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Catamaran with 33 passengers sinks off Cartagena coast

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  • Catamaran with 33 passengers sinks off Cartagena coast

    Emergency services have rescued and treated the occupants of a tourist catamaran that sunk this afternoon, Sunday, November 14, off the coast of Cartagena in Murcia province. It is still not known what caused the boat to break apart and sink. There are believed to have been no casualties among the 33 passengers.

    At least eight people were transferred to the Santa Lucia hospital suffering from symptoms of hypothermia. Noelia Arroyo, the mayor of Cartagena reported on the concern that one passenger was missing, “The person who could not be located was in the hospital. In total there have been 14 people treated in the hospital”.

    Arroyo praised the prompt reaction by Maritime Rescue and Captaincy, saying it was, “fast, with good collaboration and coordination with other entities”. The mayor was able to speak with all the passengers who were on the boat at that time, “and they have all conveyed to us the importance of the performance of some fishermen and sports boats that were close to the scene of the accident”.


    Cartagena’s mayor also pointed out that this was a private charter boat, and that she had contacted the owner of the company involved. “She was very worried, and told me that she did not know what had happened, since they had passed all the inspections. What the passengers tell us is that they heard noises and cracks, and in a short time, the boat had sunk”.

    It would seem the catamaran sank very quickly
    Speaking with, one of the crew members, after being treated at the port’s cruise terminal, explained, “The boat has begun to creak, and suddenly it has broken in half. At that moment, we all clung to where we could, up and down, some of them fell into the water, including my wife. I’m still nervous, we could have all drowned there. Among the crew were two very young children, and thank God they are fine”.

    The 112 Emergency Coordination Centre reported receiving several calls at around 4:24pm informing them of the incident. Salvamento Maritimo immediately launched a Red Cross rescue boat to the location of the stricken Catamaran Ole. A helicopter was also deployed, to search the surrounding area for more passengers either in the broken hull, or in the waters.

    Catamaran Ole
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