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  • 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race

    Lorient completes daunting route for Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15

    12th edition of sailing’s premier round-the-world race to begin October 4, 2014 in Alicante, Spain

    Alicante, Spain – 8 April 2013 – The French city of Lorient will return as the penultimate stopover in the Volvo Ocean Race for the 12th edition in 2014-15, completing a route that will test the world's best professional sailors to the limit in a race around the world lasting almost nine months and 40,000 nautical miles.

    The Race will start on October 4, 2014, day of the first In-Port Race in Alicante, and finish with a final In-Port Race on June 27, 2015 in Gothenburg, the Swedish home of Volvo. The total course distance will be 39,895 nautical miles – the equivalent to 45,910 miles or 73,886 kilometres – and will see the sailors tackle an extra Southern Ocean leg between Recife in Brazil and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates in their brand new Volvo Ocean 65 boats.

    Race CEO Knut Frostad said: “We have a route which we are sure will appeal to every serious offshore sailor, full of super-fast, challenging conditions. The Southern Ocean leg from Recife to Abu Dhabi is the most diverse ever presented in the Race and will contribute to what could turn out to be the toughest Race in our 40-year history.”

    Lorient will be the penultimate Host Port along the route and will come immediately after Lisbon, as it did in the last edition, and before the grand finale, which this time will be in Gothenburg.

    The full route will see the teams sail their One Design boats from the Race's home in Alicante, Spain to Recife on the north east tip of Brazil over 3,421 nm. From there, the teams will sail the longest leg of the race, making their first dive into the Southern Ocean on their way to Abu Dhabi (9,707 nautical miles) before heading to Sanya in China (4,670 nm).

    As in the last race, the boats will sail from Sanya to Auckland, New Zealand (5,264 nm). From the City of Sails they will leave for Itajaí in Brazil (6,776 nm) before going north to Newport, Rhode Island in the United States (5,010 nm). The teams will then cross the Atlantic to Lisbon (2,800 nm) and stop in Lorient (647 nm) before the final run to the finish around the British Isles to Gothenburg (1,600 nm).

    Lorient, the Breton city on the west coast of France, hosted the Race for the first time in 2011-12 and provided an incredible spectacle for fans. French team Groupama sailed into Lorient as winners of the penultimate leg from Lisbon and had another emotional success in the In-Port Race. The team skippered by Franck Cammas went on to seal their debut victory in the Volvo Ocean Race at the finish line in Galway.

    "Lorient is France's sailing capital and the response we had during the last Race was phenomenal," said Race CEO Frostad. "It will be a real pleasure to come back to this stunning part of the world, where the people are so knowledgeable about the sport and the whole set-up suits the Race so perfectly. Lorient will be a real highlight on the route."

    Frostad described the route as "an immense challenge" for sailors.

    "The leg from Recife to Abu Dhabi will be one of the most interesting, diverse and difficult ever sailed in this Race," Frostad said. "There then follows an incredibly challenging section of the race on the way around Cape Horn before a long overdue visit to Newport and a trip back across the Atlantic to a fantastic three-stop European finish.

    "From brand new ports like Recife to now familiar stops such as Abu Dhabi, Sanya, Itajaí, Lisbon and Lorient, and classic sailing cities such as Auckland and Newport, this route gives just about the perfect mix of old and new. Add to that the start in Alicante and a mid-summer finish in Gothenburg, my only regret is that I'm not sailing the route myself."

    2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race details in full:

    In-Port Race: October 4, 2014
    Leg Start: October 11, 2014
    Leg Distance to Recife: 3,421 nm

    In-Port Race: November 8, 2014
    Leg Start: November 9, 2014
    Leg Distance to Abu Dhabi: 9,707 nm

    Abu Dhabi:
    In-Port Race: January 2, 2015
    Leg Start: January 3, 2015
    Leg Distance to Sanya: 4,670 nm

    In-Port Race: February 7, 2015
    Leg Start: February 8, 2015
    Leg Distance to Auckland: 5,264 nm

    In-Port Race: March 14, 2015
    Leg Start: March 15, 2015
    Leg Distance to Itajaí: 6,776 nm

    In-Port Race: April 18, 2015
    Leg Start: April 19, 2015
    Leg Distance to Newport: 5,010 nm

    In-Port Race: May 16, 2015
    Leg Start: May 17, 2015
    Leg Distance to Lisbon: 2,800 nm

    In-Port Race: June 6, 2015
    Leg Start: June 7, 2015
    Leg Distance to Lorient: 647 nm

    In-Port Race: to be decided
    Leg Start: to be decided
    Leg Distance to Gothenburg: 1,600 nm

    In-Port Race: June 27, 2015
    Total Race Distance: 39,895 nautical miles ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~

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    MainSail travels to Lanzerote to train with a round-the-world race crew as they prepare for the Volvo Ocean Race.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3
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      North Sails 3DI loft in Minden Nevada ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~


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        An exclusive sneak peak at the world's most ambitious one-design racing boat -
        a combination of cutting edge design, extreme precision, and devastating speed.

        The new Volvo Ocean 65 class will be used in the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15.

        Uploaded on Jul 16, 2013
        This episode we give you an exclusive tour of the Volvo Ocean 65's deck and the new features that will make it the safest Volvo boat yet.

        Rick also looks at the engine at the boat's heart, the new innovations in the inclining canting keel and we catch up with the sails being finished in France. ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~


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          Yes, a 50-degree heeling angle applied to the first Volvo Ocean 65 to hit the water is certainly extreme… but it’s only for the purpose of a required structural test taking place this Tuesday in Southern England.

          Rick Deppe/Volvo Ocean Race

          Extreme weather and tight competition await the Volvo Ocean 65, the new one-design yacht to contest the next two editions of the race.

          After hitting the water on Monday at Williams Yard in Southampton, the structure and systems onboard went through a series of checks. The most impressive was the pull down test when the boat was heeled to 50 degrees and passed with flying colours.

          “This is a significant test of boat structure particularly the keel bulkheads and support structure,” said the Class Manager James Dadd, “It’s also a good test of the canting mechanism since much higher loads apply than when sailing because we are using one ram at a time rather than the normal two.”

          Tuesday’s delights also included a structural integrity bend test to check how much deflection is in the hull, an engine test and a cooling, oil and fuel system test. The consortium’s boatyards have also been checking for leaks and other underwater problems.

          The Volvo Ocean 65 will go for a slow motoring sail this Wednesday in the Solent before a test sail scheduled for Thursday. The magenta racing machine will be handed-over to the all-female crew Team SCA at the end of the week.

          Rick Deppe/Volvo Ocean Race

          Rick Tomlinson/Team SCA

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            A team from China, backed by Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and run by leading sailing management
            company OC Sport, has announced it will compete in the next edition of the race.

            Team Dongfeng is the third entry so far to announce its participation in the 12th edition of the race in 2014-15. Team Director Bruno Dubois announced the launch of the new campaign in the Hubei province city of Wuhan on Wednesday.

            The team will represent China and will have the interests of Chinese sailing at its core with a significant number of Chinese in the final race crew as well as its support team.

            Huang Gang, General Manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company, said: "Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle has become an important partner for the Volvo Ocean Race, which is an internationally renowned sailing event. This is also a key step in DFCV's global marketing strategy."

            OC Sport, which will run all aspects of the campaign, is one of the most respected companies in the sport of sailing and responsible for the successful Extreme Sailing Series as well as numerous race campaigns over the past 15 years - including those of record-breaking British female sailor, Dame Ellen MacArthur.

            It is, however, the first time that OC Sport and its Executive Chairman, Mark Turner, has been involved in running a Volvo Ocean Race campaign and so fulfils a long-standing ambition for him, and for Team Director Bruno Dubois, who both competed in the 1989-90 race.

            “We are aiming for a successful race entry with a Chinese team, not just a successful entry – this is an absolute at the heart of this very exciting and challenging project,” said Turner.

            Team Dongfeng follow Team Sanya (2011-12) and Green Dragon (2008-09) as the third Chinese entry in the race’s 40-year history, the latter a joint-entry with Ireland.

            Two Chinese sailors have previously participated in the Volvo Ocean Race – media crew member Guo Chuan in 2008-09 on Green Dragon and “Tiger” Teng Jianghe in 2011-12 on Team Sanya, predating China’s sailing success in the London 2012 Olympics with Xu Lijia winning gold in the women’s laser radial.

            But this project, and the planned establishment of an academy, has the potential to provide a major boost to the development of professional, and indeed all types, of sailing in China.

            Volvo Ocean Race CEO Knut Frostad said on Wednesday that he expected Team Dongfeng to be a real contender. “I know there is a Chinese proverb saying: ‘Everything is ready and all that we need is an east wind’. Now we have the support from DFCV and Dongfeng means “east wind” in Mandarin.

            “Team Dongfeng will be sailing in our new One-Design Volvo Ocean 65 like the rest of the fleet which means they will have exactly the same boat and competitive opportunities as anyone in the race, and they will be one of the first teams on the water,” he told reporters.

            Seven Volvo Ocean 65 boats are currently being constructed in readiness for the next race.

            “The team will include a significant number of Chinese sailors and the search begins now to find the best in the country,” added Frostad. “They are sure to be the subject of huge media interest in China as Guo and Tiger were before them.”

            Team Director Bruno Dubois highlighted the initial focus of the campaign. “Our priority is the recruitment and training of the Chinese sailors. This is very clearly the biggest challenge we have – to condense many years of experience of the average Volvo Ocean Race crew into just 10 months.

            “But equally this process is at the heart of the project; we want to leave a real legacy that will both motivate the Chinese to want to embrace the sport of sailing, and be able to develop the talent so that, ultimately, a future campaign could be 100% Chinese.”

            It had already been revealed earlier this year that the next race would again feature a stopover in China in the port of Sanya. The city in the Hainan Island province successfully hosted the event in 2011-2012, following Qingdao who became the first Chinese hosts in the previous edition of 2008-09.

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              I know there is sponsorship money in Abu Dhabi, but if they have to go stealth and put the damn boats on
              ships to get around pirates, don't they waste most of that money with the silly transport dealio?

              Capetown to Sanya could be interesting, but that shipping the boats thing is just dumb.


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                Bouwe Makes Four

                Amsterdam – December 3, 2013 - Dutch sailor Bouwe Bekking will return for a record-equalling seventh bid for the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15, the world’s leading crewed offshore race, as skipper of a new campaign launched by Brunel on Tuesday in Amsterdam.

                For both sailor and sponsor, it is a case of “unfinished business”. Bekking, 50, has competed in the event twice as skipper without winning and Team Brunel will be having their third crack at ocean sailing’s most prestigious crown on the new one-design Volvo Ocean 65.

                Team Brunel is the fourth campaign to announce its participation in the 12th edition of the Volvo Ocean Race which starts with the Alicante in-port race on October 4, 2014 before setting off for the near nine-month, 39,379-nautical mile marathon a week later.

                For Bekking, this latest challenge from one of the world’s leading nautical nations is a chance to put the record straight having twice finished runner-up in an event that is part of Dutch sailing heritage having had three winners over the event’s 40 years.

                He will match the achievement of Swede Roger Nilson as the only man to have competed seven times in the race, nearly 30 years after his first attempt in 1985-86.

                “A Dutch-speaking team in the Volvo Ocean Race again – we owe this to our heritage and the future sailing generations to come. But above all it’s the best sailing in the world,” said a delighted Bekking who takes the helm on a Dutch boat with a real chance of adding to the country’s success story.

                “Our nation is known around the world as the country of windmills, dykes, tulips, cheese, wooden clogs – and the Volvo Ocean Race. The race is just in our blood.”

                Referring to his partnership with Brunel, the global project management, recruitment and consultancy company, Bekking added: “It is a great opportunity to reinforce to the world what Brunel stands for: diverse, international and dynamic. The Volvo Ocean Race is the perfect vehicle to showcase this message.”

                Brunel CEO Jan Arie van Barneveld stated: “We are really happy that Brunel has again its own team and own sailing machine in the most exiting and prestigious sailing regatta in the world.”

                “The formula of the race has been improved significantly: the boats are identical so it’s the teams that make the difference. It is about the quality and cooperation between the people. That is Brunel! We go for the people, the sport and the victory,” he added.

                The team joins all-female campaign Team SCA, Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing and the Chinese challenge Team Dongfeng in the 2014-15 line-up announced so far.

                The Dutch have a glorious heritage in the race, starting when it was known as the Whitbread Round the World Race in the 1977-78 edition which was won by the legendary skipper Conny van Rietschoten on board Flyer. He triumphed again in 1981-82 and remains the only skipper to have won the Volvo Ocean Race twice.

                Brunel made its debut in the 1997-98 race as BrunelSunergy and the company returned in 2005-06 in a race that was won by rival Dutch challenger, ABN AMRO ONE.

                Three-time race veteran and Chairman of Sailing Holland, Gideon Messink, is delighted to see all the hard preparation work putting together the latest Dutch challenge paying off.

                “Our goal is to enter a professional winning team in the Volvo Ocean Race. The Volvo Ocean 65 high-tech, one-design boat is a great improvement. It’s now all about sport and teamwork.

                “We are very happy that we found the golden team to do this with miles and miles of experience in every aspect. We have one of the best sailors and skippers in the world in Bouwe Bekking and twice-Volvo Ocean Race participant and great team player Gerd-Jan Poortman already named in our crew.

                “Brunel is an ambitious sponsor with its roots in sailing sports. Our organisation is based on expertise and experience in sailing, both business-wise and on the water. Last but certainly not least, we have the support of the Dutch people.”

                Volvo Ocean Race CEO Knut Frostad added: “This announcement is great news all round. Brunel is a sponsor coming back to the race for the third time and feels like part of the Volvo Ocean Race family. They are here to win. They’re a fantastic sponsor.

                “Bouwe is a great sailor and totally experienced skipper. He’s come close to winning many times – I’m sure he has some unfinished business with the event. This will be a real Dutch team and will create a real buzz in a country that knows the race so well. They will start training very soon – it’s all coming together.”

                The campaign’s secondary sponsors will be Moduleo®, a division of the IVC Group which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vinyl floor coverings.


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                  Red Boat Afloat

                  Team Dongfeng’s Volvo Ocean 65 hit the water for the first time on Monday afternoon in southern England. It was a key moment for the Chinese entry in the next edition of the race – and another step towards the red boat’s first sail.

                  After a short barge trip from the Green Marine boatyard where it had been assembled, the Chinese team’s brand new one-design arrived at Williams Shipping in Southampton. The 12,500kg boat was then hoisted by crane into the water.

                  Team Dongfeng will be based there for the next two weeks for commissioning and sea trials.

                  “This is new territory for us,” said Charles Darbyshire from OC Sport, the management company running the team.

                  “We are used to doing our boats ourselves and this is more like buying a car. We bought it and picked it up a few weeks later.”

                  Backed by Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, Team Dongfeng announced their participation in the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 on October 30.

                  They are now recruiting both international and Chinese sailors while getting their new boat ready for the round the world challenge – starting with structural and pull-down tests on Tuesday and sailing sessions in the following days.

                  all images © Rick Deppe / Volvo Ocean Race

                  "We've been with this boat since the beginning; we were with it when it was still resin and rolls of cloth,” said Volvo Ocean Race reporter Rick Deppe, who followed the Volvo Ocean 65’s building process for our Building the Future video series.

                  “We chased it across Europe and we've run time lapses over every stage of the build. To see it here today in the water makes us really proud to have been involved.

                  "We've met some amazing people and learnt a great deal. I cannot wait to go for a sail."

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                    Barkow and Mettraux Added To All Female SCA Volvo Team

                    CA has today confirmed that Sally Barkow (USA) and Justine Mettraux (SUI) will be joining the all-female team for the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race.

                    Both sailors come with a strong pedigree and join a growing squad of international sailing champions. Team SCA crew to date includes Carolijn Brouwer (NED); Sam Davies, Abby Ehler, and Annie Lush (GBR), and Liz Wardley, Sophie Ciszek and Stacey Jackson (AUS).

                    From hundreds of applications some 35 women have been invited to take part in month-long trials at the team’s base in Lanzarote, Spain. Each candidate has to go through a rigorous training and physical programme as well as sailing onboard the team’s Volvo Ocean 65.

                    “Finding people with the right mix of physical strength, sailing skills and personality is no easy task - even in a traditional all-male team,” comments Team SCA coach Joca Signorini, himself veteran of three Volvo Ocean Races. “It is really important that we take our time to secure the best possible squad of women to take on this race. I have been incredibly impressed so far and am very happy with how the team is shaping up.”

                    Sally Barkow (33) has been on and off the Olympic circuit for the past 10 years and competed for the US team in the Beijing Olympics in 2008. A skilled match racer, she has been with Team SCA for the past few months.

                    “This is definitely really exciting. I feel that SCA is providing an incredible opportunity here to compete on an equal level with the other teams in this race. There are only nine months left to the start, so we are really now on the home straight and have everything to train and play for,” comments Barkow.

                    Justine Mettraux (27) joins the team fresh from competing in the Mini Transat, where she finished in second place, a position that secured the best performance by a woman in a Mini Transat series boat in the event. (The Mini Transat is a solo transatlantic yacht race on small 6.5m boats that starts in France and ends in the Caribbean.)

                    She has been part of the Mini circuit in Switzerland and since 2012 has been regularly appearing on podiums. She was also part of the successful Team SCA squad for the Fastnet Race, coming in at the last minute to replace an injured colleague.

                    “For me this is a great opportunity, and I couldn’t wait to get back to Lanzarote and join the Team SCA training program. I hope that my Mini Transat experience will stand me in good stead and it is great to be sailing with such a strong team of women,” comments Mettraux.

                    Team SCA is now back training in Lanzarote after Christmas and New Year break. The team will continue its two-boat testing program as this has been very successful to date and allows the coaches to further develop the training programs.

                    There are number of longer offshore races planned for the first half of the year before the team moves base to Alicante in preparation for the start of the Volvo Ocean Race in October.
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                      Not sure how match racing sets you up for the Volvo, but that Justine seems to have the skills!


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                        It's Official, A New US Entry For Volvo Ocean Race

                        Seven-year Volvo Ocean Race dream comes true for Team Alvimedica crew

                        Istanbul, Turkey – Seven years ago, a couple of young American sailing addicts met on the set of a Disney movie and dreamed of the day that they would launch a campaign in the world’s toughest offshore team test, the Volvo Ocean Race.

                        Today that apparently long-shot ambition became a reality when Team Alvimedica’s challenge for the 2014-15 edition was announced in Istanbul, home of the company.

                        Mark Towill was just 18 when he met Charlie Enright, four years older, as a fellow young star in the Disney sailing movie, Morning Light. The reality film followed a cross-Pacific boat voyage and made use of some of the biggest names in offshore sailing.

                        Enright, now 29, picks up the story: “We met during the trials for that – we both considered that project to be the beginning of our dream, which is the Volvo Ocean Race.

                        “We’ve had a lot of Volvo veterans as our coaches on the Morning Light shoot – Stan Honey, Mike Sanderson, Jerry Kirby – and they set up the foundations for us in terms of high-level ocean racing.”

                        “That vision has been quite clear for a while and has served as motivation for all that we’ve been doing,” added Towill, who together with Enright set up their own company, All-American Ocean Racing out of Newport, Rhode Island where the Race will be stopping in May, 2015.

                        “It’s not been easy by any means despite the great start we had with the Disney movie. We’ve spent long hours treading the sidewalks trying to get a break and it’s been all about making our own opportunities. We’ve also had a lot of help from many, many people making this become a reality.”

                        Slowly their dream began to take concrete shape and in 2011, Volvo Ocean Race CEO Knut Frostad invited the pair to Alicante for the start of the 11th edition in October that year.

                        After dropping most other commitments in the search for a title sponsor, Enright and Towill found an ambitious, young company – Alvimedica – to take their project from a dream to the start line of the Volvo Ocean Race in Alicante on October 4, 2014.

                        Alvimedica, a medical devices company from Turkey, is the perfect match for a team that aims to have a crew predominantly drawn from a pool of sailors under 30.

                        Its accent on being agile, innovative and not afraid to take bold business calls like taking on the huge U.S. market has helped it become one of Turkey’s fastest growing young companies and now management want to broaden its horizons by conquering new territories abroad topped by the United States.

                        The Volvo Ocean Race and the young American crew are the perfect vehicles to do just that.

                        Enright, who will be skipper, and Towill are the only crew confirmed for Team Alvimedica so far and the next step will be trials for as many of the best young offshore sailors as they can find.

                        “The plan is that we’ll look at people in the States first but expand that to take in young sailors from around the world too, including Turkey and Italy,” said Mark.

                        Frostad was delighted to welcome both team and title sponsor as the Race’s fifth confirmed team for the 12th edition.

                        “This is one of the most exciting new teams I've seen since I’ve started this job,” he said. “Team Alvimedica is everything I have dreamed of since 2008 when I joined the race management: young people taking the initiative to start a project.

                        “We also welcome a new sponsor coming from Turkey. There has been a lot of interest from Turkey in the last race and it’s a country where sailing is growing. This is a medical technology company focused on the heart. I reckon the Volvo Ocean Race is one of the toughest physical and cardiac challenges in the world, so that will make for an interesting study!”

                        The team can also anticipate a warm welcome in Newport given its connections there when the fleet arrives in port next year.

                        The team’s CEO will be Bill Erkelens, a well known name in U.S. sailing who played a leading role in the management of several America’s Cup teams.

                        Alvimedica CEO Dr Cem Bozkurt added: "As a young company we have a tremendous ambition in the global market. We have the same targets in sailing as well.

                        “Volvo Ocean Race is a rapid and dynamic event which utilises the latest technology, just like Alvimedica. We are proud to have the Turkish flag for the first time on an entry of the most challenging sailing event in the world."

                        Team Alvimedica will be joining Team SCA, Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, Dongfeng Race Team and Team Brunel in the 2014-15 race which will be contested over 38,739 nautical miles and nine months, finishing in Gothenburg on June 27, 2015.



                        About Alvimedica

                        Alvimedica is a young, agile company devoted to developing minimally-invasive medical technologies for medical professionals looking for the next level of innovation in the operating room. Alvimedica firmly believes that working closely with physicians is the best way to improve their product solutions and services in the interest of patients around the globe. Medical professionals are invited to visit the Alvimedica Centers of Excellence in R&D in Turkey, Italy and the Netherlands to present and discuss new treatment options, resulting in a growing and innovative product portfolio for endovascular and interventional cardiology. For more information, please visit
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                          I supposed a local or two might get picked up.

                          I would put Matt Noble on the very top of that short list.


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                            Team SCA: Excellence In Training

                            Two years ago SCA announced it would enter a boat into the Volvo Ocean Race. They then took another bold move when they decided to enter the race with an all-female team. It's not the first all-female crew in the history of the race, but this is the first time an all-female team will receive the same support as their male competition - from start to finish.

                            Why an all-female team? Globally, about 80 percent of the retail products SCA makes are purchased by women. This gives SCA a natural interest in the role of women in the hygiene of millions of families around the world. By entering this team in the Volvo Ocean Race, SCA is highlighting the strength of women in society and the ability of women to take on new challenges -- be they at home or at sea.

                            With nine months to go to the start, Team SCA is in full training mode - both physical and sailing - at their training camp in Lanzarote, Spain.

                            Justine Mettraux from Geneva, Switzerland, has joined the team after just completing a Mini-Transat campaign. She is an accomplished offshore sailor and has been involved with multiple Transat and Transpacific campaigns as well as a Tour de France a la Voile and several other solo, double-handed and multihull projects.
                            " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                              Originally posted by Flat Stanley View Post
                              I supposed a local or two might get picked up.

                              I would put Matt Noble on the very top of that short list.