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    Porto Cervo, 2 September 2019. The first day of racing brought ideal wind conditions for the fleet of 50 boats competing in the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, an event organised by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda with the support of title sponsor Rolex and the International Maxi Association which celebrates its 30th edition this year.

    At 12 noon CEST the warning signal got racing underway on the two regatta courses off Porto Cervo. The starts were given with wind from the northwest that intensified from an initial 12 knots up to 22-23 knots.

    For the Maxi Racer 1 class, today's programme included two windward-leeward races which were won by Vesper and Jethou respectively. In the second race the wind built from an initial 12 knots to 18 over the course of the race. These very technical racers, crewed by professional sailors supporting the owner-driver, provided spectacular racing with frequent changes of position due to small shifts in the breeze and pressure changes on the course, which covered approximately 12 miles overall. At the end of the first day Vesper, owned by American Jim Swartz and with Gavin Brady on tactics, leads the fleet on 4 points, followed by Cannonball, owned by YCCS member Dario Ferrari with tactician Ed Baird, on 5 points overall.

    The other classes completed a coastal course of approximately 30 miles, which was lengthened to 34.5 miles for the Maxi Racers and the Wally division. After separate starts for the various divisions, the fleet headed upwind through the Bisce pass and Bomb Alley off La Maddalena, an island that they rounded clockwise before embarking on a reach along the coast of Caprera to the islet of Monaci. The larger and faster yachts took the outside of Spargi island, before hoisting their kites for the run and returning to Monaci island. From here the Mini Maxi Cruiser/Racers continued towards Porto Cervo, while the rest of the fleet returned on a close reach towards the Secca di Tre Monti rock, in the gulf of Le Saline, then again downwind through the Bisce pass. Between here and Porto Cervo the fleet had to deal with a windless zone caused by the transition from the mistral to the thermal breeze from the southwest that had formed off the coast.

    The winners of the respective classes were: SuperNikka owned by Roberto Lacorte (Mini Maxi R2), Wallyño owned by Benoit de Froidmont, President of the IMA (Mini Maxi RC), Six Jaguar owned by Anthony Ball (Mini Maxi CR), George David's Rambler (Maxi R), the SW RP90 All Smoke (Maxi RC), the J Class Topaz (Supermaxi), the WallyCento Magic Carpet Cubed owned by YCCS member Sir Lindsay Owen-Jones (Wally Class).

    Luca Bassani, President of Wally, had these words: "Today was a clear example of why the Wally Class comes to race in Porto Cervo. A magnificent route between the islands, driven by a beautiful mistral wind that allowed the WallyCentos to sail at an average of more than 12 knots, with points of 20 knots on the reach back to Porto Cervo after the downwind run to round Caprera and La Maddalena clockwise. Magic Carpet was a deserving winner, showing speed, clear manoeuvring and perfect tactics, especially in the light area near the finish line, where the transition between two different winds could have upset the rankings."

    Brad Butterworth, three-time winner of the America's Cup and tactician on Rambler 88, winner in the Maxi Racer category today, had this to say: "A day of perfect Porto Cervo conditions, with a building breeze and then a transition at the end. The race course around the islands was perfect, with ideal wind conditions with a lovely beat all the way up Bomb Alley and a nice run down to Monaci. We were very fast, we had a great start on the line, extending with the rising breeze and sailing well with flat water and breeze of up to 23 knots, really wonderful conditions. Near the start we went from 22 knots to a drop in wind in front of Porto Cervo, but we were very lucky because we hit the transition and then we hit the new lighter breeze and we had the right sail up as well. We went through the transition very well and we were lucky."

    Nacho Postigo, navigator on the J Class Topaz, today's winner in the Supermaxi class: "First of all it was a very fun day because we were just 4-5 lengths from the other J Class, Velsheda, for the entire race - match racing the whole time. These boats made for the America's Cup of the 1930s are not incredibly fast but they sail very well, they are balanced and beautiful! When you turn around to see the other J Class yachts you realise that, without perceiving that you are also part of the same spectacle. In the end it is not the maximum speed that matters, but the quality of your opponent, especially when you are next to such a good one. Today we had a problem on board, we broke the spinnaker pole and for the last downwind run to the Bisce island had to sail without it. But together with the tactician Ross MacDonald we saw the transition better than the other, we kept a little more out, we looked to gain some and in the end we found ourselves with three minutes to spare, a nice final surprise."

    Mark Sadler, tactician on the SW-RP90 Custom All Smoke, winner in the Maxi Racer/Cruiser class: "We came out of the blocks in the first race really on fire, the boat performed well, we extended away from the fleet upwind, downwind we were safely on the target speed, and we were probably the best yacht through the difficult transition near the finish, we are very happy with the result today."

    Racing will continue tomorrow, 3 September, with the warning signal at 12 CEST preceded by the daily Weather Briefing by Quantum Sails scheduled for 9.30 a.m. in Piazza Azzurra. The forecast gives light wind from the north.
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    Steep Waves In Bomb Alley

    Porto Cervo, 4 September 2019. The third day of racing was completed today in the 30th edition of the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, an event organised by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda with the support of title sponsor Rolex and the International Maxi Association. The fleet of over 50 maxi yachts in attendance was welcomed on the starting line this morning by a north-easterly wind of 14 to 15 knots which, as always in this stretch of coast, raised steep waves that the Maxis rode spectacularly in the early stages of the course.

    While the Wally Class raced two windward-leewards on a separate regatta course, the rest of the fleet was engaged on a coastal course that took them to circumnavigate the archipelago of La Maddalena clockwise after leaving the islet of Monaci to port, then the Secca di Tre Monti rock to starboard before heading into the channel known as "Bomb Alley" off the island of La Maddalena. The Maxi Racer, Super Maxi - where the two J Class yachts compete - and Maxi Racer/Cruiser divisions left the Barrettinelli lighthouse to starboard before heading on a reach along the northern coast of La Maddalena and Caprera, for a total of 34.5 miles. All the other classes circumnavigated only the islands of La Maddalena and Caprera. Later in the day the wind dropped off, forcing the Race Committee to shorten the course at the Monaci islet on the way to Porto Cervo for most of the fleet, with the exclusion of the Mini Maxi Racer1 and Maxi Racer categories.

    The winners of the day in the 8 categories were: Cannonball, owned by YCCS member Dario Ferrari (Mini Maxi R1); Spectre, owned by Peter Dubens (Mini Maxi R2); the Swan 601 Lorina (Mini Maxi RC); Kiwi, owned by Mario Pesaresi (Mini Maxi CR), the R/P 82 Highland Fling XI (Maxi Racing), the Cookson 85 Vera (Maxi RC), the J Class Velsheda (Super Maxi), Terry Hui's Lyra (Wally Class).

    The overall ranking is now beginning to take shape and in some classes the provisional leaders have a very small advantage over their opponents. Among the Mini Maxi R1 boats, Cannonball claimed victory again to maintain the overall lead followed only two points behind by Vesper, which placed second today. Two points also separate the leaders in the Mini Maxi R2 class, where Spectre's victory of the day interrupted the winning streak of SuperNikka, second today. Things are extremely close too at the top of the Mini Maxi Racer/Cruiser, division where four boats are separated by only three points. The Swan 601 Flow leads ahead of Wallino and Lorina 1895, winner of the day. In the Mini Maxi Cruiser/Racer class, the Swan 651 Lunz Am Meer maintains the leadership followed by H2O and Six Jaguar.

    Among the Maxi Racers, Highland Fling took another victory to bring their lead over Rambler 88 to two points; the situation is similar in the Maxi Racer/Cruiser class, where Vera is consolidating her lead ahead of the SW-RP90 All Smoke and the Swan 90 Nefertiti. The spectacular duel that unfolds between the J Class yachts Topaz and Velsheda (Super Maxi) on a daily basis, today fell in favour of the latter after a true match race that saw these beautiful vessels swapping the lead throughout. The approach to Barrettinelli, where Velsheda overtook Topaz, was decisive. With a first and second place in the two windward-leeward races, Lyra holds onto her lead in the Wally Class.

    Leaders of the provisional general classification are: Cannonball (Mini Maxi R1), SuperNikka (Mini Maxi R2), Flow (Mini Maxi RC), Lunz Am Meer (Mini Maxi CR), Highland Fling XI (Maxi Racer), Vera (Maxi RC), Topaz (Super Maxi), Lyra (Wally Class).

    Michele Regolo, tactician on Vera commented: "Another great day, when the breeze drops our boat has an advantage, but it was the crew that made the difference, all the manoeuvres were great, with no flaws. After five events together we automatically work perfectly, with the support of a legend like Bouwe Bekking (strategist) who has really given an order to things on board. We are having an excellent season and I would like to thank the owner for the opportunity he has given us all. Today's race was decided in the early stages, with the bold choice of sacrificing the advantage of starting at the pin end and opting for the right, where we found increased pressure that allowed us to round both the offset mark and Monaci in the lead, All Smoke was on our heels and we battled up to Barrettinelli, trying to cover them. Today it worked out!"

    Tomorrow, 5 September, a lay day is scheduled. In the evening all the crews are invited to the crew party, organised by the YCCS, which will be held at Cantieri Porto Cervo boatyard. Racing will resume on 6 September with the usual weather briefing by Quantum Sails at 9.30 and a warning signal at 12 noon CEST.

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      25 Knot Plus MIstral Adds To Porto Cervo Action

      Mistral puts on a great show at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup

      Porto Cervo, 6 September 2019. A mistral wind blowing at over 20 knots pushed the maxi yachts to give top performances today, offering a unique sailing spectacle set against the beautiful natural scenery of the Costa Smeralda. The 30th edition of the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, organised by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda with the support of title sponsor Rolex and the International Maxi Association, concludes tomorrow.

      The star of the show today was the mistral wind which, gusting at over 25 knots and pushing the maxis to their limits, provided an exceptional spectacle for spectators and plenty of adrenaline for the crews.

      The Mini Maxi Racer 1 division raced on a windward-leeward course while the Race Committee set all other classes a coastal course which took the fleet upwind through the Bisce pass to leave the Secca di Tre Monti rock to starboard. From here the fleet went on a reach to the islet of Monaci, which they left to starboard, then a close reach took them to a mark in front of Porto Cervo before finally descending to circumnavigate the islands of Mortorio and Soffi and return to Porto Cervo. The total miles covered were 32 for the Wally, Maxi Racer, Maxi - Racer/Cruiser and Super Maxi classes, while for the others the route was shortened slightly on the return leg towards the finish line, for a total of 28 miles.

      all images aside from one © studio borlenghi

      Winners of the day were: Jethou, owned by Peter Ogden (Mini Maxi R1); Roberto Lacorte's SuperNikka (Mini Maxi R2); Flow, owned by Stephen Cucchiaro (Mini Maxi RC); H20, owned by YCCS member Riccardo De Michele (Mini Maxi CR); George David's Rambler 88 (Maxi Racing); Gibian, owned by YCCS member Armando Grandi (Maxi RC); the J Class Velsheda (Super Maxi); and the WallyCento Galateia owned by David M. Leuschen (Wally Class).

      The Mini Maxi R1 class sees Cannonball retain their lead after placing third today, but maintaining control over Vesper, fourth today and three points behind the leader in the overall provisional classification. With the wind rising to gusts of 30 knots, the class did not start a second race.

      In the Mini Maxi R2 SuperNikka gained another victory of the day over Spectre and Wild Joe. The boats sit in the same order in the general classification. With the victory of the day in the Maxi Racer category, Rambler 88 is back in command by just two points ahead of Highland Fling XI, fourth in today's race.

      With a win today the Swan 601 Flow consolidates its position at the head of the Mini Maxi Racer/Cruiser division, followed by Fra Diavolo, owned by Vincenzo Addessi, and Lorina 1895. The Mini Maxi Cruiser/Racer category sees Lunz Am Meer keep the lead in the provisional overall classification followed by H2O and Six Jaguar. Essentia has been forced to say an early goodbye to the rest of the fleet, after withdrawing due to a dismasting.

      Another withdrawal took place in the Maxi Racer/Cruiser class, where the provisional leader Vera broke her rudder axle. The SW-RP 90 All Smoke moves into the lead after placing second today behind a surprising Gibian, the Wally 94.2 owned by Armando Grandi.

      A new leader emerged among the Super Maxis, with the J Class Velsheda winning the day ahead of the Maxi Dolphin 118 Viriella, owned by YCCS member Vittorio Moretti. The J Class Topaz did not race today, having already announced yesterday their withdrawal from the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup due to a technical problem.

      In the Wally Class, Terry Hui's 77.4 Lyra maintains the provisional leadership by just a single point ahead of today's winner, the Wallycento Galateia.

      Some of the day's protagonists commented on today's racing:

      Lorenzo Bodini, tactician on H20: "It was a challenging day, with sustained wind and gusts of up to 28/30 knots, which put both the boat and the crew to the test. We started on the left, because the mistral pays on that side, then we managed the race consistently, without taking risks or putting the equipment under too much stress, exploiting the boat's length."

      Anthony Kotoun, strategist on the WallyCento Galateia: "Magic Carpet beat us at the start but we were able to pass them on the reach to Monaci. It was a beautiful, fast Code 0 reach where we were doing 20 knots of boat speed, it was quite puffy and we were able to get above them and pass them there, and we tried to extend from there."

      At the conclusion of the fourth day of racing, the leaders of the provisional overall ranking in their respective classes are: Cannonball (Mini Maxi R1), SuperNikka (Mini Maxi R2), Flow (Mini Maxi RC), Lunz am Meer (Mini Maxi CR), Rambler 88 (Maxi Racer), All Smoke (Maxi-RC), Velsheda (Super Maxi), Lyra (Wally Class).

      For the classes that complete their sixth race tomorrow, a discard of their worst result will come into play. The forecast is for mistral wind again, down to 12 knots with gusts of up to 15. The warning signal will as usual be at 12 noon CEST and the daily Weather Briefing by Quantum Sails will take place at 9.30 a.m.
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