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New Fastnet Record Set By PowerPlay

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  • New Fastnet Record Set By PowerPlay

    Peter Cunningham, Ned Collier Wakefield and the MOD70 PowerPlay crew just broke the Fastnet record set by the MOD 70 Phaedo 3's 2015 time of 27h 42m 26s .
    PowerPlay's new record is now 25 hours 4 min and 18 sec on the 595 miles of the original route.

    Very good weather, with strong winds, the trimaran very often above 30 knots.

    all images © Lloyd Images

    PowerPlay owner Peter Cunningham: ′′It was pretty ambitious, but the conditions were met and the team were ready to go. PowerPlay crew was fantastic. Miles (Seddon) did a great job navigating, we had two best pilots with Ned Collier Wakefield, who installed the boat and ran the program, and the fastest sailor in the world, Paul Larsen, who helmed in incredibly bad conditions ".

    PowerPlay skipper Ned Collier Wakerfield: ′′We didn't leave much there, we pushed very hard and everything lined up. I am not gonna lie, it was quite complicated, especially in April with Arctic northerly and snow around. With the apparent wind, we saw 50 knots over the bridge, and reached a peak speed of just under 40 knots. The lads did a brilliant job, changing sails about every half hour - It was hard, physical and very cold. As a crew we have cumulated over 50 Fastnet races, we love the course and doing it faster than before is really cool ".

    The record crew: Peter Cunningham, Ned Collier Wakefield, Tom Dawson, John Hamilton, Paul Larsen, Jack Trigger, Miles Seddon, Martin Watts.

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    Should be easily broken by any of the next generation ultims, I would venture to guess,
    Not to diminish PowerPlay's impresive accomplishment. Congrats to the team!