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    Catamaran Sailing News Files the following report on the A-Cat Europeans:

    "Today the racing was delayed and the CVB nailed it. Perfect sailing conditions, +15-17 knots steady breeze. It was airtime for the newer foils equipped boats and full speeding for the floating fleet. Best day so far of the Europeans at Lake Hourtin.

    Glenn Ashby continued his usual bullet collection to lead the championship by 5 points over Jason Waterhouse (3,3).
    Ashby is sailing a Dna with latest stepped + asymmetrical section foils.
    Jason has the latest production Exploder foils with longer T rudders.

    In 3rd place my good friend Sandro Caviezel on the flying Scheurer G7. Hat off to him, Daniel and specially to Andy Scheurer for the excellent work done in so little time.
    Today I congrats Andy, he was really happy and after many compliments he told me "Ok, yes, I did a good work"... Bet you did Andy.

    From all the top boats the Scheurer was the last to develop flight mode. Only months ago they implemented their first sets of daggers developed by Daniel and Sandro, and now they are at the top of a fully talent packaged Europeans, with the best boats and best sailors in the World. "

    Landy keeping his average low scores to hold 4th and Barker gain 13 spots from yesterday with a 5 , 2nd for a 5th overall.

    images © Paula Kopylowicz

    "The German Nikita
    Light wind specialists, Matthias Dietz & Georg Reutter, were 3rd & 4th overall yesterday. Today they lost some points today but still 7th & 13th overall.
    Both sail the legendary Nikita built by Nils Bunkenburg. I spoke with them today, and their attitude on the foilers was pretty practical. Matthias is learning on a Exploder and Georg sails in a light wind Lake, their opinion on the fighting boats passing them in the breeze: "Well, all ok, we have to accept it , all good" .
    It was really good to see that attitude and them concentrating on excelling in their favorite conditions.

    Fleet B
    On the B fleet Philippe Presti , Oracle sailing coach, got 1 & 1. Abdon Ibañez scored 2,2 and 2013 French Champ, Hervé Ledue with 6 & 9th is leading the Siver fleet.
    Thibault Laudren with the Askell floating mode is 4th in the same fleet. Tibo got me pushing today in the breeze when we crossed at the gate in race 2.
    The Argies improved and our two best sailors, Rodger & Mehl were getting in the breeze and followed Presti around the course. Ian foiled and was top ten when he capsized hard on a downwind airborne run, receovered for a 16 , and a 5th in the last one. Mehl was in the top 5 and capsized at the off-mark. Next year they will be on the Gold fleet for sure.

    Personal Experience
    5th day for me on the As and it was one of the best racing/sailing days ever, perfect conditions to finally push the Scheurer G6 / Saarberg / Landy around.
    Upwind it was a real weapon, I couldn´t believe how I was passing others on the angle and speed, of course in each tack and maneuver I lost every meter the boat gave me! but I was really impressed.

    Downwind I didn´t trapeze as I wanted to be conservative and finish the races after several dnf/dns. In the breeze I never felt pitch risk, although the bows were submerging a bit at times, with a smooth transition.
    The breeze was full on overpowered for moments, and it was a blast sailing the A around the Course.

    The last race we did 4 rounds or 8 legs, and it was hard to keep focused. I was fast but I need to improve my tacks and transition / maneuvers. The biggest achievement was finishing both races in that breeze, got 26 & 25 and I will aim for more for the rest the event.

    To end a perfect day , I went trapezing downwind to the Club to find out that the G6 with standard curved boards / winglets foils no effort in those conditions.
    Just putting the foot on the strap made boat boat airborne, just like that I was foiling to my surprise, made some meters but got back heeled every time as I didn´t knew how to react, didn´t expect that on this setup and it is a final closure for any possible discussion on avoiding foiling with this same set up.

    - Official Website

    - Full Results at


    Pts Sail Crew Net Tot 1 2 3 4 5 6
    1 AUS 1 ASHBY Glenn 5 8 1 3 1 1 1 1
    2 AUS 133 WATERHOUSE Jason 10 15.00 2 5 1 1 3 3
    3 SUI 19 CAVIEZEL Sandro 25.00 40.00 15 4 3 8 4 6
    4 AUS 308 LANDENBERGER Andrew 27.00 43.00 4 16 9 3 7 4
    5 NZL 8 BARKER Dean 29.00 51.00 8 22 6 8 5 2
    6 NED 3 HOEKSTRA Sjoerd 29.30 38.30 9 RDG 6.3 7 3 6 7
    7 GER 3 DIETZ Matthias 31.00 49.00 6 2 4 4 18 15
    8 POL 1 NOETZEL Jacek 34.00 47.00 10 7 13 2 2 13
    9 NED 108 STRAAKENBROEK Jaap 38.00 64.00 2 8 10 4 26 14
    10 AUS 902 ANDERSON Scott 41.00 60.00 10 9 2 19 10 10 ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~