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Tragedy Strikes Dillon YC Regatta

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  • Tragedy Strikes Dillon YC Regatta

    1 person missing after boat capsizes on Dillon Reservoir during regatta
    Report ByLibby Stanford

    At around 2:30 p.m., a rainstorm caused gusts of wind, which blew the boat over. The National Weather Service recorded 34 mph wind gusts at the Dillon weather station at about the same time. The boat was part of the Peak 1 Regatta hosted by Dillon Yacht Club, according to Summit County Rescue Group public information officer Charles Pitman. Two people were on the boat and one remains missing, he said.

    Pitman was unable to give any information about the identity of the missing person. He said the search is ongoing, and the group will continue into the night. Everyone else involved in the boat race is accounted for, he said.

    The Peak 1 Regatta is the first race in the yacht club’s summer series and was scheduled to continue Sunday. Representatives from the yacht club were not available for comment Saturday afternoon. The club has six more races planned throughout the summer.

    Aiding in the search is the Summit County Water Rescue Team, which is staffed by volunteers and operates under the purview of the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. The dive team has a variety of tools at its disposal to help search for the missing person, including a sonar system and a remotely operated underwater vehicle.
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    Drown Victim Of Dillon Lake Tragedy Identified

    Dillon resident Paul Kresge identified as man who drowned in Dillon Reservoir.
    Image © Elaine Collins

    DILLON — The man who died after falling into Dillon Reservoir has been identified as 66-year-old Paul Kresge of Dillon, according to the Summit County Coroner’s Office.

    Article by Sawyer D’Argonne Summit Daily News

    On Saturday afternoon, Kresge fell into the water after gusts of wind and large waves caused his sailboat to broach. The manner of death was accidental, and the cause was ruled drowning, according to Coroner Regan Wood.

    At about 2:30 p.m. Saturday, a strong storm cell blew in from the southwest, producing winds upwards of 40 mph along with 4-foot waves, according to a release from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

    Kresge, who was taking part in the Dillon Yacht Club’s Peak 1 Regatta earlier in the day, was traveling downwind toward the Dillon Marina. He was the captain of the boat and was in the back steering. There was another person on the boat handling the sails.

    Kresge tried to perform a jibe to change course but lost control when the boat broached, and he fell into the water. He was not wearing a life vest at the time of the accident, though there was one on board, in accordance with state law. Kresge was sailing a 22-foot Star Class 2 racing sailboat, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

    The storm caused “multiple boats to capsize,” according to the Sheriff’s Office, but Kresge’s craft remained upright. The other crew member was able to drop the sails and get the boat into the Snake River Inlet, where he was rescued and towed to the Dillon Marina.

    According to individuals at the marina, the weather in the area quickly intensified before settling down. Elaine Collins, who was out on a boat photographing the regatta, said she didn’t see the incident because she was too far east in the Snake River arm but that the weather change was dramatic.

    “It went from a cloudy day, to craziness,” Collins said. “And 15 minutes later, there were blue skies.”

    After Kresge fell into the water, the boat collided with a race committee boat that was moored to a buoy. The accident took place just west of the Snake River Arm of the reservoir, and other boats in the area immediately began searching for Kresge.

    Teams with the Sheriff’s Office, Summit County Rescue Group, Summit County Water Rescue, Dillon Police Department, Dillon and Frisco marinas, Dillon Yacht Club, Flight for Life, Summit Water Taxi and local fishing guides all took part in the search.

    Rescue workers called off the search late Saturday and resumed early Sunday. Kresge’s body was successfully located about 180 feet under the surface at around 3:30 p.m. Sunday using a VideoRay underwater remote operating vehicle.

    Kresge was a member of the Dillon Yacht Club and served as the group’s commodore from 2010-2011, according to the club’s website.

    Kerstin Anderson, Dillon’s marketing and events director, said officials are planning to dedicate Thursday’s race in the town’s weekly series to Kresge.

    “Rather than doing a competitive race this week, we’re going to be paying respect to the memory of our fallen friend,” Anderson said. “We just want to bring everyone out on the water in his memory and as a tribute to Paul.”

    Kresge is the first individual to drown in the reservoir since Adam Brown, a 26-year-old Frisco resident who fell overboard from a pontoon boat in August 2008, according to Wood. The last death at the reservoir took place in September 2017, when 27-year-old Michael Mitchell drove off Swan Mountain Road and into the water.
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      Very sad. Condolences to Paul's family and friends.

      Lifejackets. Wear them.


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        Very sad to hear.



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          The Bacardi Cup family lost one of the good guys in sailing last weekend in the tragic accident that took International Star Class Yacht Racing Association sailor Paul Kresge's life. Paul was a Star Fleet Champion and Race Director, Past Commodore and Life member of the Dillon Yacht Club in his Colorado hometown. Our patron, Eddie Cutillas, commented "He was the ultimate sailor who not only loved his sport and raced in many boats but also contributed to all aspects of sailboat racing".

          Regatta Chair Mark Pincus said, "Paul was close to my family both on Lake Dillon as well as Biscayne Bay ... my brother has raced for years on Lake Dillon and both my mom and I have been there many times to work with the Dillon Yacht Club Race Committee. Paul touched all of our lives there. And of course whenever our Colorado friends join us for Bacardi Regattas on Biscayne Bay we have been able to share the reciprocity and extend the friendship. He will be missed by many."

          Sail on forever Paul Kresge!
          Image credit: Karl Wolfgang
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