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Spindrift Racing 282 NM Ahead Of Groupama Discovery Route Record

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  • Spindrift Racing 282 NM Ahead Of Groupama Discovery Route Record

    Making the most of a powerful trade wind, Spindrift 2 continues its Atlantic crossing at full speed. On a starboard tack throughout the day yesterday, the largest trimaran in the world – skippered by Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard – did a double jibe overnight to plunge into the stronger winds blowing from the east. The most delicate moment of the Discovery Route is coming up, with the transition zone to negotiate in approximately thirty hours, between the trade wind and the strong low-pressure system settling in along the North American coastline and to the Bahamas. The situation is being closely monitored by Richard Silvani ashore and the trio Guichard-Bertarelli-Israel on board the maxi multihull. From tonight they will have to apply their seamanship and regatta experience to manoeuvre a double gybe approaching the weaker wind zone in order to reach the strong north-easterly flow and finish the record attempt on a starboard tack.

    “The problem is twofold,” explains Yann Guichard. “If we cross the low pressure area from the north, we will be out of the zone of light winds sooner, but for this, we will have to sail further north. If we cross it from the south, we will remain on the most direct route, but will have to negotiate the calm waters for longer”. The good news for the 14 men and one woman on board, is Spindrift 2’s lead – described as “interesting” – over the current record holder, Franck Cammas’ Maxi trimaran Groupama 3, racing in 2007 and at this point of the race, more than 330 miles in their wake. “Reason enough to take it calmly”, said Richard Silvani.

    “Things are unfolding as we had expected from the outset at Cadiz”, Guichard said. “We will not take any risks. We will choose the latitude to attempt the passage in the next 5 or 6 hours. We should not lose more than 4 to 5 hours in the thalweg. “ Spindrift 2 can then make the most of the fine trade wind conditions for a good part of the day. “The sea has continued to improve and flatten, making Dona’s work easier”, says Yann.

    Dona Bertarelli is really getting her bearings on her first Atlantic crossing. Her account is most revealing of the complexity of piloting the largest racing trimaran in the world. ” I managed to overcome the psychological barrier when I was able to successfully helm at 40 knots of speed. The difficulty is not so much the wind strength or the boat speed but the magnitude and direction of the waves that complicate the task and are still today a challenge for me. Keeping the boat consistently at high speed and in tune to the state of the sea requires technique, concentration and also physical strength. When conditions are very tough, I do not helm for more than 30 minutes at a time”.

    And she treated us to an eloquent postcard; “It is very hot inside. Everyone is suffering from the clammy humidity, and rest has become more difficult, while preparing meals has become a hard slog in a real sauna! I really picked up the pace, however demanding, sailing all the time above 30 knots. Loud noise is constant below deck, the sound of waves crashing on the hulls, the sheets rattling with each shock, the grinding of the boat…. but also on deck, with the wind, and life on board is sporty, with the boat constantly swinging about, racing down a wave to then to crash, pitch up again, leap out of the water … it’s moving all the time! Staying on your feet is a challenge. Having said that, the atmosphere is excellent, the focus is on the boat speed but there is also a friendly atmosphere and we all muck in. We are all enjoying ourselves; it is extraordinary to experience this record attempt on this boat, with this crew and with a challenge of this magnitude.”

    Racing at full speed to break the Discovery Route record, Guichard, despite the significant lead gained from the first miles, is far from complacent. “There are still over 1500 miles to be covered and we must remain extremely focused and vigilant. The wind will ease and we are going to have to navigate, helm and trim with even greater precision to maintain the pace and speed if we want to beat the record.”

    At 8:30hrs GMT (9:30hrs French time) this morning Spindrift has a 326.13 miles lead on the current record time.

    Crew of the maxi Spindrift 2 for The Discovery Route:
    Dona Bertarelli
    Yann Guichard
    Xavier Revil
    Jean Baptiste le Vaillant
    Antoine Carraz
    Thierry Douillard
    Christophe Espagnon
    Sébastien Marsset
    Nicolas Texier
    Erwan Tabarly
    François Morvan
    Thomas Rouxel
    Simone Gaeta
    Erwan Israel
    Weather routing : Richard Silvani

    Time to beat : 7 days, 10 hours, 58 minutes, 53 seconds
    Current record : Groupama 3 (Franck Cammas) in 2007
    Distance : 3884 milles (WSSRC)
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    Spindrift Establishes New Route du Discovery Record!

    Spindrift 2 new owner of the Discovery Route

    Crossing this morning just before 7:00 the French arrival in San Salvador in the Bahamas online, the Maxi trimaran Spindrift 2 Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard has beaten more than 20 hours (20 hours, 29 minutes and 32 seconds) the clock Reference Route Discovery held since 2007 by Franck Cammas and his Maxi trimaran Groupama 3.

    Spindrift 2 left Cadiz (Spain) on October 30 to 15 hours, 19 minutes, 34 seconds UTC (16 hours 19 minutes 34 seconds - French time). The crew of 14 men and the largest racing trimaran woman in the world now have the reference time of the 3885 miles of the distance to 6 days, 14 hours, 29 minutes and 21 seconds at an average speed of 24 5 knots. Spindrift 2 actual distance traveled 4,503 nautical miles at an average of 28.41 knots.

    Measuring the achievement noting that Spindrift 2 traveled last Friday 714.4 miles in one day, the staggering average of 29.7 knots we will better. A burst of speed was also recorded ... 46.08 knots.

    While the great white bird black and gold are heading to Miami without pit stop, and in a still sustained wind, Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard revel with the crew that first beautiful page in the history of the Maxi trimaran Spindrift 2 written without erasure, with seriousness and professionalism.

    Dona Bertarelli:

    Last night a muscular: "Past the transition zone marked by numerous rainstorms, we went almost without transition or in strong winds from the north east. We had all night between 30 and 35 knots, and the sea state deteriorated rapidly, with dips 5 to 6 meters and short waves and cross. It was like in the Mediterranean! It was pretty exhausting. The boat sped down the strong waves and working the bar was pretty stressful. It was advancing westward quickly without too much strain on equipment. It was the fabric of time and it accelerated very strong ... "

    Passage line: "It was a rare moment, a little curious as San Salvador is a small island surrounded by beaches. We had to approach us very close to shore to distinguish the vessel on which the official World Speed ​​Sailing Record Council had taken his place. It was a little stressful because of the proximity of the sandbanks. Then there was explosion of joy on board ... a beautiful moment ... "

    Record: "We made ​​a good road, an effective trajectory. I think this new record will be hard to beat. The result was that we were picked. It is a great satisfaction ... "

    Emotions: "It's huge. The emotion was waiting for you at the moment of crossing the line. I took great pleasure in this race, my first crossing of the Atlantic in the race in record ... with a good result at the end. Any doubts I might have had on this boat have been removed. The machine is great, and combined with a great crew, following a superb preparation made ​​by the team on the ground, a judicious choice of course, the excellent work done by navigation Erwan Israel, with Richard Silvani to earth ... "

    On a personal level ... "Beyond the pleasure and satisfaction with the result, I think I have learned a lot about myself. I crossed in harsh conditions, including last night on a really messy seas, and in 35 knots of wind. Yann was at my side because it can get very physical. This boat has an incredible power. The race is over. We return to Miami and I do not feel any fatigue. I already think the Jules Verne Trophy ... "

    About Yann Guichard: "I discovered even more the skipper Yann Yann the leader. His composure, serenity, calm in all circumstances are impressive. It is a highly structured man he comes much confidence and pragmatism ... "

    The crew: "We made ​​a mix of skills and a variety of experiences, from the America's Cup, Figaro, light or offshore sailing ... and marriage skills worked wonderfully ..."

    One woman and 13 men: "We will ask the crew's sense of having a woman on board. As for me, and maybe because I grew up in a man's world, and I have always sailed with boys, it did not cause me any particular problems. Very quickly, we all found to share the same things. We got to know little by little, to share everything in a really friendly atmosphere ... "

    Yann Guichard:

    Chrono: "We started in a good weather window. We knew from the start of Cadiz there was a way to achieve something great. Done and done well, with a great Chrono. But it was not a foregone conclusion. We knew that the last third of the course is complicated. We had lots of wind and lots of sea on the stretch-Cadiz Canary Islands, then on the last 24 hours. Crossing the barometric pass was a stressful time, when squalls stopped us several times. Was completed quickly in harsh conditions for men and the boat. It was the first trip for 2 Spindrift, Dona too. We are all happy and satisfied. "

    Secret: "The recipe is simple: a good crew, a good weather window, a beautiful road closer to the ortho, a great well prepared machine. And never leave the boat exceed ... We all lived together very well, and it makes you want to go further with the men and the boat. "

    Thinking Columbus : "The arrival is emotionally charged. We thought a lot about Columbus approaching the islands. We tried to imagine these arrived there after more than 70 days at sea were men felt a great respect for them. That is also the magic of this record, the anchor in the history of great discoveries ... "

    Dona: "Dona is proud of a job well done. I felt happy, very comfortable on board. She has crossed, and in harsh conditions .... "

    The record figures:
    - New reference time: 6 days, 14 hours, 29 minutes and 21 seconds
    (improves time Groupama 3 of 20 hours, 29 minutes and 32 seconds) - 24, 5 knots average speed on 3885 . theoretical miles of the course - He traveled effective distance 4503 nautical miles at an average of 28.4 knots. - Maximum number of miles traveled over 24 hours: 714.4 miles on 01/11/2013 6:45 p.m. GMT - Best average speed traveled over 24 hours : 29.7 knots - Pic recorded speed: 46.08 knots
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