first round was completed today by Team Argentina, Equal Sailing, Katana Sailing Team, Okalys Youth Project, Youth Europ Sails and ETA Sailing Team - the teams sitting at the lower end of the rankings after the qualification races.

    Perfect wind conditions, with the usual thermal breeze filling the Gulf of Cagliari, made for another day of exciting racing.

    Team Argentina, the girls on board Equal Sailing, and the Swiss of Katana Sailing Team racked up the best performances in knockout series A. ETA Sailing Team, meanwhile, failed to make it to the second round (knockout 😎, bringing their participation in the competition in Cagliari to a close.

    Tomorrow the race committee will continue with the second knockout round, the first race of which was already held this afternoon. Only the teams with the top five scores will go ahead to knockout C, where Young Azzurra awaits them, thanks to having finished second in the qualifying series.

    "A bit disappointed about today but we didn’t have high expectations because it was the first time for us. We enjoyed the boat and today was a perfect sailing day for the wind conditions. But we did too many mistakes which in the end cost us a lot. We did a bad start in the first race. We were too close at the starting line and we had quickly to bear away in a gust and we capsized which, of course, is not the ideal start. Then we recovered, and in the following races, we had two very good starts. Unfortunately, we had some issues in the downwind legs. But I’m very happy with how we sailed and how we improved. There’s still a lot to learn for us. We’ll be back next season. We are totally addicted to 69F.”
    - Jann Schüpbach – ETA Sailing Team

    “We had perfect conditions to foil today. It’s been windier than the last days. Especially in the last race where we are still figuring out how to foil nicely in medium conditions, but we are keeping on learning. This is my first time in Cagliari and I’m very surprised: the wind conditions are so good and the sea is so clear. Really amazing to sail here.”
    - Sena Takano - EQUAL Sailing

    16,0 Team Argentina
    14,0 Equal Sailing
    12,0 Katana Sailing Team
    9,0 Okalys Youth Project
    4,0 Youth Europ Sails
    3,0 ETA Sailing Team



    ACT 3 qualifying done. Dutch team finishes top of the class and from tomorrow three days of knock out.
    With the 5 races held today, 8 flights have now been completed and the 5 qualifying days of Act 3 of the Youth Foiling Gold Cup have drawn to a close.

    The fleet was called onto the water shortly after 10 a.m. to take advantage of a favourable window in conditions. The races were held with a light and unstable breeze coming off the land, which shifted and stabilised at around 11 knots from the north east over the course of the morning.

    The Dutch team racked up the best performance overall, with their impeccable boat handling and consistent results meaning that they never placed lower than second throughout. With 89,5 points they remain firmly at the top of the standings and have earned direct access to the ACT3 finals, taking place from 29 to 31 October. Onboard DutchSail – Janssen de Jong is a very close-knit crew that has been racing together since the beginning of the season with consistently excellent results. At the helm is Cas van Dongen, while Scipio Houtman, winner of the European 49er under-23 championship, is the sail trimmer, with Ismene Usman and Merle Louwinger alternate in the role of flight controller.

    Behind them in second place, on 71,5 points, are the Italians on Young Azzurra. The team flying the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda colours – with Ettore Botticini at the helm, Federico Colaninno as sail trimmer, and Erica Ratti and Francesca Bergamo, alternating as flight controllers – automatically qualifies for the final part of the knockout races, skipping the first two series that the remaining six teams must face.

    Team France also consolidated their position in third place, allowing them to skip the first round of the knockout series.

    The knockout phase will take place from tomorrow until 28 October, and will be divided into three series. The top 5 teams will meet DutchSail – Janssen de Jong in the final, scheduled for October 29-31.

    Cas van Dongen – DutchSail / KNZRV Muiden & KRZV De Maas

    “The qualification series is over. It’s been an awesome week here in Cagliari. Today we had one of the most difficult days. The wind was very unstable and we had to keep our eyes outside the boat. We got very consistent results with one first place and two seconds. We did very well, approaching every race as a new one.

    As we won the qualification series it means we’ll have a couple of days off while the other teams will sail the knock-out series in the coming days. For sure they’ll make some steps. They are doing a great job, getting better and better. It seems that everyone can win the race.”

    Zac Blomeley – Youth Europ Sails

    “Great day today. We had a north-easterly breeze quite gusty and shifty, but we really enjoyed with really hard races. It’s been an awesome qualification series, five days of intense racing. This is our first time on the 69F and we are in the middle of the pack. Our goal is to get into the races and be on the top of the fleet. Tomorrow knockout starts. Our expectations are high, but sometimes we have to be realistic: we’ll do our best. We’ll have fun, try not to be the last, and have good time vibes.”
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