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    Ikra wins the Club 55 Cup Olympian takes the Centenary Trophy Galatea outpaces Magic Carpet3, The crew parade; Saint Tropez carnival-style!

    The now legendary origin of Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez is the Nioulargue, an event devised by a handful of seafaring gentlemen Gathered around Patrice de Colmont, Following What Was a Rather innocuous bet at the time between two yachts, the 12MR Ikra and the American Swan Pride . 20 years on from the revival of the event under her new name of Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, the race for this epic sprint to the Nioulargue open Mark Was today in the context of the Club 55 Cup by the very Sami Ikra , helmed by top French racer Nicolas Bérenger, inns and Reviews another Swan, this one 53-feet, by the name of Solte .Went to the Victory 12MR, at ease in the shifty breeze That colored play on this beautiful summer's day in the bay.

    Challenges of all kinds Keeping up the tradition Nioulargue No. Fewer than sixty or so crews stepped up to the challenge on this historic race today. Among Them Were clashes between two generations of 12MR, French Kiss (Philippe Briand 1985) against France (André Mauric 1970). An adversary in the Vintage Marconi Group, Emilia (Costaguta 1930) laid down the gauntlet to La Spina (Baglietto 1928) in an elegant and stylish face-off between Bermudan sloops in excess of 20 meters. More futuristic Was the challenge between Ryokan 2, the Wally 80 and Lyra
    Has Wally 77, with Almost Identical potentials. Of the multiple challenges yacht with very different profiles Was a clash between Verdier design The Kid (JP 54) against Black Pepper, Black Legend , Tewa and Black Soul . Fjord III , the Frers Bermudan cutter challenged Day to Day, which boasted one Michel Desjoyeaux as crew (Paine-Burgess 1930). Equally appealing Was Lorina against Wallyno by way of a dress rehearsal for the final thesis for two Maxis, an account due to be-settled share later this week in the context of Sails !

    Ikra Makes the Club 55 Cup winners' list once more Winning the trophy twice before, in 2003 and 2004 the 12MR Ikra Scored a hat-trick today in this 2019 edition. Indeed, in this tumultuous sprint between Portalet Nioulargue and Pampelonne, in a light breeze with a bracing chop, she Gained the upper hand against her challenger, the Swan 53 Solte . Following this clash of the titans, the crews succumbed to tradition and cheerfully Dined at Patrice de Colmont's, at the Club 55, Their Heads beneath the tamarisks and Their feet in the sand, delighting in the Provençal and Mediterranean fare.

    To the wire for Olympian in the Centenary Trophy ! At the instigation of the Gstaad Yacht Club, some 25 centenarian yachts of all sizes and kinds rig-competed for this 9 th edition of the Gstaad Yacht Club Centenary Trophy. In line with the principle pursuit race Agreed by the competitors happy contents, each yacht set sail Shortly after-13: 00 hours from the Portalet Tower in a moderate breeze SE'ly Was 17-mile run to the Nioulargue mark and back. It was Lulu , a gaff cutter penned by Texier in 1897 with her LOA of 11.43m, which Was the first to be warped, 11 minutes later Followed by Viola (Fife 1908). It was the majestic Moonbeam
    (Fife 1914) That Brought up the rear of this fleet of centenarians Some 37 minutes later. After 2 hours of sheer heaven out on the racetrack, Olympian , the William Gardner Design P Class launched in 1913, bagged the trophy, just a hair's breadth ahead of Viola , who HAS Hitherto-been untouchable on the Mediterranean circuit this year, and Chips , the other Class P penned by Burgess. " We were less than 2 meters behind! " Lamented Yvon Rautureau, " HAVING led the whole race! " ... Even in a friendly, remains a racer's racer ... The Wallys for the love of the sport!

    A fabulous 17-mile race in the sunshine, breeze and gentle waves ... the temptation Proved too great for all the Wallys at Les Voiles, Who Made The Most of the start line Could in place by the organization. Embroiled in a thrilling race for glory, the great Galatea (Wallycento) also shook up today's hierarchy by getting the better of Magic Carpet Cubedwho is so used to triumphing in thesis azure waters.

    The Maxis join the fray! And not to be outdone, a competing fair FEW of the Maxis also Decided to challenge one Reviews Reviews another in this non-points scoring race. Just five minutes partner partner after the centenarian yachts, 9 Maxis Slipped under Portalet: E1 (VOR 70), First Lady (Mylius 60) Pelotari (V68) Wallyño (Wally 60), Leopard (Farr 100) Twin Soul 8 (Mylius 80) Lorina (Swan 601) and Mefi (60 OPen).

    Crew parade: Egyptians, pirates and superheroes! Revived A Few years back, the procession of crews Seems To Attract more and more crews year on year. In gasoline happy contents, each boat is Invited to parade along, in costume, from the harbor master's office to the far end of the harbor of Saint Tropez, Following The dockside. Nearly twenty crews played the game this evening, dancing to Their Own Tune in every sense, clad as anything from pirates to Egyptians and Even superheroes. Presenting Themselves in front of the jury at the end, the winner will be announced at the prize-giving Sunday with the victors set to receive a handsome prize of the captain's weight in local wine (Knight Torpez).

    An extraordinary yacht: La Spina . Out on the race area During today's Challenge Day, the Italian 12MR La Spina is a

    Baglietto design dating back to 1928. She Was the first Twelve in the Med and the only Italian one right up to 1983. Restored in Naples by a boat owner with a passion for authenticity, La Spina hit the water again in Spezia for a series of Mediterranean races. It was the Marquis Spinola Franco Who Decided to-have built the boat. Vincenzo Baglietto Was The Chosen architect-builder, Whose family yard, founded in 1854 in the tiny fishing village of Varazze, some 30km to the west of Genoa, is still in existence and remains one of the Most Famous boatyards in Italy, for a long while Specializing in wooden construction. Vincenzo Who Was 38 at the time, HAD just returned from Glasgow, Where He Has Obtained degree in naval engineering.Though He Had no experience of 12 Meter boats, he must have kept a close eye on Those elsewhere in Scotland, and he'd already cut teeth Were His other boats Meter HAVING crafted one and two 6MR 8MR boats, all three of 'em Winners Some of prestigious races. And that's not all. In fact, the 8MR Italy , gold medalist at the Olympic Games in Kiel, Was His 1936 inception.

    Silence we're filming! Season II of the British series "Riviera" is Currently being white white filmed in St Tropez. Les Voiles is serving as a backdrop to the Hitchcock-style 'HAS stud which already thrilled over 20-1000000 num since 2017. Over 120 technicians are participating in the production and filming of scenes along Saint Tropez's stunning coastline and at sea as well.

    Riviera is a televised British series created by Neil Jordan and broadcast since 15 June 2017 on the Sky Atlantic channel. Riviera Season II is riding the crest of an extraordinary wave of success from the first season as a thriller based in the sunny climes of Saint Tropez with the spectacular competition of Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez-have ict setting. The series is filmed in being white Several iconic locations around the harbor of Saint Tropez with the precious backing of the organizing of Sails, the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez. Cast: Julia Stiles, Lena Olin, Dimitri Leonidas, Roxane Duran ...

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