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Maxi Banque Populaire IX Launches

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  • Maxi Banque Populaire IX Launches

    Two years and more than 135,000 hours of reflection, work and energy have enabled Team Banque Populaire and Armel Le Cléac'h to give birth to the Maxi Banque Populaire IX, a new generation racing multihull. This new Ultim, handy solo, able to be propelled over the water and chiseled for the most beautiful adventures around the globe, touched the water today at 12:20 in Lorient. It was an ambitious and daring challenge two years ago, it is today a jewel of innovation of 14 tons. Those who imagined it tell of his birth.

    The Maxi Banque Populaire IX: a concentrate of know-how and technology
    The new Armel Le Cléac'h machine, armed by the Sailing Bank, once again highlights all the expertise of Team Banque Populaire, acquired in 28 years of involvement in offshore racing. Team Ronan Lucas, its director, has spent months of research and development to complete its innovation and complete the assembly challenge of this giant puzzle. The experience of Team Banque Populaire, whether for the construction of Banque Populaire V 1 (the largest racing trimaran ever built), then the evolution of Banque Populaire VII 2 (formerly Groupama 3), has also made it possible to better define the systems on board as well as the apprehension of the efforts, which remain colossal on this type of boat. It is all the know-how of the Team that has been put at the service of this new giant of the seas: "Our boats have participated in the greatest races and records, whether solo or crew. We have a good vision of the navigation with three hulls and especially the capacities of a single man on board. With time, things obviously evolve: if we compare the Maxi Banque Populaire IX with Maxi Banque Populaire VII, it will have the same power, while being lighter two tons with almost identical sail surfaces " explains Ronan Lucas .

    A team in constant quest for innovation
    Maxi Banque Populaire IX, last born maxi trimarans, lighter and powerful is also equipped with a mast-wing tilting, mobile appendages, including foils. The team's architects and design office also optimized the recovery torque - the combined effect of Archimedes' weight and thrust, or the balance point at the heel - essential on such a multihull. They also improved performance in the light of day. In fact, although wider (23m), this new trimaran is lighter and with the same turnaround torque as Banque Populaire VII, winner of the Route du Rhum in 2014. But the major innovation lies both in its three rudders equipped with carrying planes at its ends, as well as in its foils allowing the boat to fly at very high speed. If the foils are no longer a novelty in itself, it is especially the fact of being able to adjust them in real time in navigation as on the catamarans of the last America's Cup which required a very complex development, both on the control systems only on the structure of the wells welcoming them. On an ocean machine designed to be conducted alone, the mobile foils must be able to be retracted, or even frozen manually according to sea and wind conditions, without the trimaran being disabled to navigate in a conventional manner. These maneuvers must be performed by a single man on board by the mere force of these arms. It is now a major issue on this new generation of multihulls, on which Team Banque Populaire worked a lot. "The flight is in the air of the time, it was tutoyait on the Vendée Globe with Mono Banque Populaire VIII. With this giant of 14 tons, there will be times when one will be able to fly completely. Such a construction takes us even further in technological innovation to lead to more promising appendages. We want our Ultim to be successful regardless of the type of regatta and weather conditions, "says Ronan Lucas.

    The Maxi Banque Populaire IX, fruit of the work of several trades
    Before the work done by the shipyard, we must also mention the incredible work done by the Team Banque Populaire design office, which has been thinking for months about adapting a configuration planned for internal races. shore to a boat of nearly 15 tons, cut for offshore racing: "It is the fruit of a development enriched over the months, which took a lot of time in terms of structural calculations because it is a multitude of pieces that must work together. We made the choice to provide us with a scalable platform to the maximum of the gauge but with a more typical rig for the solitaire. Our general philosophy within Team Banque Populaire is to design versatile boats that last over time, "adds Kevin Escoffier, Head of the Design Office.

    This gigantic project was once again overseen by Pierre-Emmanuel Hérissé, Technical Manager of the Banque Populaire Team: "Beyond the architectural team around VPLP and Martin Fisher, nearly 100 people took part in the construction, between the team, CDK and subcontractors. In recent weeks, about fifty people have activated on and under the bridge. For all those who worked on this project, this launch is a symbolic milestone that represents the culmination of more than 20 months of construction . "

    A proud skipper of his new ocean mount
    " The experience lived on the previous trimaran Banque Populaire VII allows me to visualize what awaits me with this new boat. What changes is speed and weight. The more you lift the boat with the foils, the more it accelerates. It seems to hover, it becomes high flying and we will have to control the steering to ensure our safety. We tried to go further in the small details to improve ourselves constantly. My leg on this giant is the cockpit. We spent time with the team to optimize maneuvering and life on board. In multihulls, the sails being larger and heavier, taking a reef can take four times longer than the IMOCA3 monohull. It will be necessary to anticipate the good settings so as not to be overtaken by the machine. It's just another exciting exercise, "says Armel Le Cléac'h.

    Take the sea as fast as possible
    In the coming days, Maxi Banque Populaire IX, led by Armel Le Cléac'h who does not hide his haste to sail again, will begin a long period of development: " This trimaran has complex systems, the grip is not going to be easy. This winter will be dedicated to a series of tests and adjustments at sea. Then, the idea is to sail offshore in various conditions to make the boat more reliable. We wish to make several transatlantic races before the summer to accumulate a maximum of miles before the Route du Rhum in November 2018 "explains the winner of the last Vendée Globe.

    They said :
    Ronan LUCAS, director of the Banque Populaire Team
    " It's a big day with a little emotion. Now we are very much looking forward to flying our first few miles. This is the 3rd boat made with CDK Technologies, they are big projects of such multihulls and this long adventure requires a lot of energy. We also thank our architect friends for the work of calculators and the entire team. We hope to sail at the end of the week we still have some static tests to do and confirm if all the anchor points correspond to the specifications. We will begin to put everything in place in the days that follow. We will have a lot of tests. Mid-November we should fly .

    Kevin ESCOFFIER, head of the Team Banque Populaire Studies Office
    " One day like today, it's always a stage, we've put the boat in the water and it's always moving because it's the end of a cycle that has lasted almost two years since the beginning of construction. We thought, designed, built the boat, we imagined how it would work. Now we can not wait to see if his actual behavior on the water is as imagined. What is certain is that we will fly! The question is when and how fast!

    Stéphane DIGARD, manager of the CDK Technologies project
    " The construction went very well! I thank Banque Populaire for its confidence in this project, which represents 135,000 hours of work over 20 months of construction. We were all looking forward to seeing the boat come out of the workshops, to see it on the water to find its first element ".

    Vincent LAURIOT-PREVOST , VPLP architect firm:
    " Around the Maxi Banque Populaire IX, there is a beautiful human story that has lasted for two years. Armel was able to give us the outline because he knows the operation of this support thanks to his experience with Banque Populaire VII to a novelty, is that this boat must fly. We had to add some tricks for the trimaran to fly. It is a laboratory boat, we will of course have evolutions to be made over the months. "

    Jean-Baptiste EPRON , graphist-browser
    " I have been working with Banque Populaire for a long time and it's really very pleasant for the trust that this historic shipowner gives me.This time, on the decoration, the exchanges with the communication team were very interesting just like the work with Pierre-Yves Moreau, my contact for the technical realization within the Team Banque Populaire This year, my mission was expanded with a collaboration with Kevin Escoffier on the style of coachroof. chance to work on birds of such magnitude and also a great moment of emotion. "

    Frédéric CHENOT , Development Director Banques Populaires
    "We are very pleased with this new step in the development of our sponsorship policy. The construction by Team Banque Populaire of an innovative boat that will participate in great adventures illustrates our values ​​of daring, tenacity, and search for performance. After Armel's victory over the last Vendée Globe, our commitment to competitive sailing is once again in confidence and duration. I can not wait to see this beautiful machine take flight over the waves to write new great and beautiful stories. "
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