The organizers of Brest Atlantiques have announced this Thursday the postponement of the start of the race , initially scheduled Sunday. A decision that was unanimous among sailors. Explanations.

Jacques Caraës, Race Director of Brest Atlantiques: "From Saturday, a very active front passes, with winds over 45 knots files, it means 50-55 knots in gusts, and a sea greater than 8 meters in the Bay of Biscay, it is not a playground adapted for these boats, and for no other boat besides. The situation is very degraded, which led us to postpone this departure, we are not in the circus games, it would have been a professional mistake on our part to start the race on Sunday. We are now looking very closely at the future weather situation, knowing that these are boats that can "get out of the water" (out of the Bay of Biscay)very quickly, in 10-12 hours, we will seize any opportunity with the agreement of the skippers. Today, we see a window for next Tuesday, which we study carefully, then the situation will be blocked again until the end of next week since another depression arrives Thursday. "

Emmanuel Bachellerie, general manager of Brest Ultim Sailing, organizer of Brest Atlantiques: "We watched for four days the weather evolution on the Bay of Biscay, the files were refined until we made a decision that was endorsed this morning to postpone the departure of Brest Atlantiques. The principle is very clear: the safety of sailors and the integrity of their boats take precedence over everything else. It is never pleasant to announce the postponement of a departure, we will now do everything to take the first window available. "

Thomas Coville (Sodebo Ultim 3): "This report is completely normal. It is a question of humility that we must have as sailors, we must even lead by example. In such a situation, we must say that we must not go. This decision was welcomed by sailors in a collegiate way, there is no big arm in these cases, we are a sport that has a certain maturity, we do not play against nature. "

Yves Le Blévec (Trimaran Macif): "This postponement is obvious, we saw the sudden come for a week, there is nothing surprising, the question of leaving did not arise, we can not even get out of Goulet de Brest in these conditions. "

Gwénolé Gahinet (Trimaran Macif): "The decision was unanimous. There is a hellish storm happening this weekend, it seemed obvious not to leave Sunday. Just maneuvering in gusts at 40 knots is very complicated, so it was not reasonable to leave. Then there is the sea that complicates everything. We will take the first niche that comes next week. We have four boats that have about the same speed, I think we'll be able to find a niche to leave the Bay of Biscay quickly, we're not going to stay there for a month. "

Charles Caudrelier (Maxi Edmond de Rothschild): "It is not that we can not face these conditions, but it is always difficult to face them from the start, near the coast, in a place where the sea is often very bad. And if we have a problem, we engage relief, so the lives of rescuers. Compared to the class, I think it's smarter not to put the boats in danger, we all have the Route du Rhum in mind, the fleet is still young, we will not do anything. This decision was unanimous, no one said he wanted to go. "