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Banque Populaire Smashes Around Iles Record

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  • Banque Populaire Smashes Around Iles Record


    Loïck Peyron, skipper and his twelve teammates traveled 2077 miles (3900 km) 3d 3h 50min 16s at an average speed of 23.34 knots.
    Team Banque Populaire 1d 11h beats 19mn 11s the performance achieved in August 2010 by French explorer Gavignet Sidney at the helm of Oman Air Majan (4d 15h 9mn 27s).

    New reference time of the Maxi Banque Populaire V / FRA - Jul. 8, 2011

    3 days 3 hours 50 minutes 16 seconds
    Distance: 2077 miles (3900 km)
    Average speed: 23.34 knots
    Difference with Oman Air Majan: 1d 11h 19mn 11s

    Previous records:

    Oman Air Majan / FRA (Sidney Gavignet solo): 4d 15h 9min 27s - August 2010
    Playstation / USA (Steve Fossett and his crew): 4d 16h 9mn 36s - October 2002 ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~