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    Runaway boat in Florida goes airborne, crashes into dock after 'photo shoot' goes awry

    The 'unbelievable' incident unfolded in Stuart on Friday on the St. Lucie River
    An out-of-control boat in Florida ended up making a crash landing after going airborne over a dock in a moment that resembled a scene out of an action movie.
    The Martin County Sheriff's Office said the wild scene unfolded Friday after three men said they were doing a "photo shoot" aboard the 24-foot vessel in the St. Lucie River when they somehow fell overboard.

    The incident unfolded in the late-afternoon just south of the Stuart Causeway in Stuart.
    "The three male occupants told MCSO marine deputies that they were forced to dive underwater numerous times because the boat continued to circle around, nearly running them over," the sheriff's office said.

    The out-of-control vessel eventually straightened itself out – then traveled at a "high rate of speed," racing toward a concrete dock near the 1500 block of St. Lucie Boulevard in Stuart.

    Footage released by the sheriff's office shows the boat hitting the dock, going airborne, and then coming to rest after smashing into another dock.

    "MCSO Air-1 Pilot Justin Lundsteadt stayed over the vessel to direct marine units to the passengers. Meanwhile, Chief Pilot, Deputy Doug Newsom captured this unbelievable video," the sheriff's office said.

    "One of the men suffered minor injuries," the sheriff's office said

    An investigation into the cause of the incident was turned over to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which investigates boating accidents.
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