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    Golden Oldies Multihulls is a French site dedicated to the multihulls of days gone by.
    And while its primarily in French, (an english version is in the works) With some glimpses
    of the earliest modern day multihulls, some of which you may have seen before, some not. There are links, videos, like the 1975 Multihull Bermuda Race and written passages like this from Richard Newicks 1955 "Water Wandering in the Low Countries"
    Located HERE

    "One summer, in 1955, I took a 600 mile cruise through the rivers and canals of
    Belgium, Holland and Germany to Denmark. My good companion, the Friend, was an
    eighteen foot kayak or sailing canoe which I had built in San Francisco. She
    was an excellent choice -- inexpensive, comfortable and able. Her rugged
    thirty-two inch wide hull was molded of Fiberglass-reinforced plastic and
    decked with one-eight inch mahogany plywood. She carried a handy twenty-four
    square foot spritsail for use with favorable winds, and had Styrofoam
    flotation built into her bow and stern.

    It was to be the rainiest summer on record, but good equipment and friendly
    people minimized this inconvenience. I had not yet learned to travel light, so
    was burdened with a hundred pounds of gear. There was no tent at first,
    although, eventually, I acquired a light German model. Instead of cooking, the
    plan was to eat in a restaurant once a day or so, relying on bread, cheese and
    fruit for the other two meals. Various unscheduled events such as a tow, a
    favorable breeze or an isolated camping spot caused many hot meals to be
    missed, but I was never hungry."

    Take a look, It's Time Well Spent ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~