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Sodebo Relaunches For 2022 Season

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  • Sodebo Relaunches For 2022 Season

    The Sodebo Voile Team is proud to announce the launch of Sodebo Ultim 3. This April 20, 2022 the season will be able to begin.

    At dawn, a clear sky and mercury stuck at the foot of the thermometer accompanied the team when installing appendices - central saffron and drift - before making a last flight, with a crane, to find its element at Lorient La Base

    After the installation of the master, the boils and sails, the team will finalize the preparation of the giant trimaran in the last week. Then it will be time to go shoot my first edges and attack the training program for the sports season.

    A 200 days from the departure of the Route du Rum which will launch from Saint-Malo on November 6, there is still work to do.
    For Thomas: "In a team, when you feel in the right place, it's strong." Each individuality of the team realizes that the piece they thought, designed and made will find its place in the boat to create a everything. At this point, everything converges. And everyone's efforts are rewarded."

    Yves Mignard, head of the study office, delivers you some secrets on Sodebo Ultim 3: "Work has taken place on the operation of electronic and hydraulic systems - including the optimization of the distribution. Energy consumption on board is optimized with solar panels installation. As for aerodynamism, the transformation of the more-profile cockpit allows to improve the flow on the central shell and will give a "plate effect" on the sails. Finally, Sodebo Ultim 3 will host new foils mid-May for a more stable and faster flight.

    And Thomas concluded: "I think this is the biggest construction site, and the most beautiful construction site we have done." It matches the boat and its atypical appearance. At the initial watering hole in 2019, we felt it would offer a field of huge possibilities. It was designed to be evolutionary in the long run. And it all came true this winter. Now I can't wait to go sailing.
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