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US Olympic Trials In Full Swing In Miami

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  • US Olympic Trials In Full Swing In Miami

    MIAMI, FLORIDA (7 January 2024)
    - With more races now on the board, points are tightening and tensions heating up on day two of eight of the U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Sailing. The 470 and 49er course saw winds of 17-22 with shallower, choppier waves than opening day, and the Kite / iQFOiL course kicked off their day with 15 knots that died to 11-12, with light rain showers.

    Three 49er teams have punched ahead of the pack and sit within two points of one another. In the 470, Stu McNay and Lara Dallman-Weiss almost lost their lead, but gained it back by a point following the results of a hearing. The top three Mixed 470s are also within two points of one another, joining the 49ers as the fighting fleets to watch.

    The Men’s Formula Kite fleet shuffled considerably with Markus Edegran climbing three places to 2nd overall and Kai Calder taking over the lead. Bryn Muller and Anna Weis are tied for second in the Women’s iQFOiL with 19 points, behind leader Dominique Stater with 13 points.

    NEW to Trials coverage as of day two: A new Instagram "broadcast channel" (join here) for fast updates from the water at the January and February Olympic Trials. All results shared in the chat stream are pending any protests and hearing results that may shift scores in the evenings.

    Top 3 in each class after day two:
    • 49er - Andrew Mollerus & Ian MacDiarmid (12), Ian Barrows & Hans Henken (13), Nevin Snow & Mac Agnese (14)
    • Women's iQFOiL - Dominique Stater (13), Bryn Muller (19), Anna Weis (19)
    • Mixed 470 - Stu McNay & Lara Dallman-Weiss (7), Carmen Cowles & David Hughes (8), Louisa Nordstrom & Trevor Bornarth (9)
    • Men's Kite - Kai Calder (14), Markus Edegran (22), Noah Runciman (28)
    • Men's iQFOiL - Geronimo Nores (11), Noah Lyons (15), Alex Temko (20)

    FAQs from the Preview

    How do these Trials play into athletes punching their tickets to the Paris 2024 Games and the sailing competition held in Marseille this summer?

    Representing Team USA in Sailing at an Olympic Games consists of two parts: a “country qualification” in each of the 10 disciplines or “classes,” and “athlete selection” to decide who fills the earned spot in each class.

    To qualify the country in each class, any American athlete must place high enough at qualifying regattas in the year leading up to the Olympic Games to “qualify their country” for a spot in their class at the Games.

    As of December 31, 2023, the USA has qualified in 6 of the 10 classes: 49erFX, 49er, ILCA 6, Women’s iQFOiL, Nacra 17, and Women’s Formula Kite. The USA will work to earn the final four qualifications in early 2024 in the Mixed 470, Men’s Formula Kite, Men’s iQFOiL, and ILCA 7 classes. You can find more information regarding the country qualification system here.

    The Trials events happening in January and February in Miami serve as the “athlete selection” for those classes. The athletes that win these regattas in the classes that have already earned country qualification will immediately earn their ticket to represent Team USA in Marseille this summer. Athletes in classes that do not yet have country qualification will reserve their selection but will still need to work together to qualify the country to complete the second of their two-part process.

    Which classes fall into which category at the January Trials?
    • Winners of these classes will earn their spot at Paris 2024: 49er, Women’s iQFOiL
    • Winners of these classes still require a USA country qualification to confirm participation at the Paris Games: Mixed 470, Men’s Formula Kite, Men’s iQFOiL

    • January 4 – Check-in and Measurement at Miami Yacht Club
    • January 5 – Check-in, Measurement, Practice Race, Competitors Welcome, Briefing
    • January 6-9 – 1100 Racing
    • January 10 – Reserve Day
    • January 11-13 – 1100 Racing (no race start after 1600)

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    MIAMI, FLORIDA (8 January 2024) – Day three of U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Sailing saw dramatic maneuvers on the 49er course, the third lead change in three days in the Men’s Kite, and more tight racing in the Mixed 470. Both race courses saw 15-17 knots with a vibrant sea state similar to day one.

    Stu McNay and Lara Dallman-Weiss extended their lead on the 470 fleet, winning both races of the day and putting four points between them and Carmen Cowles and Dave Hughes in 2nd place. Louisa Nordstrom and Trevor Bornarth remain in the fight just one point behind Cowles and Hughes, rounding out a highly competitive top three.

    The top two 49er teams remain locked in a close battle for Team USA selection. Positions shuffled from day two, with Ian Barrows and Hans Henken now in the lead by one point over yesterday’s leaders Andrew Mollerus and Ian MacDiarmid. Nevin Snow and Mac Agnese tumbled into a pitchpole on a downwind leg and thus tacked on a few points but remain in third and hungry to close their gap.

    In the Men’s Formula Kite fleet, Markus Edegran continued his consistent upward trend and took over the first place standing. This is the third lead change in three days for the kites, keeping fans on their toes as we move towards the halfway mark.

    Noah Lyons closed his gap to Geronimo Nores and moved from 2nd to 1st, now leading Trials in the Men’s iQFOiL fleet on a tiebreaker. In the Women’s iQFOiL fleet, Dominique Stater kept her momentum with 10 of 11 first or second place finishes in every race of Trials so far.

    Top three in each class after day three:

    49er – Ian Barrows & Hans Henken (12), Andrew Mollerus & Ian MacDiarmid (13), Nevin Snow & Mac Agnese (20)
    Men’s iQFOiL – Noah Lyons (18), Geronimo Nores (18), Alex Temko (29)
    Men’s Kite – Markus Edegran (16), Kai Calder (21), Noah Runciman (33)
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery