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2010 Hobie 16 North Americans

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  • 2010 Hobie 16 North Americans

    Words and photos by Jeremy Leonard: Surf City Racing

    This is the third day of the 2010 Hobie 16 North Americans Championships and the shakes from lack of internet connection and cell phone have finally subsided. This event, being run out of Cottonwood Cove on Lake Mojave in Nevada isn’t generally known as a sailing destination; unless you’re talking about land sailing. The nearest town Searchlight, the hometown of Senator Harry Reid, is an old mining town that now boasts a gas station, a casino, a small general store, and a place that sells nothing but cigarettes. About 15 miles down a small 2 lane road from searchlight is our regatta site, Cottonwood Cove. This place has one cafĂ©, a small general store and a marina full of luxurious houseboats, some with hot tubs on the upper deck. Needless to say, we’ve been checking out the incredible night sky from the top deck a lot this week.

    Fifty registered boats from all over the U.S., Puerto Rico, South Africa, Canada, and Guatemala made the trek out here to try their luck against some of the best H16 sailors in the world. PRO Matt Bounds is on task and ran the fleet hard! Five races were completed on both the first and second days, with four being run the third day. On such a physically demanding boat as the H16, that schedule can mean that there are some beat-up sailors at the end of the day. The parties have been a little light, but the family aspect of the “Hobie Way of Life” shine through. Sailors gather around their campsites, talk about the day, play guitar, cook group feasts, and generally enjoy each others company. The kids run around being parented by any elder necessary; it’s truly a family, communal and tribal feel.

    The conditions have been stellar for sailing, fluctuation between 8 and a bit over 20 during most races. The air temp is perfect and the water is warm, but refreshing. The Ricans have been putting the hurt on the fleet to say the least. Multiple champ in several disciplines, Enrique Figueroa and his crack youth crew Victor Aponte have been a minute plus in front of the rest of the fleet often. These guys are fast! Stand by for a full interview with this duo next week. Puerto Ricans occupy three of the top four spots with Jason Hess and Guillermo Rosemberg racing under the Puma sail are in the second spot. Filling the third spot, Francisco Figueroa and Jolliam Berrios, Followed by the “El Doctor” Pedro Colon and the beautiful “Nurse” Monica Cabrera.

    In this tough fleet, sailing an outstanding regatta, in fourth is our bro Mark Modderman and Sandra Tartaglino. Like with Modderman and Tartaglino, there are lots of boats in the H16 class that sail with both male and female crews, making this a really good class for husbands and wives, which really boosts the family feeling of Hobie Cat Regattas. Not husband and wife, in the sixth place and mostly known for sailing F18s, Greg Thomas and JDub Williams are sailing flat and fast. There are several youth teams that are showing the old codgers how to do it. Ben Brown and Katie Porter are holding their own in the 23rd spot.

    That’s all I know right now. Results and reports are up, and don’t forget to join the facebook page. When I get solid internet, stand by for a couple of interviews with the PRO Bounds, the Race Committee, several of the top sailors, and a few other treats.Results ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~