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  • Bad Day For Olmix

    le Telegram article

    Pierre Antoine's 50-foot trimaran Olmix, broke his starboard arm, then dismasted, Wednesday evening 40 miles from the Isles of Scilly. It was towed to Aber-Wrac'h in a sorry state.
    Wednesday, shortly after midnight, the 50-foot trimaran found itself in difficulty 40 miles south of the Isles of Scilly, 120 miles northwest of Ouessant Island after the starboard arm broke, causing the fall of the mast. A first helicopter hoist attempt did not allow the two crew members to be recovered, who were ultimately taken care of by a local rescue boat.

    "The trimaran had his ass underwater ..."

    Around one o'clock in the morning, Bob Escoffier's motor trimaran "Express", mandated by the insurer, intervened to tow it. “We noticed that the two starboard arms had given way, that this had led to the dismasting. The mast and the boom were underwater. The starboard float was stowed against the hull, much like a folding trimaran. the hull was flooded with water and the trimaran had its bottom underwater. ”
    With its powerful motor trimaran, Escoffier and his crew towed the damaged Multi50 at a very slow speed, between 1.5 and 3 knots. “With the mast and the boom in the water, we couldn't go fast. We had to tow it for 30 hours. ”

    Two miles north of the Libenter beacon in front of Aber-Wrac'h,the all-weather canoe “Pr├ęsidents Joseph-Oulhen” from the Aber-Wrac'h SNSM station took over.

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