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An Eerie Night On Lake Erie

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  • An Eerie Night On Lake Erie

    LORAIN -- Eight people were rescued from Lake Erie after their boat capsized during a thunderstorm on Wednesday.

    According to the Northern Border Initiative, the 36 foot long catamaran capsized about five miles from shore.

    NBI is comprised of employees of the Lorain County Sheriff’s department and does monitoring for the U.S. border patrol.

    Special Enforcement Agent David James tells FOX 8 they were in a boat patrolling about two miles from the scene when the call came in.

    He said none of the people on board were wearing life jackets and sought shelter on the overturned hull.

    The only communication they had was one cell phone that only had email capability. Another phone was not working.

    One person sent an email from the phone to a friend, who then contacted the U.S. Coast Guard.

    The nearby rescue boat arrived within five minutes and took all eight people back to shore.

    The U.S. Coast Guard assisted as well as the Vermilion Marine Patrol and the Lorain Marine Patrol.

    Injuries included a head wound, slight hypothermia and cuts and bruises, but no one needed to go to the hospital.
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