St Maarten to reopen to tourists from July 1
By David Robinson, IBI News June 29, 2020

American and European visitors to be allowed in as of Wednesday

The Dutch Caribbean island of St Maarten, a key yachting destination, is to reopen to tourists from North America and Europe as of July 1. This adds to the visitors which have been arriving in St Maarten since June 22 from a number of local Caribbean destinations, subject to them having been in the country they arrived from for the previous three weeks.

The announcement about the extension to American and European visitors was made by the St Maarten Tourism Minister, Ludmila de Weever. She said: “The Ministry understands the urgent need for increased economic activity on the island, but we intend to reopen in a safe and responsible manner for our residents and visitors.”

All visitors arriving in St Maarten will be subject to a Covid-19 RT-PCR test, with proof of negative results no older than 72 hours prior to the day of travel. All travellers arriving and departing have to wear face masks inside the airport at all times, and all travellers will receive mandatory temperature checks upon arrival.

St Maarten, the Dutch part of the Caribbean island shared with the French, is one of the key venues of the Caribbean yachting and superyacht scene and boasts some 10 marinas which offer a wide selection of berths for yachts of most if not all sizes. It is also a large part of the annual racing calendar in the region, being involved with many of the regattas such as the St Maarten Heineken Regatta.