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Lucky Dog Dominates Lakewood RS21 NA Championships

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  • Lucky Dog Dominates Lakewood RS21 NA Championships

    Seabrook, TX- The inaugural RS21 North American Championships hosted by Lakewood Yacht Club featured a competitive fleet of 17 teams with 24 races sailed over 3 days. The Lucky Dog Racing Team helmed by Travis Weisleder with crew Chandler Self, Marcus Eagan, and John Bowden dominated the event winning 11 of 15 races sailed.

    The final day was separated into Gold and Silver fleet sailing 3 races each. Despite a convincingly consistent regatta, winning with a race to spare, Weisleder continued to win the final two races.

    John Lovell and Glenn Darden entered the last race tied for second place overall, leaving the prized podium spots up for grabs. Rounding the last mark on top of one another, Lovell pulled the bowsprit early resulting in a penalty from the umpires allowing Darden to comfortably sail to second place.

    The host club was well represented with helm Danny Plestch in 4th and Casey Lambert winning a tiebreaker for 5th.

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    The format for the RS21 North Americans was designed to provide fast pace exhilarating racing while being able to fly in, press a button to launch the RS21, and go sailing. Event PRO Ed Furry with designed the format in conjunction with event organizers which allowed 24 races to be sailed over the 3 days. Mark Set Bots were used for the event with staff as on site sponsored by Harken, using these revolutionary GPS based marks made the regatta possible with flawless course movement and minimizing delays. The club gave the good old “Texas Welcome” as much as they could while considering CDC guidelines, competitors were provided daily delicious lunches, free beer courtesy of RS Sailing and KO Sailing, and cocktails with Regatta Premium Craft Mixers. Competitor’s all praised the experience as a model for ensuring competitive sailboat racing without the many complications with a normal regatta.

    Lakewood Yacht Club had a vision to bring exactly this sort of event to the Texas area to attract sailors to their club. The board of directors worked with local RS Sailing dealer KO Sailing and their combined vision delivered the fleet of RS21 in what may be the best small keelboat fleet setup in the world. KO Sailing has also been immaculately maintaining the fleet of RS21 while offering on the water support during the RS21 North American Championships and other events.

    Thank you to all of the event sponsors; RS Sailing, Sail22, Harken, Regatta Premium Craft Mixers. Stay tuned for more upcoming events, complete information and results at

    RS21 North American Championship 2020 Final Results

    Division: Gold (9 boats)
    1. Travis Weisleder[gold], Bay Head Yacht Club – 18
    2. Glenn Darden[gold], Fort Worth Boat Club – 42
    3. John Lovell[gold], Southern Yacht Club – 44
    4. Danny Pletsch[gold], Lakewood Yacht Club – 57
    5. Casey Lambert[gold], Lakewood yacht Club – 59T
    6. Ryan Glaze[gold], Rush Creek Yacht Club – 59T
    7. Brian Shores[gold], Lakewood Yacht Club – 60
    8. Bill Zartler[gold], Lakewood/New York YC, – 76
    9. Nick Dunphey[gold], Lakewood Yacht Club – 79

    Division: Silver (8 boats)

    1. Bruno Pasquinelli[silver], FWBC – 81
    2. Jeff Jones[silver], AYC & LYC – 84
    3. Marcus Maher[silver], Lakewood – 87
    4. Phillip Davis[silver], Team Liberty – 98
    5. Tom Sutton[silver], LYC – 108
    6. Alberic Avisse[silver], GBCA – 117
    7. Giorgio Martelli[silver], LYC – 125
    8. Sean O’Rourke[silver], Lakewood Yacht Club – 157
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