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  • BAMA Redux

    Sweeping changes have occurred and the Bay Area Multihull Association is evolving back to where it began, and focusing on
    events meant to get the lead out and focus on a reinvigorated schedule of events both racing and non racing.

    While a couple of events have already taken place, March really is when things begin to gather steam

    Bay Area Multihull Races
    BAMA compiles a list of multihull-friendly races.

    BAMA Cup Series
    Our Annual Club Championship for our core racing fleet. Some of the events are organized by other clubs, and some are organized by BAMA.

    BAMA Fast Cat Cup is our Annual Club Championship for the fastest boats in our fleet (including trimarans).. It is open to BAMA members only.

    BAMA Race Schedule 2019

    Below is a schedule of popular multihull races hosted by various clubs around SF Bay.

    The BAMA Cup Series consists of 8 events.They are marked with an asterisk (*) . Best 5 of 8 events are scored.

    The Fast Cat Cup Series consists of 8 events. They are marked with a “+”. Best 5 of 8 are scored.

    Please contact the Race Chair if you have questions or suggestions:


    BAMA Jibeset master link:

    Jan 26 SSS Three Bridge Fiasco*+ Single, Double Jibeset

    Feb 23 SSS Corinthian Race* Single, Double

    Mar 10 RYC Big Daddy Pursuit Race + Full

    Mar 23 OYC Rites of Spring Single, Double, Full Jibeset

    Mar 30 BAMA Double-handed Farallones* Double Jibeset

    Apr 13 TIYC Interclub 1 Full Jibeset

    Apr 13 SSS Round the Rocks + Single, Double Jibeset

    May 4-5 VYC YRA Great Vallejo Race + Full Jibeset

    May 4 IYC Interclub 2 Full Jibeset

    May 11 SSS Single Handed Farallones Single Jibeset

    June 1 SYC/RYC Delta Ditch Run *+ Full

    June 8 EYC Interclub 3 Full Jibeset

    June 22 YRA Westpoint Regatta Full Jibeset

    June 29 IYC Silver Eagle* Full Jibeset

    July 3-9 SSS Great Pacific Longitude Race Single, Double Jibeset

    July-13 SBYC Interclub 4* Full Jibeset

    Aug 10 BAMA Interclub 5*+ Full Jibeset

    Aug 11 BAMA BAMA Multihull Regatta *+ Full Jibeset

    Aug 24-25 SSS Drakes Bay Race Single, Double Jibeset

    Aug 31 SBYC/BYC Jazz Cup + Full Jibeset

    Sept 11-15 StFYC Rolex Big Boat Series Full Rolex Big Boat Series

    Sept 14 SSS Half Moon Bay Single, Double Jibeset

    Sept 14 OYC Interclub 6* Full Jibeset

    Oct 19-20 SSS Vallejo 1-2 Single, Double Jibeset

    Oct 27 RYC Great Pumpkin Pursuit Race + Full Regatta Network


    Fast Cats Cup 2019
    The “Fast Cat” Cup is BAMA’s series for the really fast multihulls in the Bay (e.g. the Extreme 40s, Prosail 40s, etc.). The Fast Cats fleet is open to any catamaran whose rating is -50 or lower (faster).

    Best 5 of 8 results will be scored.

    Open to BAMA members only. Registration for the Fast Cats Cup is not required. Members will be scored automatically by registering for the individual events.


    Jan 26 SSS Three Bridge Fiasco Single, Double Jibeset

    Mar 10 RYC Big Daddy Pursuit Race Full Regatta Network

    Apr 13 SSS Round the Rocks Single, Double Jibeset

    May 4-5 VYC YRA Great Vallejo Race Full Jibeset

    June 1 SSC/RYC Delta Ditch Run Full Regatta Network

    Aug 10-11 BAMA InterClub 5 & BAMA Multihull Regatta Full Jibeset BAMA/Jibeset InterClub

    Aug 31 SBYC/BYC Jazz Cup Full Regatta Network

    Oct 27 RYC Great Pumpkin Pursuit Race Full Regatta Network



    Jack Reacher Race and Pot Luck : A family oriented reaching race for non-racers followed by a Pot Luck and Raft-up Clipper Cove
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    Letter To BAMA Members

    Fellow BAMA members,

    We just had our second board meeting of the year last night, and I wanted to provide an update for all club members. 2019 is shaping up to be a great year for the club, with lots of fun activities planned. In the interest of transparency, we will start posting the minutes from our board meetings on our website (, so you'll be able to see what's going on and what's being discussed, but here's an update on some of the great things coming up this year:

    - We are well down the path in preparation for this year's 40th(!) running of the Doublehanded Farallones Race, which will take place on Saturday, March 30th. The DHF is a great challenge for a two-person crew, so if you haven't done the DHF before, you should consider doing it this year. Jibeset is how open for registration, the race docs have been posted, and the first boats have already registered for the race: Also note that we have prizes for the best mixed-gender and best all-female crewed boats. If you're not planning on racing, we are looking for volunteers to help on the race deck at Golden Gate Yacht Club, so please join us if you're available.

    - The competition for the 2019 BAMA Cup and Fast Cat Cup are underway, with the first race completed already (3BF). The race schedules for both are posted on our website. The next race for BAMA Cup, the SSS Corinthian, is coming up the weekend after next on Saturday, February 23rd (see

    - We are looking to repeat some of the fun and popular events from last year: We are having the family-friendly and just-for-fun Jack Reacher Race & Clipper Cove Raft-Up on Saturday, August 3rd. We hope to get as many multihulls out for that as possible. And we plan to repeat the Whales Chase Farallones Cruise on Saturday, September 21st (hopefully with just as many whale sightings as last year!). Both events are free for BAMA members.

    - To honor the passing of Ian Farrier, the designer behind all the F-boats, we are looking to do a raft-up with as many F-boats as we can field in Clipper Cove. We haven't locked the date for this event yet, but stay tuned.

    - For the racers, we're looking to repeat the BAMA multihull regatta, which was super-fun last year. We've had some challenges with scheduling of the regatta, but now it looks like we're going to run the regatta on the weekend of August 10th and 11th (the weekend after the Jack Reacher Race & Raft-Up).

    - In addition, we're looking to do a series of cruising events this year. The last few seasons have been very light on cruising events, but we just went through the calendar and identified a set of dates that look good, and we will be putting together a set of destinations for those dates, and we will get those published soon. This will be a great opportunity to have fun with fellow BAMA members in a relaxed setting with our great boats!

    - To sharpen our skills, we are looking to do more seminars and training-oriented events. Last year we held a dockside and on-the-water singlehanded sailing seminar, which was well attended. We have a set of topics that we're looking to do as seminars this year, and are hoping to get that schedule put together soon.

    - Finally, we are looking at options for a live in-the-water MOB training event. We discussed that last year, but it got lost among all of our other activities. However, we're going to try to do it this year. Most of us have done MOB recovery training with a fender and a bucket, and while that exercises the basics of returning to the spot and recovering the bucket, it's not the same as actually having to recover a real person from the water. This will be an opportunity to put theory to practice, and actually use that Lifesling for real, with the safety of other supporting boats in the vicinity and additional eyes on the person in the water. We have a little bit more work to do to develop this concept, and we haven't scheduled the date for this yet, but stay tuned for updates on this event.

    I'm looking forward to a great 2019 season, and to seeing you all out on the water! If you have any questions or additional suggestions for fun activities, please shoot me a note.


    Truls Myklebust
    Bay Area Multihull Association (BAMA)
    Mobile: +1 (408) 455-4445
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery


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      Good to see the reboot, they had seemed to wander off course there for a while.