Just 3 days after Francis Joyon set a new mark CLICKY on the Single Handed Transatlantic
NY to The Lizard Record, Thomas Coville breaks it again!

A New Solo North Atlantic Record!
Thomas Coville has just passed the finish line at the Cape Lizard After 4 days 11 hours and 10 minutes 23 seconds on the North Atlantic, and with 15 hours 45 minutes and 47 seconds Advance on the previous time established by Francis joyon - trimaran idec

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The World Tour recorder crossed the North Atlantic in less than 5 days. The skipper of the trimaran sodebo ultim 'signs today the new reference time of crossing the North Atlantic alone
After the world record solo this winter, Thomas Coville becomes the fastest on the North Atlantic. The skipper of Sodebo Ultim crossed the finish line at Cap Lizard (South Point of England) today, Sunday 15 July at 7:29 pm (French time).
4 days 11 hours 10 minutes 23 seconds * (subject to WSSRC validation): a historical journey time, since the solo sailor falls below the 5-day mark. With this exceptional time for a solo player, he beat the very recent Francis Joyon time of 13 hours 45 min 47s on 13 July.
Distance traveled on the water: 3039 nautical miles - or 5628 km
Average speed: 28.35 knots (26.87 knots on the orthodromy)

After crossing the line, Thomas Coville will remain all night at sea with his team who will have joined him on board to convey the boat to his home port of La Trinité-sur-Mer.
Sodebo Ultim 'will arrive at the entrance of the channel of the Trinity on Mer (Morbihan) Sunday afternoon around 16:00 for an arrival at the pontoon at 17:00.
Departure Ambrose Light in front of New York: Tuesday 11 July at 8 hours 18 min 37s French time
Arrival at Cap Lizard: Sunday 15 July at 19 hours 29 min French time
Time of crossing the North Atlantic alone: ​​4 days 11 hours 10 minutes 23 seconds *
3039 miles traveled at an average of 28.35 knots
Delta with Francis Joyon / IDEC SPORT: less 15h 45min 47s
* Waiting for the validation of the World Sailing Speed ​​Record Council