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    Burton wins the Pom'Potes Challenge runs for a second!

    Under the sun and despite moderate wind conditions (15 to 16 knots maximum), the skipper of Bureau Vall?e treated himself to the D?fi Pom'Potes, a run of 0.7 miles in the harbor of Brest. He won by just one second ahead of Charlie Dalin (Apivia). A little earlier, the "Cap sur l'emploi" operation brought together 14 companies and dozens of job seekers, another success on this busy day.

    FACT OF THE DAY: Burton, a second and a Challenge

    There was a summer air in Brest and, for the first day of competition in this edition of the Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race, the clouds gave way to the sun. It was late morning, when the 24 skippers were leaving the pontoons. After three hours of sailing, it's time for the first explanation, as friendly as it is lively with the D?fi Pom'Potes, a run of 0.7 miles with a rather moderate wind (15 to 16 knots). Guests had taken place on board and smiles. "It must be a festive day, of sharing and conviviality", announced this morning Gwen Chapalain, director of See to Sea, the company organizing the event. On the water, the wind remained weak even if it picked up slightly during the afternoon.

    The fleet was divided into two groups and the runs followed one another. This did not prevent a few surprises, especially in the first group, with the best time of a rookie, S?bastien Marsset (Cap Agir Ensemble) or even the 5th place of ?ric Bellion (Commeunseulhomme powered by Altavia). The foilers stepped up the pace in the final and it was particularly hotly contested: Louis Burton (Bureau Vall?e) won just a second ahead of Charlie Dalin (Apivia)! “It came down to nothing, we can consider that there are two winners”, confided Louis back on the pontoon. This first explanation, which saw Thomas Ruyant (LinkedOut) take 3rd place, can only make people enthusiastic before the big explanation which begins this Sunday at 2 p.m.

    Before that, the skippers will have a calmer day tomorrow, dedicated in particular to meetings with partners and the media. And everyone will have an eye on the weather conditions that await them this Sunday for the start of the Guyader Bermuda 1000 Race. This will also be the case for the race direction, which still allows itself the latitude to determine the direction of the course. "The current trend remains to go up to the Fastnet to start before heading for a 'way point' off the Portuguese coast," said Jacques Cara?s, even if the final decision has not yet been taken.

    THE INITIATIVE: 'Cap sur l'emploi' is full

    For the second consecutive time, the 'Cap sur l'emploi' operation was organized in parallel with the sports programme. Fourteen locally established companies, many of which are involved or have links with the world of sailing, took part in it, with nearly a thousand jobs to be filled. "It is important that the framework be friendly in order to meet job seekers and create an atmosphere conducive to exchanges, especially for those who are far from employment" underlines Maryl?ne Floch, Director of Human Resources at Guyader Gastronomy. "It's very friendly, I hope the companies will call me back," enthuses Saba, a job seeker who introduced herself to four companies this morning.


    Louis Burton (Bureau Vall?e, Challenge Pom'Potes winner) : “It was our first outing of the season after two or three outings at sea before coming here to Brest. The weather is nice, we had friends, people from here and the race organizer on board, it was very friendly. We are very happy and we are enjoying ourselves again after this winter's work. It's a very high-performance boat with these slightly unbridled paces. It only needs 14 to 15 knots of wind to fly so we were quite comfortable, especially on the second run. It was played for nothing – one second – and we can consider that there are two winners. On the race, the conditions are going to be more complicated with a lot of changes and transitions. Everything remains open! ?

    Charlie Dalin (Apivia, 2nd in the Pom'Potes Challenge) : "I'm really happy with this wonderful day with good weather, the thermal breeze that has returned, smiles on their faces... We had good bursts of speed sometimes exceeding 25 knots when there was only 15 to 16 knots of maximum wind. Indeed, we learned that we finished second for a second. There was a little less wind on the last run but it was nice to see everyone back. Above all, there was a show all the time! Sunday will be completely different but it was good to warm up a bit before the big chunk of this race! ?

    Gwen Chapalain, director of See to Sea, organizing company of the Guyader Bermuda 1000 Race: “We are lucky to have a fabulous line-up for this new edition. It was important to us, in parallel with the sporting event, to renew the 'Cap sur l'emploi' operation in order to contribute to helping job seekers in the department. To our delight, the initiative has grown (14 companies, nearly a thousand jobs) and above all, they have been very numerous to come, to discuss, to share their motivation. It is particularly important, for us, to take this approach of public utility and to create synergy between companies, most of which are involved in offshore racing, and job seekers. ?

    Michel Laroche, President of Materne – Mont Blanc : “It was a wonderful day. The runs were very tight. In the end, only a small second separates the first two, Bureau Vall?e and Apivia, aboard which I had the chance to sail today. It's almost a tie! (Laughs) We did a test run then a second, official one, during which, unfortunately, we had a little less wind, which meant that we missed that tiny second to win this Challenge Cheers! It's infuriating! Either way, IMOCAs are definitely fabulous boats. Moreover, it was really the ideal day, with the usual good Breton weather! Tremendous ! Pom'Potes rewards speed but also endurance. We are happy to participate in this Guyader Bermuda 1000 Race
    with all these marvelous sailors, adventurers and great sportsmen who delight us during the Vend?e Globe, but not only. ?


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    Wonder what was the distance and fastest boat speed?