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  • Maserati And Soldini Divert Courses

    Maserati’s incredible nautical partnership completes its voyage.

    After over a decade, Maserati is announcing the end of its partnership with Giovanni Soldini, world-record breaking sailor. At the center of the collaboration between the two were two vessels: the monohull Maserati VOR70, and more recently the trimaran Maserati Multi70, which brought foil technology to the ocean.

    Together, Maserati and Giovanni Soldini pursued innovation and daring feats on the water, setting 9 new records on historic routes, and participating in 27 regattas worldwide. In partnership with Maserati, Soldini and his team sailed the 13,219 nautical miles on the Golden Route from New York to San Francisco via Cape Horn in 47 days, 42 minutes, and 29 seconds. They also achieved victory in the Cape2Rio in 2014, and delivered impressive performance in the Rolex Sydney-Hobart in 2016.

    With the Multi70, the team sailed the Hong Kong-London route in 2018 and shattered the previous record by 5 days, making it there in 36 days, 2 hours, 37 minutes and 2 seconds, and did the same in 2021 with the English Channel record and the record on the original Fastnet route with a time of 23 hours, 51 minutes, and 16 seconds. Along with those were other incredible race victories, as well.

    To this day, the Maserati Multi70 remains the only MOD to have sailed around the world, and in 2023, the vessel did it in full energy independence thanks to the installation of a photovoltaic system and an electric engine, making it the first ocean racing yacht capable of self-producing the energy needed for its long-haul sails. Since 2022, the trimaran has been repurposed for UNESCO’s monitoring program, and contributes to the scientific community by collecting data on environmental conditions on the water. While Giovanni Soldini and Maserati may have ended their partnership, the legacy that it created will surely live on.


    Giovanni Soldini was born in Milan on 16 May 1966. Ocean navigator and pioneer in the development of innovative technologies and trim for racing yachts, he has over thirty years of solo and crewed ocean races behind him, including two solo round-the-world races (one second and one first place), six Qu?bec-Saint Malo (one won in the monohull class), six Ostar (two wins in the 50′ and 40′ classes), three Transat Jacques Vabre (one win in the 40′ class) and more than 40 transoceanic races.

    In 1994/95 at the B.O.C. Challenge, the solo round-the-world race in stages, Soldini crossed the finish line in second place with the 50-footer Kodak. In 1998-99 he won the Around Alone, his second solo round-the-world race in stages, with Fila, the first 60-footer with canting keel and wing mast built in Italy. During the third leg he rescued and saved the French sailor Isabelle Autissier, who had capsized in the South Pacific at 60? south, between New Zealand and Cape Horn.

    Between 2001 and 2005, Soldini was the first Italian to compete in the 60-foot trimaran class ORMA with the multihull first named Fila, then Tim. From 2007 to 2009, on board Telecom, he raced in the new Class 40, taking first place in all the most important regattas he took part in, as well as winning the class world championship in 2009.

    On board the monohull VOR 70 Maserati, Soldini conquered the new record on the Golden Route from New York to San Francisco in 2013 (13,225 miles in 47 days, 42 minutes and 29 seconds) and won important regattas such as the Cape2Rio in 2014, setting a new record that is still unbeaten today.

    Since 2016, on board Maserati Multi70, the first flying ocean trimaran, he has set the Hong Kong-London route record in 2018 (15,083 actual miles in 36 days, 2 hours, 37 minutes and 12 seconds), the English Channel record in 2021 and the record on the original Fastnet route, and he has won numerous victories in the RORC Transatlantic Race, RORC Caribbean 600 and Rolex Middle Sea Race.

    Soldini has always been passionate about spreading the culture of the sea and is committed to its preservation. In 2022 he transformed Maserati Multi70 into the first full-electric racing boat and collected data on the ocean that is useful to the scientific community for the UNESCO Ocean Decade.

    In 2000, by decision of French President Jacques Chirac, he received the L?gion d’honneur for the rescue of Isabelle Autissier. In 2004, he was appointed Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic by Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. In 2008, he was awarded the Medaglia d’Oro al Merito di Marina for his achievements in sailing sport by the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitan

    "After 11 years and more than 200.000 miles covered, my collaboration with Maserati comes to an end."
    "It has been a great honour and also a great responsibility to take the Trident and its values around the world: an exciting, adventurous experience full of discoveries, conquests, innovations and flights over the ocean, first on Maserati VOR70, then on Maserati Multi70. With the invaluable support of Maserati it has been possible to experiment at the highest level and go further with feats and results that we are proud of. I would like to thank the Maserati team and all the partners who have accompanied us on this long journey. Also, a special thanks goes to all the people on the crew who over these years have contributed with passion and competence to achieve beautiful and important goals with me. I will keep you posted on my future plans. Stay tuned!"

    Guido Broggi
    Oliver Herrera Perez
    Francesco Malingri
    Matteo Soldini
    Francesco Pedol
    Lucas Valenza-Troubat

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