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    After 6 months of work, or 13,590 hours of work, carried out by 15 people representing a dozen different jobs,
    the new Ultim Actual Leader was launched on Monday, in Lorient. 200 partners and collaborators of the temporary
    working group made the trip: impressed, moved ...

    all images ©Th.Martinez/Sea&Co

    On Wednesday, Yves le Blevec and his team will head for Trinité-sur-mer, the home port of the giant trimaran,
    with the first sporting goal of the Tour de Belle Ile, next weekend!

    No less than 200 people, employees and partners of Actual Leader group,
    had met Monday, May 13 in Lorient to attend the launch of the Ultim red and black now enhanced with yellow.
    The show is always striking. The doors of the shed open, reveal the giant of the seas, its new colors, its size ...
    before it flies to a new sports season and the highlights to share with all employees of Actual Leader group .
    This launch was also the first opportunity for both companies Actual and Leader, since their coming together this winter,
    to create a common event, around their "totem", their Ultim.

    15 specialists, 10 professions
    End of construction and early season so for the team Actual Leader. A major phase has just ended,
    the opportunity for Yves Le Blevec to present the technical team that, since last December, has dismantled,
    checked and optimized the giant trimaran. A team of experts in composite, hydraulics, mechanics, electronics,
    computer science, seamanship, engineers ... so many complementary specialties: 15 people and 10 different
    professions, who took turns and completed for 13,590 hours.

    4 events in front of the bows
    Place now in the sport phase of this season 2019 with, this week, the Tour of Belle IIe. A test at home,
    that Yves Le Blevec knows well and will allow him to start making his mark aboard his new oceanic trimaran.
    The Trinitain and his team will play on the Armen Race at the end of May and the Rolex Fastnet Race this summer.
    Three courses going up before the major objective of this season: the Brest Atlantiques, whose kick-off will be given on November 3rd.

    The employees of Groupe Actual Leader, moved, impressed, selected pieces:

    " It's impressive ! It is a beautiful business project, the symbol of the rapprochement of the two entities. We are in continuity,
    with an even more ambitious project, it is motivating. "

    " The partnership is still growing, it's very motivating. This is an interesting challenge from a sporting point of view and for us,
    internally, it creates a link within our teams. It takes us in the right direction, as one man, and motivates us to achieve our own goals. "

    "It's 15 years of corporate life and adventures lived with Yves that we have been following since the beginning in Mini 6.50.
    These moments of sharing are always associated with thrills. This represents very well the company and the evolution of the Group. "

    " It's extraordinary ! It's a lot of ambition. I knew Mini 6.50, I had the chance to board the first Ultim,
    there we go even further in the technical challenge and human. Imagine Yves alone aboard such a machine,
    it is very impressive and moving. This will be even more motivating to follow. It's a beautiful image for the Group. It's awesome. "

    "Beautiful colors, beautiful ambitions, a new beautiful project and a beautiful event today that can share between us: it is federative. "

    "It's awesome technology. I wish them good luck and a great success. We will be very happy to follow Yves' performances. "

    "It's very impressive and it's well deserved for Yves, with a great team behind him. It's fantastic ! I'm a fan since the beginning,
    I'll follow him more than ever! "

    Samuel Tual, President of Actual Leader Group: "This is a new stage, a new project that embodies the audacity of our group
    and represents our values: the passionate human, the responsible, the daring.
    This Ultim is of course technical, but it is above all a team and a man who will have to speak about the oceans.
    This boat is an extraordinary record, and it has proven itself. When questions arise about the flying boats, we opted for a compromise, an intermediate boat.
    With this project, we are in a bold step where we will show that a company on a human scale can do very good things in terms of business challenge.
    This boat is finally a real totem. It materializes the bringing together of our two companies, it embodies the promise of the group: build together our work. "

    Jean-Philippe Papin, CEO of Actual Leader Group : "The objective of Actual Leader is to be known and recognized.
    With this Formula 1 of the seas, we have a great tool to push this notoriety, the loyalty of our customers and the
    motivation of our employees. We must have extremely important ambitions. Actual Leader group will compete with
    the top 5 of our profession, Yves will challenge and target the podiums of the races to come. Business development
    is the result of the development of men ... "

    Yves Le Blevec, skipper of the Ultim Actual Leader : "This is a great moment for the whole team. We worked a lot.
    Like all of you, we discover for the first time the boat and its new colors, under the sun. He is really very beautiful!
    Beyond the colors, there was a lot of work, which engaged many different expertise. For each element, each skill,
    everything has been dismantled, reviewed, redesigned, reinstalled. We took the boat to the smallest detail.
    It takes time, energy, skills, but the Actual Leader team is a combination of skills and I am really delighted with
    the great work done by the whole team.
    From today, we move to another dimension, we move from the technical to the maritime and to the competition.
    The hard core of the team will stay. Another team, focused on pure performance, will be formed. We are going to do,
    on the water, the same work of discovery and analysis of the boat that was done ashore this winter. "
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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