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2020 Drhream Cup Underway

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  • 2020 Drhream Cup Underway

    94 boats set off under light conditions this Sunday from Cherbourg-en-Cotentin bound for La Trinité-sur-Mer for the third edition of the DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE. In the program for the first hours of the race, a crossing of the English Channel in rather soft wind, before a descent of the English coasts downwind which promises beautiful cavalcades among all the classes.

    " Good start ! » Twice, at 1 p.m. for multihulls, at 1:15 p.m. for monohulls, Jean-Gabriel Le Cléac'h, president of the race committee, pronounced this sentence eagerly awaited by all the participants of the third edition of the DRHEAM- CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE OF RACING OFFSHORE, happy to return to competition after several months working on their brakes. For this recovery, the weather had decided to be mild for boats and sailors, with a very light west-northwest flow (5 knots) which allowed spectators to attend the departure on the water of have time to admire the colorful fleet.

    To the right of the line, the Multi50s, more comfortable in light weather than the Ultimes twice as large, were the quickest to make their way to the La Manche clearance buoy located 2 miles, crossed at the head by Leyton (Arthur Le Vaillant) in front of Solidaires en Peloton-ARSEP (Thibaut Vauchel-Camus) and Ciela Village (Erwan Le Roux). The trio then chose to seek salvation at the coast towards Omonville, 8 miles further.


    For their part, the three Ultimate trimarans played the offshore card, with in order of passage to Omonville, the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild (Franck Cammas / Charles Caudrelier), Sodebo Ultim 3 (Thomas Coville) and Actual Leader (Yves Le Blevec). Two hours later, at 5 p.m., the big trimarans had already almost swallowed the Channel, on the verge of crossing the West Shambles mark!

    As for monohulls, the fastest to sail west was the IRC crew title holder, Amanjiwo (Sébastien Harinkouck), followed by the Figaro, with the duo Pierre Leboucher / Benoît Mariette (Guyot Environnement) ), solo sailors Sam Goodchild (Leyton) and Armel Le Cléac'h (Banque Populaire), while on the Class40 side, Credit Mutuel (Ian Lipinski), crowned with his recent record for the tour of the British Isles, led the debate. Note two early abandonments, those of Banque du Léman (Simon Koster / Valentin Gautier) in Class40, following a waterway caused by the engine which tore from the transom, and Tuff… Tuff… Tuff (Pascal Tuffier) ​​due to an electronic problem.

    The rest of the program? “Crossing the Channel will be complicated, with a front passage and the wind will weaken then turn completely northeast. There will be shots to play to arrive on the English coast then, it should be nice, from the down almost to the end, " explained Armel Le Cléac'h when leaving Port Chantereyne. Or a race which should last less than two days for the fastest, two-three days for most of the fleet expected in from Tuesday afternoon on the side of La Trinité-sur-Mer.

    They said :

    Armel Le Cléac'h (Banque Populaire, registered in Figaro Bénéteau 3 solitaire): “It's good to have this multi-class race which was a bit lacking in the French racing landscape and is a bit the equivalent of the Fastnet or the Sydney-Hobart. We see that the format pleases, since we are 100 boats with a lot of good sailors, it's nice to have the Figaro on the same starting line as the IRC or Class40. My goal is to navigate at the forefront, because it's when you're in front that you learn the most, and because for me, it's the last big meeting before the Solitaire du Figaro which is my big goal of the year. "

    Henri Leménicier (Team Baie de Saint-Brieuc, registered in Figaro Bénéteau 3 double): “We missed the regatta so much that we are really happy to be there. We will also have incredible conditions with a lot of downwind in the wind, it's perfect for a recovery, we will have a lot of fun under spinnaker in the south of England. I form a duet with Maël Garnier, who is 19 years old and launches on the circuit. It’s his first race in Figaro Bénéteau, he plans to hit the circuit next year, so I’ll play the big brother a bit for him, he has the energy, I have the experience, we’ll try to '' go for a double podium. "

    Anne Beaugé (co-skipper of Class40 Milai) : “This is our first race on the boat with Masa (Suzuki). He did the Mini-Transat at the same time as me, he offered to board with him on the Globe40 in a year (new round-the-world double by stages), this DRHEAM-CUP therefore marks the beginning of our preparation for this great common adventure. I love multi-class racing, it's really a boat party. "

    Yann Marilley (No Limit, entered in Multi 2000): “We have been waiting for a while, this first race of the season, it's great to start again with the DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE which is a very nice race of several days and which, icing on the cake, arrives at our place in La Trinité-sur-Mer. There will be a good match in Multi 2000, with wind, which is better for us, because we have a boat a little heavier than our friends. "

    Xavier Macaire (crew member aboard Ciela Village, enrolled in Multi50): “I'm changing my support for this race, going from Figaro to Multi50 and from solo to crew, it's great to vary the pleasures. The weather is very uncertain, I who am in charge of routing, I tear my hair out a bit, because all the files give quite different conditions, especially in the Irish Sea, we will have to be good at strategy. "

    Roland Jourdain (crew member aboard Everial, enrolled in Class40): “This is the first time I have raced with a skipper (Stan Thuret) and his sponsor. Lionel Garcia (boss of Everial) is someone who gets wet, literally and figuratively, he is greedy to learn, it is courageous on his part, because he still has a job nearby. I feel like it's nice for everyone to be there, it's good to see each other physically and to get back to racing. "

    Bernard Fondrillon (Vasco, registered in IRC crews): “We expect a fairly complicated Channel crossing, with little wind, but as soon as we get to Shambles, we will go downwind, it will be a lot nicer and as our boat needs wind, we will be able to descend under spinnaker thoroughly. Our goal is to arrive in the first monohulls in real time. It's great to be here with stars, guys who have an incredible track record, and to share the same moments as them. It is really the great pleasure that we have to do this type of race. And we are very happy to be in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin which really has an opportunity to become one of the major poles of ocean racing. "

    Henry Bomby (Leyton, registered in double IRC): "It's my first regatta of the season, it's huge to see so many boats here and all the people happy to go back to sea. It's also very good to come here for the Fastnet Race next year which will arrive in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin. We will try to win in IRC double for my first race under the colors of Leyton, in addition, we have three Leyton boats here, it's nice. "

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    After more than 24 hours of racing in the DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE, the regatta is raging in all classes, scattered between the Celtic Sea, Wolf Rock and the South coast of England. The first are expected on Tuesday morning in La Trinité-sur-Mer, it remains to be seen in what order.

    The first 24 hours of the DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE promised quite varied conditions, the weather files did not lie: after a piano start on Sunday in the harbor of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, the crossing of the Channel was made in the fog and in the rain, before, once the mark of West Shambles left to port, a beautiful night descent downwind along the English coasts and a sunrise which was worth the detour, if the 'we believe the photos and videos posted by many competitors on Monday morning.


    After more than a day of racing, it is clear that the 94 solo sailors, duos and teams competing were keen to race, as the competition is particularly intense in all classes. On the side of the largest boats, the Ultimes, launched on a course of 750 miles, they reached at the beginning of Monday afternoon the most northerly point of their journey, located in the Celtic Sea, in a very soft wind. , which caused a tightening of the trio. Taking the lead, the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild (Franck Cammas / Charles Caudrelier) was followed behind by Sodebo Ultim 3 (Thomas Coville), while the Current leader (Yves Le Blevec) followed just 5 miles behind.

    What is at stake in the second part of the race? Get out of the high pressure bubble as quickly as possible to recover a northeast flow of around fifteen knots which should propel the three full-ball maxi-trimarans towards the DRHEAM-CUP mark (located 45 miles west of Ouessant ), the Chaussée de Sein, then the Rochebonne plateau, off the Vendée, before a final tack towards La Trinité-sur-Mer where they are expected on Tuesday morning. In which order ? Suspense ...

    Rather similar situation on the DRHEAM-CUP 700 for the Multi50 (615 mile course), which went to find the same waypoint in the Celtic Sea as the Ultimes, crossed at the head at the stroke of 3:30 p.m. by Solidaires en Peloton-ARSEP (Thibaut Vauchel -Camus) in front of Leyton (Arthur Le Vaillant), pointed at about 7 miles, and Ciela Village (Erwan Le Roux). Here again, the objective is to escape the caudine forks of the high pressures to spin on the port tack reaching towards La Trinité-sur-Mer (they do not go through Rochebonne) where they should arrive at the same time as the Ultimes. .

    On the 550-mile course of the DRHEAM-CUP 700 (Class 40, Multi 2000 and the only Open Large Monohulls in contention, Formatives Network, the “Red Cigare” of Jean-Marie Patier), the race currently offers a formidable duel at the top of the Class40, between Crédit Mutuel, the Raison plan of Ian Lipinski (winner of the last Transat Jacques Vabre), and the very last Mach 40.4 out of the worksite (mid-June), Palanad 3 (which belongs to Olivier Magré ), led on this race by its builder, Nicolas Groleau (JPS shipyard), and its architect, Sam Manuard. About ten miles behind, even a fierce duel between Everial (Stan Thuret) and Lamotte-Module Création (Luke Berry). In Multi 2000, it is the 100% disabled crew of Team Vent Debout (Fabrice Payen) who are leading the way, followed by the new TS5 Guyader / Mext of Christian Guyader.

    Finally on the course of the DRHEAM-CUP 400, if Amanjowo (Sébastien Harinkouck), already winner in 2018, makes an impressive single rider at the head of the IRC crew fleet, the regatta is raging in Figaro and double IRC. In Solitaire Figaro, the first two of the last Solo Maître CoQ, Sam Goodchild and Tom Laperche (who had won), confirm their very good current form, since they crossed Wolf Rock in the lead around 3 p.m., except that this time , it was the Englishman on Leyton who preceded the skipper of Bretagne CMB Espoir, with Gildas Mahé (Breizh Cola), Armel Le Cléac'h (Banque Populaire), Pierre Quiroga (Skipper Macif 2019) and Alexis Loison on their trail. (Normandy region). Their program: a jibe to be stalled, before going down under a spinnaker in a northeast wind towards the next mark, the DRHEAM-CUP buoy,

    In double Figaro, Pierre Leboucher / Benoît Mariette (Guyot Environnement) and Tom Dolan / François Jambou (Smurfit Kappa) passed Wolf Rock glued to each other around 4 p.m., a passing mark that was about to cross less than an hour later the first double IRC, Raging Bee, with a 100% Cherbourg duo Pierrick Letouzé / Arthur Richer on board. Finally in classic yachts, Monday evening promises to be long for the leader Faiaoahe (Rémy Guérin) and Le Loup Rouge (Pierre Le Goupil), which should not escape the light airs of Plymouth Bay.

    Photo: Everial

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      Gitana Legs Out Drheam Cup Victory

      At the end of a race that he will have led from start to finish on the course of the DRHEAM-CUP 1100 (reduced to 750 miles), the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild cut the first this Tuesday, July 20 at 10:30:33 '' the finish line of the DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE in La Trinité-sur-Mer. The skippers Franck Cammas and Charles Caudrelier and their crew (Yann Eliès, Morgan Lagravière, David Boileau, Yann Riou) will have spent 1 day 21 hours 30 minutes and 33 seconds to reach La Trinité-sur-Mer from Cherbourg-en-Cotentin , at 18.64 knots true average speed (848 miles traveled), 16.48 theoretical average over the 750 miles of the circle. Franck Cammas confided in just after crossing the line.


      "Very well. It was a great course, because it was very complete, we had all the conditions and a great fight. Even if there was a gap at the start, we were mostly with our two opponents; last night we weren't far from each other. There were tactical phases, others of pure speed, a lot of reaching in the end, like the second night to go to Rochebonne, which was good because we had not had such fast conditions last year. on the Fastnet. It was not bad to be able to push the boat in these conditions, it is never easy to stay close to 40 knots all the time, as was the case last night, we even made an hour above 40 knots , which is really a lot, we had to keep the balance, it was a nice finish."

      Where did you make the difference on your opponents, and in particular on Sodebo Ultim 3, your dolphin?

      From the first tack at Omonville, we made a little tactical move ashore which worked very well, allowing us to create a little gap and pass Shambles with the current, which was not the case with our pursuers. As a result, they have always been in pursuit of us, while on our side, this small gap has allowed us each time to position ourselves well in relation to the weather phenomena. They had to take a little more risk, especially the last shot yesterday afternoon, with the last ridge to go: we took a little more outside, less risk, Sodebo tried to cut the cheese, but they lost more than 20 miles compared to us.

      Did you have a lot of fun?

      "Yes, downright, we also discovered each other a little more in view of the Jules Verne Trophy, it was important, this DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE has been rich in lessons. It was a technical course in little space, because the Channel and the Irish Sea are ultimately not very large at the scale of our boats, so it allows us to review all the maneuvers that we can do in Ultimate."

      After the Fastnet and the Brest Atlantiques last year, you won the DRHEAM-CUP / GRAND PRIX DE FRANCE DE COURSE AU LARGE, is it important to maintain this dynamic?

      "Yes, we were favorites at the start line, it's always good to be able to achieve. I think Sodebo has made quite a bit of progress this winter, as we expected, it's nice to see the fleet become a bit homogenous. We have made good progress since last year in light winds, Sodebo was much faster than us in these conditions, there we have clearly improved, so we are happy with that."
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