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  • Beach Catting Across The Arctic

    Roughly translated from Bateaux.Com Article

    The Way of the Pole: Sébastien Roubinet to attack the Arctic
    After two first attempts, Sébastien Roubinet will try to cross the Arctic - 1750 miles between Alaska and Spitsbergen. For this new adventure called La Voie du Pole, he will be accompanied by two teammates - Éric André and Vincent Colliard - and a brand new boat, a hybrid prototype of catamaran / ice char. A human adventure and sports, but also scientific.

    On June 15, 2018, Sébastien Roubinet, accompanied by two team-mates - Éric André and Vincent Colliard - will sail across the Atlantic in 3 months. This expedition called the Way of the Pole is to connect Alaska to Spitsbergen, 3 000 km (1,750 miles), all unassisted, without engine and only the strength of the wind, the sea and men. After two first unsuccessful attempts - 2011 due to technical problems and 2013 due to poor weather conditions - the adventurer and his crew are now ready!

    For the last four years, Sébastien has been working on the realization of his project, building his new sailboat - a new hybrid catamaran / ice tank prototype capable of navigating on the water, but also on the ice of the pack ice - and preparing for this new challenge. To do this, he spent a year and a half on the east coast of Greenland.

    "This crossing, I've been preparing for 10 years," says Sébastien Roubinet at the head of the expedition. "After two attempts, in 2011 and 2013, I designed a new ultralight catamaran able to sail on water and ice, more autonomous and more resistant."
    Design a hybrid catamaran / ice tank

    To meet the specifications of this particular project, it was necessary to build a boat capable of navigating on the water, but also to advance on the ice. Sébastien Roubinet therefore designed hulls equipped with skis, both very light and very strong on impact, as well as a pedal system to produce the energy necessary for skippers' autonomy (heating the water for the skiers). foods for example).

    Study the Arctic environment
    Light and especially only driven by human energy or sailing, this prototype will study the Arctic environment without impact on the environment. Laboratories are also involved in this research project through various protocols for measuring, collecting, imaging and counting animals and plankton. Indeed, the Arctic sea ice has reduced considerably for 30 years. Its surface at the end of summer has decreased by 40% and its average thickness by 50%, from 3 m to 1.5 m. If this continues, the summer sea ice could disappear completely around 2030, which will have drastic consequences for the global global climate.

    Sébastien Roubinet will therefore be able to carry out field studies on the Arctic Ocean ice, by taking samples and taking measurements according to a transect (device of observation of ground, along a linear trace and according to the dimension vertical). We can thus have an idea of ​​the thickness of the current pack ice and analyze its evolution.
    This adventure will also study the human impact (pollution) on the Arctic environment through the analysis of organic matter, metals and other pollutants present in Cryoconite: these fine particles transported by the wind accumulate on the surface of pack ice and are partly responsible for the accelerated melting of ice.
    Finally, a final part of the research will consist of studying the physiology and psychology of humans in the polar environment. See how the body reacts to fatigue, stress or sleep in a hostile and cold environment.

    Video Link

    Crowdfunding, objective assured!

    Supported by the Association La Guilde, La Voie du Pôle has launched a crowdfunding campaign on HelloAsso, the first funding platform dedicated to associations.

    "It is very important for us to support expeditions such as La Voie du Pôle.If we chose to include Sébastien's project among our" Pilot Projects "it is mainly because it is an example of initiative, of creativity, tenacity and perseverance in the accomplishment of a very authentic project, but also because beyond the feat, it is above all a very human adventure which proposes, as generously as discretely, techniques innovative for navigation.

    What we were looking for to fund our projects was above all an easy-to-use, no-cost platform that could support us. HelloAsso has emerged from the beginning as a true partner, going far beyond the simple technical solution, "explains Cléo Poussier-Cottel, Head of the adventure division at The Guild.
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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