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  • Yacht Club Italiano Host 8 Metre Worlds

    After yesterday's long day, spent waiting in vain for an improvement in the weather conditions, this morning at 12 the 8 Meters put to sea for the first day of racing in the World Championship. The Race Committee started the departure procedures around 13:00 in perfect weather conditions: north wind around 20 knots with higher gusts, clear skies and sea with steep and short waves which then flattened out over the course of the day. First regular departure on a route that from offshore led the hulls to round the first buoy in the waters in front of Bogliasco. The demanding conditions of the early afternoon hours immediately took their toll leading 3 boats to retire due to equipment damage,

    The first race was immediately won by the Swiss hull Yquem II of Jean Fabre, one of the favorites and already winner of the world title in 2022, closely followed by the Australian Mirabelle of Peter Harburg and Bona di Vera Mogna, the first of the hulls Italians, who finished third thanks to the talent of a crew of champions such as Tiziano Nava and Flavio Favini among others. It should be highlighted that there are almost 80 years of difference between Mirabelle and Bona, with the former being a modern hull built in 2013, while Bona is a splendid 1934 Baglietto built at the time for His Royal Highness Aimone of Savoy, Duke of Ancona .

    Over the course of the day the wind then dropped to around 12/13 knots, allowing the Committee to start a second test, which started after a series of rather too 'aggressive' starts which forced the jury - which provides for the elimination of those who leave early - to display the black flag at the last.

    The second round saw the success of the Swiss 8 Meter Yquem II again, followed by one of the other favorites of this world championship, Conquistador, the president of the International 8 Meter Class Werner Deuring and again Mirabelle of Harburg. At the end of today's day, the provisional classification was thus outlined which currently sees: Yquem (1.1), Mirabelle (2.3) and Bona (3.4).

    Also for the second day of racing, the sea of ​​Genoa gave us a perfect day, with short waves and a south-easterly wind initially around 8 knots, which then went up to around 14 knots towards the end of the day. Even today the Regatta Committee managed to start two races, thus bringing the total number of regattas valid for the world championship to 4; 5 trials are needed to make the championship valid, while from the sixth onwards the discard will come into play, which will allow everyone to eliminate their worst result from the score.
    At sea today, departure of the first trial at noon, at the end of the towing operations of the entire fleet leaving the Porticciolo Duca degli Abruzzi in Genoa – the 8 Meters in fact have no auxiliary engine and require assistance for all mooring and exit from the port. First regular start, with the fleet splitting at the two extremes of the racing field for the first tack, with the port side proving to be the most advantageous and leading the first to consolidate an advantage which they maintained up to the line of the finish line.

    For the second race instead, the wind increased above 10 knots and the Committee, after a first attempt, gave the second start with a black flag. With the fleet spread all over the field and the very minimal detachments of these boats, the final results then gave some surprises - apart from the Swiss of Yquem II who remain firmly in the lead after four races (1,1,1,3) and shine for regularity of placements, excellent second race of the day for the Australians of Mirabelle by Peter Harburg, who follow the Swiss by only 3 points.

    The series of excellent regattas continues for the 1934 Baglietto Bona di Vera Mogna - the first two are two modern hulls - which maintains the third position (first of the Italians) and excellent classification for Vision, the glorious 1930 Nicholson of Paolo Manzoni - which for the occasion he also has Tommaso Chieffi, Flavio Grassi and Vittorio Zaoli on board, who is in fourth position. excellent second race of the day for the Australians of Peter Harburg's Mirabelle, who follow the Swiss by only 3 points.

    The world championship continues tomorrow morning with the start of the first regatta at 11:30 with weather forecasts similar to today's, with light winds from the South-East. On land, however, today the Crew Party is scheduled at the headquarters of the Italian Yacht Club in Genoa where a regatta village has been set up to welcome all the over 200 sailors present.
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