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    In case you missed it the 1st time around, Hydroptere has returned to San Francisco Bay, this time with a new owner, one Gabriel Terrasse, who hopes to rehabilitate
    her to her previous state of glory. As you might recall, CLICKY
    She did a previous tour on SF Bay back in 2012, ahead of the 2013 America's Cup and in 2015, attempted a new course multihull record from Los Angeles to Hawaii but fell well short
    of that mark and was abandoned in Honolulu she languished in purgatory since. Course au Large
    published the news last week:

    Hydrofoil. The saved Hydrofoil repatriated in San Francisco

    L'Hydroptère arrived in San Francisco after leaving Hawaii on November 3rd where he had been abandoned for 5 years. It was bought at auction for $ 8500 by a French and an American who joined forces to save him. Now begins a restoration phase it back into the state before the end of 2020 repatriated to France.

    The Hydrofoil bought $ 8500
    Gabriel Terrace still do not return. He is now co-owner of l'Hydroptère. The boat that made dream many years when he was young.
    In late June 2019, l'Hydroptère is auctioned by the state of Hawaii to $ 8000. We had published on the site here .

    He went there where he met just before the sale, Chris Welsh, an American who has a site in San Francisco. Rather than bid on the boat, the two men agree and sign a contract to buy two. Apart from them, no one else came to bid. They buy $ 8500! Then began for them a long period of galleys to rehabilitate navigate the Hydrofoil to take him to San Francisco. The boat is in a sad state. Everything that could be sold was stolen. The structure seems happily intact. They will have 4 months to move the boat, put some rigging, sails and engine. And it is November 3, a crew of 3 persons locally leave Hawaii to join San Francisco.

    L'Hydroptère in San Francisco
    On November 19, the Hydroptère passes to 20h under the Golden Gate. The bet is successful. Apart from a broken window because the crew went faster than reasonable, the boat is finally saved. Needless to finally be dry and inspected by the team to establish a first structural balance. The first phase will be to return it to its original condition and fly again in the San Francisco Bay. A challenge that is expensive, estimated at more than 1 million euros for Gabriel terrace, which is already looking for partners. The latter resigned from his engineering job in supply chain in a large French group to devote himself 100% to this project. He obtained a visa 10 years to travel to the United States. His dream, navigate back to France with the Hydrofoil 2.
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    Wonder what the point is?

    Hasn't that technology been surpassed in spades?