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  • Condition Yellow For Macif

    As of this Friday, the MACIF trimaran has stepped up to window level 4, which means that it will cast off in the next 24 hours.
    François Gabart will set sail to attempt the North Atlantic record single-handed as night falls

    François Gabart has been on standby for a month, but now he is about to cast off to sail the MACIF trimaran single-handed in an attempt to beat the North Atlantic crossing record between New York and Lizard Point, held for the last three years by Francis Joyon, who sailed it in 5 days, 2 hours, 56 minutes and 10 seconds.

    As the standby period approached (2 July), a weather window looked possible early in the week and was confirmed this Wednesday. The skipper and his team arrived in New York on Thursday morning. The departure procedure was stepped up to level 4 this Friday, confirming the departure window. The MACIF trimaran should cast off at about 18.00 (French time - UT +1) to take up position on the departure line between 23.00 and 02.00 tomorrow morning (French time UT +1).

    "We have been watching a weather window since last weekend and it has progressed favourably. Initially, it did not look easy, with just a light breeze, but the situation has improved. Now the goal is to take up position to the front of an ideally located area of wind, south of the ice floe area, which seems to be diminishing on account of the double effect of the Gulf Stream and the southerly wind. The only question is how fast this low pressure area is moving. I hope that luck will be on our side. I will have the right weather till the end to beat the record", explained François, constantly in touch with his router, Jean-Yves Bernot.

    The thrill of the departure is at its peak. "I know that I will soon be at sea and it's exciting. I will need to perform well immediately. It's up to me now."
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    I'll bet Francois is more than ready to get out of New York!