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The Shadow LIVES!!!

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  • The Shadow LIVES!!!

    Peter Stonebergs " Shadow" knifing through the water on Saturday as she smoked the fleet in the Bonita Race

    Just off the phone with Peter Stoneberg, who reports Shadow was successfully righted and is in route to KKMI for some a little cosmetic work.

    If you missed the drama, please go to the Front Page for the juicy details...Peters full account to follow!
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    More Shots from Saturday

    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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      1:00 PM Update!

      Just off the phone with Peter Stoneberg:

      Peter's happy to report the rig is all in tack, sans the mainsail and jib. Boat is at KKMI getting a thorough cleaning and inspection and repair to anything superficial. Boat was re-righted about 4:00 PM yesterday by setting anchors bow and stern for fulcrums and 600 HP of torque pulling her back up.

      They had just finished the YRA event Sunday (between Blossom Rock and Alcatraz) after finishing the Moonlite Marathon and the YRA Bonita Race Saturday, and where headed back to the barn, just completing a bear away set when a gust of 30 knots or so pulled them over." It was a slow motion capsize" and "everyone remained calm"

      Some of the lessons learned say Peter:

      " We had hand held radio in pockets and that made a terrific difference, help was there in minutes"

      " Aside from one person in blue jeans, crew was all in poly pro and that made a critical difference between being hypothermic and staying warm, and skull caps are a big benefit"

      "We had one knife, which was folding, but we are going to carry straight blades in sheath in the future, and put them on crew member and the 4 corners of the boat to cut away any entanglements quickly"

      "Everyone was wearing a PFD"

      Peter goes on to tank all who came to assistance, including the 45' motor vessel " Putt Putt" who was 1st on scene, The Encinal YC boat which stood by in nasty conditions, the crew of Encore which provided lines and anchors and were phenomenal ( Pete, Wayne and Susie!) Melanie Roberts of the StFYC who brought down a protector from the YC and John Craig for standing by on the VHF, Steve Stroub of Tiburon for his assistance in righting her and the USCG, Marin County Sheriff and SFPD, who all arrived and made sure all persons we safe.

      Some additional info on todays Lectronic Latitude
      " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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        Mr Stonebergs write-up

        Peters write up for the StFYC:

        Yesterday afternoon at 1300 after the YRA race we capsized the Shadow catamaran. Everyone is fine, the boat is OK, and the new carbon sails will make nice decorative shower curtains. It was blowing low 20's, moderate chop in the Circle and all was fine. It happened as we were bearing away, got hit with a puff, the rudders stalled and the boat gently and slowly went over. Craig Healy gallantly swam a line out to Sue Hoeschler who had become separated from the boat and Patrick Whitmarsh (Whitey) gave us a bit of a fright as we could not see him, but he was still warm and dry in the upper hull. Everyone was wearing PFD's and most of us had handheld VHF's in our pockets.

        Fortunately we were in a fairly busy part of the Bay, so boats were quickly upon us to stand by and lend support. Two 40+ foot cruisers ("Putt Putt") were upon us within 5 minutes, followed closely by the EYC mark-set boat, a Sydney 38 (Encore), the Coast Guard and a SF Police boat. The EYC mark-set boat was most helpful, taking a couple of sailors off the catamaran, lending assistance and assets where possible and The Encore guys (Wayne and Susie (owners), Pete McCormick (North Sails), Will and several others) were very, very helpful providing lines, anchors and personnel.

        Everyone was safe and calm, we knew how to right the boat, but just needed two big anchors (ours were inaccessible) and a Protector to pull us over. That's where Melanie came in. EYC called the StFYC Race Office, John Craig jumped into action and Melanie and the Cressy were dispatched to the scene. She arrived at the same time as Steve Stroub's "Tiburon" Protector and the Shadow Protector coming from Paradise Cay. We borrowed a couple of anchors, tied a righting line to the main beam and after a couple of tries the Shadow came upright as gently as she went over.

        It gave me great comfort to see Melanie and the Cressy steaming towards us, knowing that we had capable hands and vessel on scene. John Craig stood by on the radio throughout the procedure providing support and counsel. Both should be formally commended for their seamanship, cooperation and willingness to help. We owe the them and the Club a huge thank you, a tank of fuel and an anchor (at least).

        Please extend my sincerest appreciation to all employees, and particularly Melanie and John. We're blessed to have such a great team.

        Peter Stoneberg

        Crew was:
        Sue Hoeschler
        Laurie Dennis
        Craig Healy
        Andy McCormick
        Lowell Freeman
        Whitey Whitmarsh
        Peter Stoneberg

        Thanks Peter!

        Good to hear all is good!
        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

 Photo Gallery


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          Great to hear that everyone but the sails are okay. It seemed like a very a long time, listening to the events play out on the VHF.


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            Whitey gets in on all the action!