The trimaran Ultim Emotion capsized off Portugal this Monday, September 2 around 5am. The five sailors on board were rescued by the Esquadra 751 of the Air Forces of Portugal, whose motto is "For the others to live". It was the crew of one of their helicopters that shot these awesome images ...

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The trimaran Ultim Emotion capsized at the end of the night this Monday, September 2, around 5 am.

The giant Ultim Emotion trimaran sails off Porto, the crew being rescued!

Ultim Emotion, the trimaran skippered by Antoine Rabaste, capsized around 5 am on Monday morning 2 September off Portugal. The accident occurred 40 miles west of Porto. The crew of five sailors was hoisted by the Portuguese rescuers, alerted by the Cross Gray-Nez which receives distress beacons triggered all over the world. The sailors are safe and sound. The boat is none other than the old Gitana 11.

Blow this Monday morning for the crew of the giant trimaran Ultim Emotion , skippered by Antoine Rabaste. There was about 25 knots of northeastern sector wind off northern Portugal when the 80-foot (24-meter) boat capsized and the crew was forced to fire the distress beacon.

The Gris-Nez CROSS immediately triggered and coordinated the rescue by alerting the Portuguese rescuers. A cargo ship was diverted and a patrol boat, but it was finally a helicopter that arrived first on the sinking area and that managed the delicate operation of helicopter hoisting of the five seamen.

The Portuguese authorities have drafted an urgent notice to mariners (Avurnav) to report the position of the returned vessel. According to concordant sources, the team is trying to organize an operation to retrieve the trimaran. The causes of the capsizing are unknown for the moment.