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Gabbarts New Blue Beast Emerges

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    Testing François Gabart's New Ultim

    New outing at sea today on the #TrimaranSVRLazartigue! 25°C, clear sky and a merciful sea,
    all the ingredients were gathered to allow our navigators to fly away.
    At 14 knots of wind, the new Ultim was able to lift over water under the expert control of François Gabart and Tom Laperche.

    First drone flight after hoisting the sails of the SVR Lazartigue trimaran which sets sail!
    A privileged moment for the Merconcept team around François Gabart and Tom Laperche to test this carbon giant.
    SVR Laboratory, Lazartigue Paris, FillMed Laboratories, Kresk4Oceans Endowment Fund. �� Guillaume Gatefait

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  • Photoboy
    CDK Technologies Builders Of Big Fast Things


    Boasting over 35 years’ experience and leading the way in the offshore racing domain, today CDK Technologies is equipped with the very latest state-of-the-art tooling, enabling the yard to produce high-performance composite parts. As such, it was only natural that when François Gabart and MerConcept launched this new trimaran project, they decided to call upon the Breton yard’s experience and expertise for the manufacture of the boat’s main elements, namely the floats, the forward and aft beams and the foils. By taking on the build of the SVR LAZARTIGUE trimaran, these elements are set to be manufactured at the yard’s two sites, in Port-la-Forêt and Lorient, which are equipped with some of the largest autoclaves in Europe. Due to launch on Thursday 22 July, this exceptional boat breaks the codes in terms of current technologies and it is no exaggeration to say that she’s a machine from a whole other era.

    images © B-Philippe_CDK Technologies

    For a great many years, the CDK Technologies yard has been working closely with MerConcept, the offshore racing stable founded by François Gabart, specialising in the management of sports projects, engineering and the construction of race boats. Once again then, it seemed only natural for the two structures to work hand in hand in the design of the SVR-LAZARTIGUE trimaran.

    “This boat is pretty revolutionary. She’s a very distinctive Ultim and it was necessary to adapt and come up with appropriate solutions for this very aggressive and highly innovative design”, explains Yann Dollo, Deputy General Manager of CDK Technologies, a structure which has invested over three million euros in the past three years of developing its tools, notably acquiring new means of production such as a machine for cutting out pre-preg materials, a processing machine, as well as the only oven of its kind in Brittany (25x4m), to complement its three large-scale ovens. This extraordinary cooking tool really sets the yard apart from the rest. “Today, we have at our disposal a comprehensive and fairly unique range of tools compared with other European yards currently in existence”, explains Yann Dollo, whose team is able to make the most of its assets to offer innovative solutions to François Gabart’s team with regards to the trimaran’s main elements, such as the floats, forward and aft beams and then the foils.

    Extraordinary tooling and unique expertise

    “We’ve manufactured these parts in an autoclave using true expertise, that of Stéphane Digard and Michel Olivier in particular, who are genuine experts in the manufacture of large-scale carbon parts in an autoclave, together with the construction of high-performance composite prototypes”, says Yann Dollo. “With the arrival of foils and lifting surfaces on rudders, which are highly complex systems, the massive loads on the structures of the boats means it’s important to adapt. This calls for a completely new way of proportioning the floats on the one hand, then the beams on the other. Benefiting from the superior cooking quality of an autoclave when making these large parts is unquestionably a real bonus, which makes this boat all the more special”, adds the yard’s Deputy Manager, who is convinced that this type of design will gradually become increasingly widespread. “Foils require the quality of the composite on all boats to be stepped up and it’s a very similar scenario for the structures of the Ultim trimarans, whose beams must endure huge stresses. The goal is to feel confident about every piece of the jigsaw.”

    A comprehensive offer, from water to air

    A genuine high-tech laboratory split across two sets of infrastructure, a base in Lorient and a base in Port-la-Forêt, the CDK Technologies yard is able to offer an all-round service as a builder, which means it can now considerably flesh out its global provision and, as an indirect result, switch up the scale. “Our investment strategy aims to offer our clients tooling and innovative solutions, which will enable them to satisfy their sporting objectives. Today, we are capable of positioning ourselves across all the high-performance technical parts that make up a race boat. The tooling we have at our disposal, our ability to implement this and our process control means that we are able to offer excellent solutions for industrial parts. We’re proud to put our expertise at the service of innovative projects in the marine industry, which directly benefits projects like that of the SVR LAZARTIGUE trimaran.”

    François Gabart: “It’s a great source of pride for me to launch this new SVR-LAZARTIGUE trimaran after several years spent working on her. It’s always a great pleasure to rely on the expertise, the experience and all the great energy that colours the teams at CDK. I’d like to thank all those who have participated in this project, from both near and far.”

    Nicolas de Castro: “Thank you to all the CDK teams for their commitment and the quality of their work on this project. It’s been several years that we’ve been working together and we’ve developed complete trust and a deep mutual respect in one another over time and from one project to the next.”

    About CDK Technologies

    Created in 1984 by Hubert Desjoyeaux, today CDK Technologies has racked up over 35 years’ experience in the construction of monohulls and multihulls which have gone on to take victory in the major oceanic races. The leading yard in the domain of offshore racing, thanks notably to its mastery of the construction of foilers, it has gone from strength to strength, extending its know-how of the construction of luxury yacht platforms to industrial parts made of high-performance composite.

    Managed since the mid-nineties by Philippe Facque, today the company boasts nearly 100 associates, a turnover of €10M in 2019, and is constantly developing by notably investing in state-of-the-art tooling. Based in Port-la-Forêt since its creation and also in Lorient, at the heart of ‘Bretagne Sailing Valley’ © since 2007, CDK Technologies builds boats as well as high-tech individual parts (masts, booms and foils). This diversification has opened up a whole series of fresh prospects in industry, civil and military-based naval construction, defence, as well as Marine Renewable Energies.

    The list of accolades amassed by the yard and the multiple boats that have come out of the IMOCA and ULTIM classes is particularly impressive and notably includes five victories in the Vendée Globe (out of nine editions), two in the Route du Rhum, three in the Transat Jacques Vabre and two in The Transat /The Transat bakerly. On top of these successes in the major oceanic races comes a Singlehanded Round the World record under sail (Trophée St Exupéry) held since 2017 by the Trimaran MACIF skippered by François Gabart and released from the CDK Technologies yard in 2015.

    The news? CDK Technologies is developing its international standing by launching the IMOCA 11th HOUR 2 this summer for the American team 1 DEGREE led by Charlie Enright and Mark Towill. This IMOCA, developed in collaboration with MerConcept, will be the first IMOCA specially built to compete in The OCEAN RACE, the reference crewed round the world race.

    Furthermore, the CDK Technologies teams have just launched the construction of two IMOCAs. On the one hand, we have that of Charal 2 skippered by Jérémie Beyou and designed by Sam Manuard, the build process having just got underway at the Lorient site with a scheduled launch at the end of June 2022. On the other, that of the new Maître Coq 5 skippered by Yannick Bestaven, - a Verdier design, set to be built in the moulds of the 11th HOUR 2 monohull on the Port-la-Forêt site.

    In conjunction with these multiple awards, CDK Technologies is a member of a builders’ consortium, which is manufacturing the demo mast for the Chantiers de l’Atlantique project that goes by the name ‘Silenseas’, which prefigures the passenger transport yachts of the future, further increasing the value of the yard’s excellence in the manufacture of high-performance composite parts.

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  • Photoboy
    started a topic Gabbarts New Blue Beast Emerges

    Gabbarts New Blue Beast Emerges

    On board the "SRV-Lazartigue", the navigator intends to beat new records François Gabart launched his new trimaran this Thursday at Concarneau. The SVR-Lazartigue is 32 meters long and weighs 15 tonnes. On board this giant of the seas, the navigator will be at the start of the Transat Jacques Vabre on November 7. A giant of the seas. 32 meters long and 23 m wide, with a mast culminating at 35 m, François Gabart's new trimaran, called SVR-Lazartigue, was launched this Thursday.

    “It's a great moment, something very symbolic, very emotional.

    We are very proud to show this new boat which we find very beautiful, ”said the sailor.

    The construction of this maxi-multihull of the Ultim class was initiated in March 2018 with the Macif, then a partner of the skipper.

    The French cosmetics group Kresk, chaired by Didier Tabary, which notably owns the SVR cosmetics brands and Lazartigue hair products, has bought the boat, as part of a four-year partnership.

    For this new capri blue boat, efforts focused on improving aerodynamics and the shape of the appendages, explained François Gabart, also emphasizing “different choices in terms of ergonomics”.

    The cockpit is thus integrated into the central hull.

    At the start of the next Transat Jacques Vabre

    After static tests, François Gabart hopes to be able to sail aboard this new trimaran as of next week, in order to prepare with Tom Laperche for the next Transat Jacques Vabre, whose departure is scheduled for November 7 in Le Havre. “We're here to try to win races, to break records. The goal is to push the boundaries of what we think is possible. We are convinced that the boat will live up to this ambition, ”said François Gabart. Weighing 15 tonnes, the trimaran took two and a half years of design and construction, 150,000 hours of work, and is due to be christened on September 20 at Concarneau.

    In June 2020, Macif decided to end its collaboration with François Gabart, prime contractor for the new Ultim via his company Mer Concept.

    The future boat was therefore for sale (between 10 to 12 million euros according to estimates), and François Gabart worked to find a buyer for a year.

    This is a first for the Kresk holding, launched in 2006, which had never yet embarked on either sponsorship or patronage.

    Photo credits: Maxime Horlaville - MerConcept