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The Multi 50 Pro Sailing Tour Gets Underway

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  • The Multi 50 Pro Sailing Tour Gets Underway

    A “Everything begins in Finistère” Challenge well carried out… well finished

    It was in contact, at the end of a night of constant intensity racing, that the “Everything begins in Finistère” challenge ended. At 5:18 am this morning, when the day had not yet risen, Leyton led by Sam Goodchild and his crew finally won by a few short bows in front of Arkema 4 of the trio of Quentin Vlamynck who had nevertheless led this race of 125 miles all the way, or almost. The handful of minutes that separate these first two boats on the finish line after ten hours of navigation testifies to this. Just like the small hour that separates the six Ocean Fifty gathered in this opening night race which sets the tone. This Thursday morning, the wind, as expected, really strengthened on the tip of Brittany. The Ocean Fifty fleet is safely at port at Quai Malbert.

    all images © Jacques Vapillon

    Reactions to the pontoon

    Sam Goodchild, Leyton skipper: “We had a little more air than expected. We got off to a good start, and with Arkema, we managed to escape from the Brest gully. Then it went from the front. We spent 80% of the course following him, looking at the distance that separated us from him, wondering how to scratch a little more. In the last rounds, we had an opportunity to come back by going a little faster. We crossed our fingers to make it last long enough to pass the line first. And it did! This first regatta of the Pro Sailing Tour is a good start. However, even if we finish two boats in front, we expect to have to fight with all the others. In the juice of this first regatta, we made some mistakes, but we are happy to have sailed rather cleanly. We are in a very upward learning phase aboard these boats. The rest promises to be very hotly contested… ”

    Quentin Vlamynck, Arkema 4 skipper:“We did a lot of maneuvering. We had great conditions at the start. We had the chance, with Leyton, to set off in front of two boats. We really pulled the plug all along. We were in the lead until they passed… right at the end! That's the game…. Even if we escaped a bit, it remains very close with the others, as we have been able to measure during training. We are discovering the boats and there are still adjustments to be fully understood. This type of regatta allows us to work on weak points, which is very positive. Among the six boats gathered here, anyone can win. We were a little lucky that it started from the front. But this weekend, there may be several winners. This first result is nevertheless a great reward for the whole team. It's reassuring, this new boat is going fast! "

    Thibaut Vauchel-Camus, skipper of Solidaires En Peloton-ARSEP: “We finished last and not to spoil anything, I made a mistake on a buoy at the finish… As a result, we ended up disqualified. Obviously, we can dream of better as a starting point. This regatta was a bit of a series of dumplings and “no bowl”. When you go behind, you always suffer a little. But it was still fun to return the Occidentale de Sein, until the finish. There, we sent the log! In peaks at 32.5 / 33 knots under gennak ', a new sail that Fred (Duthil) made, we were able to glue up with the front ones. This super edge is very good to take, even if you end up next to the plate, or rather next to the line aboard a boat that you discover in a new configuration with its new mast, and new sails… ”

    Gilles Lamiré, skipper of GCA-Mille and one smiles:“We had a good sleepless night after a great regatta, and a nice start. All the edges along the Tas de Pois to leave the Goulet de Brest, at the Pierres Noires and Pierres Vertes level, will leave us fond memories for a long time to come. We didn't get off to a very good start, but in the tacks that followed, we got off quite a bit. We came back well. Afterwards, when we sent the gennak 'to the level of Ouessant, we made a great tack with peaks at 35 knots. It was a little stressful but there was no sea so it was not dangerous and quite nice to feel the boat sliding like that. This allowed us to point in third position at Portsall. Then we fished a bit, we didn't have the right speed compared to the others. We made small mistakes that penalize us at Sein. But it remains super tight. We all end up in a handkerchief. We are in the game, in the rhythm, in contact with everyone. We can't wait to go back to the Brest nautical stadium. See you on Saturday! "

    Ranking of the “It all begins in Finistère…” Challenge

    1- Leyton (Sam Goodchild, Aymeric Chappellier, François Morvan) | embarked reporter: Martin Viezzer, arrived at 5:18:33 ''

    2- Arkema 4 (Quentin Vlamynck, Lalou Roucayrol, César Dohy) | embarked reporter: Yann Riou, at 5:22:32 ''

    3- Primonial (Sébastien Rogues, Matthieu Souben, Frédéric Moreau) | embarked reporter: Ronan Gladu, at 5:49 am '

    4- Ciela Village (Erwan Leroux, Vincent Busnel, Pierre Brasseur) | embarked reporter: Jérémie Lecaudey, at 05'52'48 ''

    5- GCA-A Thousand and One Smiles Group (Gilles Lamiré, Maxime Sorel, Pierre-Antoine Morvan) | embarked reporter: Gauthier Lebec, 05:57:03 ''

    6- Solidaires En Peloton-ARSEP (Thibaut Vauchel-Camus, Frédéric Duthil, Antoine Koch) | embarked reporter: Antoine Auriol, NSC
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