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  • Franck Cammas on the Ultimates

    Frank Cammas on the Ultimates: Route du Rhum. Franck Cammas, l’œil de l’expert

    The capsizing caused by the breakage of the Banque Populaire float marked the spirits of the sailors in the race and also observers on the ground. One can well imagine the great disappointment of the whole team of Armel, welded behind his skipper and with whom he had meticulously prepared this race since the launching of the boat more than a year ago.

    These sometimes spectacular breaks have always marked the history of ocean racing: a human adventure certainly but also perhaps above all technological! Through these major nautical events, architects, engineers, sailors and constructors are constantly pushing the boundaries of their knowledge through, among other things, more and more numerous and advanced simulations, ever more rigorous material testing and even more construction processes. developed.

    But we realize, as in recent days, that the most effective learning remains and will remain in situ navigation, facing an ocean environment that will always surprise the engineer in front of his computer and its digital tools.

    It is important not to judge these accidents comprehensively by drawing simplistic and often incoherent conclusions. It is so easy when one is far from the record to give lessons and find at all costs officials or only to affirm that these boats are fragile as if it became a fatality.

    No ! Because the maturity of a new class of boats like the Ultimate also goes through these events difficult to digest. We must roll up our sleeves, understand step by step what has happened and advance the state of the art. Even if we are in a much more modest activity and without any measure, let us remember terrible accidents and loss of life in the space adventure. And yet, we ended up setting foot on the moon! So today we have to support the teams in these difficult times and help them to make the transition so that this great class continues to excite and excite us.

    Franck Cammas