"My that's a big strut you have"

A look at the 17 ' bow sprit on Tritium, Jahn Sangmeister new used boat which is prepping for a late week splash before heading south and the final work before launching and all out assault on the Trans Pac Race Record!

Nicola Breymair stands on the center hull, very much still being worked on outside Artemis
HQ in Alameda

The C-foils await their placement in the sleeves

Nicola in the spacious galley/nav area/ sleeping quarters. Its a VERY compact area
below decks, claustrophobics need not apply.

Self diagnosed "gear head" Tom McIntire gets a tour.

Even while conducting the interview, Boat Manager Ryan Breymaier continues on his massive to do list!

Ryan explaining the hydraulic ram-rod which allow the mast to cant up to 20 degrees

It all hinges on this, literally!

The carbon trunk, put in by Artemis Racing to support its 1st wing back in Valencia,
covered the center dagger board slot and is now a piece of nautical history...Would make a cool conversation piece eh?

The deck layout forward of the cockpit!