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    While it was launched on July 22, SVR-Lazartigue , François Gabart's brand new flying trimaran was baptized with great fanfare two months later, yesterday Monday September 20. In the presence of course of his skipper and his Mer Concept teams, but also of his sponsor Didier Tabary, Founding President of the French cosmetics group Kresk, new owner of the SVR-Lazartigue trimaran  and of the movie star Mélanie Laurent.

    A star who underlined, for example, one of the key figures of the boat: the time required for its design and construction, it is true quite impressive. Mélanie Laurent: “ It's wonderful to lean over this cradle. I am impressed by the 150,000 hours of work that went into building this boat and I am proud of the values ​​it carries. I wish my goddaughter to travel as much as possible, to marvel and convey our convictions. "The actress intended to emphasize that the boat also wears the colors of the Kresk4Oceans endowment fund. It fights against plastic pollution in the oceans, by implementing awareness-raising and education operations and financing scientific projects of general interest in the field of recycling and the development of new eco-responsible materials.

    But to come back to this first figure, know that the design and construction of this new flying trimaran took two and a half years of work.

    150,000 hours of work in two and a half years of design and construction

    32 meters x 23 mx 37 m
    SVR-Lazartigue has necessarily XXL dimensions, like most of the Ultim class yachts: 32 meters long and 23 meters wide. All for a weight of 15 tonnes. And so yes, we can make this 15 ton sailboat "fly", as if levitating above water. And make it fly fast. Very quickly.

    Knowing that the goal of the game is to fly fast for a long time, as François Gabart explains in this Voiles et Voiliers interview where he says he has already held 42 knots for an hour . Which would equate to 1,008 miles covered in a single day if this average could be maintained over 24 hours. It would then be a trifle of 100 miles more than the current record of 908.2 miles (average 37.84 knots) held since 2009 by Pascal Bidégorry on the 40 m trimaran Banque Populaire V , which has since become Spindrift .

    It is not done obviously, far from it, but this kind of potential conveys all the fantasies and lets hope to break all the records. Included is the one of the Atlantic crossing in less than 3 days and 15 hours yet deemed absolutely unbeatable and which is also owned by Pascal Bidégorry and his crew on the same Banque Populaire V which became Spindrift and passed into the hands of Yann Guichard.

    It will not have escaped anyone's notice that in this video , François Gabart shows himself to be much more interested in holding high average speeds than in peaks at nearly 90 km / h (a little over 47 knots) already recorded during the first few. training and tuning outputs of this new boat.

    As tall as a 12 story building
    SVR-Lazartigue's air draft is 37 meters above the water. In other words, the top of the mast rises to a height comparable at least to that of a 12-storey building. This allows you to wear "a little" veils all the same. It takes some to tow the boat's 15 tonnes using only the force of the wind.

    A foil weighs only 400 kilos
    To fly, SVR-Lazartigue relies among other things on its two foils, the weight of which leaves you dreaming: only 400 kilos to lift the 15 tons of the maxi trimaran ...

    Speeds: 47 knots peak, 42 ​​knots maintained over one hour

    Before probably flying with Mélanie Laurent on Tuesday (that was the idea), the SVR-Lazartigue trimaran has already been taken out nine times since it was launched at the end of July. And it has sometimes reached supersonic speeds: 47 knots at peak, or nearly 90 km / h, and above all 42 miles covered in one hour (therefore at 42 knots on average), read above and in the video interview that we have granted François Gabart.

    The ambition: to fly around the world and break records
    François Gabart makes no secret that with this new boat, the objective cannot be other than winning fleet races such as the Route du Rhum or the Transat Jacques Vabre but also breaking all records: Jules Verne Trophy, round the world solo, crossing the Atlantic, etc.

    François Gabart: “From a sporting point of view, the ambition is to go as quickly as possible around the globe and to break records. Since the trimaran was launched on July 22, we have sailed 9 times, covered around 3000 miles and crossed a speed of 47.7 knots (nearly 90 km / hour). The boat is performing well, we are very satisfied, there is potential but we still have a lot of work to do in order to be ready for the next races. I look forward to meeting all the new challenges that lie ahead. "

    He and his team have six weeks left to make this new boat as reliable as possible before the start of the Transat Jacques Vabre on November 7, which will mark the return of the giant trimarans, which were absent from the last edition.

    The provisional program
    November 2021: Transat Jacques Vabre

    2022: Route du Rhum

    2023: Single-handed round the world race

    2023: record campaign

    2024/2025: Jules Verne Trophy

    A word from the sponsor
    Didier Tabary, President of Kresk Développement: “This boat is a great source of pride for my employees and myself. I hope that it will promote the values ​​of our brands to the four corners of the globe and that it will allow us to go further in our environmental commitments, because that is the meaning of this project. This trimaran is now part of our family and I wish it good luck. "(Press service source)

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