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Hull No1 Prepared To hit The Highway

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  • Hull No1 Prepared To hit The Highway

    The Volvo Ocean 65 project reached a major milestone in today as the first hull and deck prepare to leave their sheds at Persico and Multiplast to be assembled in the UK at Green Marine.

    Hull number one is being packed up and loaded onto a trailer at Persico in Italy. It will be towed by a Volvo truck from Bergamo to England's south coast.

    “We will be escorting the convoy,” says Volvo Ocean Race’s Rick Deppe, who is overseeing filming of the Volvo Ocean 65 build project.

    “It will travel east through Italy and cross to Austria and into Germany. It will then head to the Netherlands.

    "Towards the end of the following week it will catch a ferry from the Hook of Holland to Harwich in the UK. The plan is to arrive at Green Marine on March 13 or 14.”

    Meanwhile, over in France, the deck has been completed and painted at Multiplast and will soon be sent on the path to England.

    Images © Mark Somerville/Persico Marine

    “Deck number one will leave Multiplast in Vannes on the 11th,” adds Rick. “It will obviously be a shorter journey. A Volvo truck will tow it too.

    “The two things will arrive with 24 or 48 hours of each other. Both will be wheeled into the shed and an army of technicians will start crawling all over it!”
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    that's a great drive. very scenic too, though don't think the scenery will be noticed by the drivers.


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      The Volvo 65: Some Assembly Required

      The nights are hotting up at the Green Marine boatyard in chilly southern England as the very first One Design Volvo Ocean 65 is stuck together.

      all images © Rick Deppe/Volvo Ocean Race

      It's been a week since the arrival of the boat’s main components – the first hull came in from Persico, Italy, on March 14, followed two days later by the first deck built by Multiplast in France – and the team at Green Marine are making dramatic progress.

      The boatbuilders have been taping the existing frames into the boat using pre-pregnated carbon fibres and the five remaining bulkheads.

      Every third night throughout the process the whole boat is heated up to 75 degrees Celsius for all the glues and resins to be set to the correct specifications.

      Launch date for the boat is in June.

      “We’ve been keeping a keen eye on the construction specifications of the hull and deck which were unusually built by someone else,” adds Green Marine Construction Project Manager Connell Daino. “I’m very impressed with what I see.”

      1500 Applicants for On Board Reporter Slot

      The search for Onboard Reporters for the Volvo Ocean Race has been given a resounding response, with over 1,500 applications received in under 10 weeks. Here, project manager Rick Deppe gives an update on the process - and shares some advice.

      "We're looking for storytellers who can show us what the sailors are thinking, feeling and doing" - Rick Deppe
      How is the Onboard Reporter search progressing?
      We’ve been stunned by the response. We've had around 1,500 applications already and it’s an incredibly diverse set of people sending in their cvs.

      The levels of skill and experience from many of the candidates are off the charts and and the whole process is proving to be a fantastic window on the passion people have for the Volvo Ocean Race and how much they want to be involved.

      The campaign was launched almost two months ago and I know many people will be wondering what has happened to their applications. Can you fill us in on the coming schedule?
      I want to assure everyone that this is an ongoing process. We're still getting applications and we're delighted to be receiving them. The next step is to continue working through all of the many letters and cvs and to carefully weigh each person's skill sets and experience.

      A big part of the process is to work with the teams to make sure we get the right match. The worst thing we could do would be to move too quickly and get this wrong as it's absolutely fundamental.

      So as well as making sure we choose the best candidates out there to work with and carry on in the selection process, we must have an eye on where they will best fit. As more teams become more active, we'll see more progress.

      You were an Onboard Reporter for PUMA in 2008-09 and you managed the project last time. What would be your advice to candidates?

      We’ve listened to what the fans had to say and the fans have told us that they love seeing these great images of the power and the raw energy of the Volvo Ocean Race, but what they really want are stories. They want us to take them inside the Volvo Ocean Race and give them a real insight. They want to know what the crew are thinking, feeling, doing.

      We're looking for people who can bring that vision to life and it's a very special sort of person who can do that from a Volvo Ocean 65.

      My advice to all these applicants is to show us that you have that experience and skill in telling stories across a variety of media. If I was a potential OBR for this race, I’d be honing my storytelling skills. You don’t have to have a Volvo Ocean 65 and a full crew to tell stories – stories are everywhere all around us. Practise the craft of telling them!

      Have any OBRs been found and appointed yet?

      We haven’t got that far yet but we have spoken to a handful of people in a very, very preliminary way. There's nothing decided yet and while we are keen to start working with the OBRs as I said before we want to get the right candidates working with the right teams and then put everything in place, through training, orientation with the race, etc, to give them the best possible platform to tell the story as well as we can.

      That process is inevitably going to take a bit of time, so if you haven't heard anything yet, please bear with us!
      " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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        wow, that's a LOT of apllicants!! am wondering if knowledge of swimming is required? ha!!! i guess ecah boat will have hi-speed net access in order to be able to handle all those fab images and stories coming from the ocean races