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Garda Provides The Venue: Persico 69F Provides The Smiles

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  • Garda Provides The Venue: Persico 69F Provides The Smiles

    Roberto Lacorte, Enrico Zennaro and Lorenzo Bressani are the first winners in the history of the Persico 69F Cup. With 9 first placements out of 15 races, FlyingNikka 47 dominated the Gargnano regatta field and won with 7 points ahead of the Swiss Team, in third FlyingNikka 74 which finished with 6 points from second.

    Argentine Olympian Santi Lange, ambassador and supporter of the Persico 69F circuit who arrived by surprise at the award ceremony in Gargnano congratulated the winners of Event 1.1. “It’s great to see you all here” said Santi Lange “this circuit is a dream come true. Sailing today has a great opportunity for innovation: with the model introduced by 69F you can make a real revolution from the inside, because I know that now that you have tried to race on foils, it will be very difficult to return to the standard. The sail of the present and the future must be like this: simple, fast, and technological.“

    The last day of racing showed how with winds above 12 knots the Persico 69F presented a great challenge: FlyingNikka 47 was the great protagonist of Event 1.1, but Nicola Celon, supported today by Fedrigucci – Salvà, gave the winners “a run for their money”. At ease with the sustained southern wind, known as Ora, the Swiss Team handily won three of the five races, and proved that they are extremely comfortable on the foils in maneuvering and flying at 22.61 knots on the race field, a result that earned them the Top Speed score of day 3. FlyingNikka 47 won the first and last round, capitalizing on all the advantages obtained in the first two days of runs with the extreme calm, typical of champions, and keeping as far away as possible from any penalties: this was the calculus necessary to take home, with much honor, the first historic Cup.

    “Today was a very challenging day – declared the winner of Event 1, Roberto Lacorte – “we struggled to keep Nico Celon at bay, who garnered all our admiration with his display. With the 12-knot wind we were in full foil all along the quadrilateral, and it was a lot of fun. There’s still a lot to discover about the Persico 69F: get on board and you’ll open up a whole new world.“

    The “world premier” – the Grand Prix 1 of the Persico 69F CUP – closes marked by average winds and by the pride of having put together an innovative circuit. “Congratulations to Roberto Lacorte and his crew” – says Dede De Luca, Chief Sailing Officer of Team 69F – “he is the perfect owner/sailor for the circuit that we had in mind: attentive, committed, proud to give his best, a great leader of a close-knit and determined team. These are all the ingredients that are needed to excel in a circuit designed and organized by sailors for sailors. The Swiss Team’s performance was also great with a wild Nicola Celon: the blood of the Garda never lies. The crews gave their all on the racing field, and we saw great improvements in the performance and management of the boats. Our first thanks – concluded De Luca – and I speak on behalf of the members and creators of 69F Sailing – goes to our staff, and to the shore team composed of young sailors ready to give everything to put together a circuit that requires technology and precision“.

    With just enough time to raise the first winner’s cup to the sky, for the organizers it is already time to prepare for Event 1.2, scheduled for next week: training will start on Tuesday July 21st through Thursday July 23rd, maintaining operational headquarters at the Sailing Circle of Gargnano, where the second part of the first Grand Prix Persico 69F CUP will be held.

    “It was an exciting start – said Giorgio Benussi, Chief Commercial Officer – we saw the full potential of this circuit and this formula. We can be satisfied today thanks to the work of many people, on land and at sea, and to our many supporters. We want to thank all our partners, starting with Persico, Avangarde, Gottifredi Maffioli, Harken, Onesails, Montura, VelaMania who started this adventure with us. Thanks to the Gargnano Sailing Circle for its warm and professional hospitality, to the entire shore team, studio Borlenghi and videomaker Emilio Santinelli; over the last few days, the entire team helped tell the story of this event. Ours is a team effort on the water and on the ground.”
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