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A Quad Of Ultim Maxi Madness

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  • A Quad Of Ultim Maxi Madness

    The four competitors of the 24H Ultim made the powder talk this Friday during the speed runs! Maxi Edmond de Rothschild, Maxi Banque Populaire XI, Mieux and Sodebo Ultim 3 fiercely confronted each other during the three sessions organized in the harbor of Lorient. In the end, Thomas Coville's trimaran won with the record of 42.93 knots over one mile.
    Now it's off to sea with the start of the 24 Hour Ultim tomorrow at 12 noon on a 440-mile course in the Bay of Biscay. After a start in around fifteen knots, the wind should pick up during the day and night to reach 20 to 25 knots. A great opportunity to get these exceptional machines talking one month away from the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe!

    Sodebo Ultim 3, run record

    They left Lorient La Base at the end of the morning in a very light wind but it was short-lived. As the day progressed, the air came in off Lorient, allowing the competing Ultims to express their full power, to the delight of the teams and guests on board! The day's ranking crowns Sodebo Ultim 3, which covered a mile in 1 minute and 28 seconds at 42.93 knots, closely followed by Maxi Edmond de Rothschild (41.93 knots) and Maxi Banque Populaire XI (39.83 knots). ). Better brings up the rear with a speed of 32.15 knots.
    But the skippers also remember a great moment with the guests, a friendly day under the sign of sharing!

    A 440-mile loop for the 24-hour course

    Everyone is now concentrating on tomorrow and the start of the big race. A square of 440 miles in the Bay of Biscay which will lead them to sail at all speeds on long tacks, a great dress rehearsal before the Route du Rhum.
    After having taken the start at 12:00 to the South-East of Groix, the 4 competitors will head due West upwind towards the first virtual point “BPGO”; a very good opportunity to practice tacking in view of leaving the English Channel on November 6th. They will then set off due south reaching towards the second waypoint "Bretagne", then due east towards the third waypoint "Morbihan", this time downwind, before heading towards Lorient, which they should reach on Sunday mid- daytime.
    Each skipper will sail in "false solo", accompanied by a crew member and a mediaman. Under no circumstances should they participate in the maneuvering of the boat throughout the duration of the race.

    They said

    Armel Le Cl?ac'h, skipper of Maxi Banque Populaire XI
    "It was a very nice day with good conditions, the wind picked up as the day went on so our boats went faster and faster over the hours. It must have been nice for the guests to see inside and out what our boats are like. It was truly a fun day for everyone. Now we focus on tomorrow. ?

    Charles Caudrelier, skipper of Maxi Edmond de Rothschild
    “It was great, we had all the conditions, it was very interesting. And great for the guests, it's short, it goes fast, we make them fly, I think it's a good experience. For us, it's always interesting to compare ourselves to others, even if we weren't all in the same conditions, with different sails and not the same number of guests. In any case, we were on our toes, we fought well with Sodebo Ultim 3.”

    Thomas Coville, skipper of Sodebo Ultim 3
    “We had a rather long day because we had a small problem during a very windy outing at the beginning of the week, we split a part which is in the middle of the daggerboard well. We were very uncertain about being able to participate in the runs. The whole team mobilized and we were able to participate in the third session. The overall day is therefore very beautiful, very rich, very human. We may remember the time or the speed but I will remember this human state of mind which made this day very beautiful, it delivers the work of a whole group. ?

    Arthur Le Vaillant, skipper of Mieux
    “It was a great day in the Bay of Lorient to measure up to the others. We're going slower, that's for sure, but we weren't that far behind for a boat that's 15 years older, and that allows us to find new settings. I was happy to bring people on board, they are incredible boats when you don't know this type of support, it's nice to share these moments. ?

    The teams:

    Maxi Banque Populaire XI
    Armel Le Cl?ac'h
    Pierre-Emmanuel H?riss?
    S?bastien Josse (mediaman)

    Arthur Le Vaillant
    Jean-Baptiste Le Vaillant
    Gauthier Lebec (mediaman)

    Sodebo Ultim 3
    Thomas Coville
    L?onard Legrand
    Martin K?ruzor? (mediaman)

    Maxi Edmond de Rothschild
    Charles Caudrelier
    Morgan Lagravi?re
    Yann Riou (mediaman)
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    Rainy start, happy start? The Breton drizzle was part of the game this morning at Lorient La Base when the 4 maxi trimarans left the pontoons to reach the start area of ​​the 24H Ultim located to the east of the island of Groix. And the conditions shouldn't improve over the next 24 hours, giving them a real warm-up for the start of the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe: wind, heavy seas, rain… Just that.

    The four competitors in the 24H Ultim set off at 12 noon in around twenty knots of wind and around 2 meters of swell. A weather forecast that will put them in the bath of Rum one month before leaving Saint Malo! It was Charles Caudrelier aboard his Maxi Edmond de Rothschild who got off to the best start of these 445 miles, followed closely by Arthur Le Vaillant (Best) and Thomas Coville (Sodebo Ultim 3). Armel Le Cl?ac'h, slightly behind at the start, quickly caught up with the peloton. They are all now heading upwind towards the “BPGO” waypoint, which they should reach around 8 p.m.
    Detail that is not one: the start line of the 24H Ultim is located at an equal distance from the "BPGO" buoy as the start line of the Route du Rhum is from the east of the island of Ouessant (130 nm).

    The Race Direction reserves the right to shift the "Morbihan" buoy (course mark n?3) if the Ultims progress quickly on the course, in order to offer them navigation as close as possible to 24 hours. Competitors will be informed of this a maximum of 60 miles before they pass the “Bretagne” mark (buoy no. 2).

    Follow the race on the map :

    They said :

    Gildas Morvan, race director
    “The competitors will have fairly difficult conditions from the start with 20 to 25 knots upwind to reach the first waypoint “BPGO”, then a somewhat sporty reaching leg like a front passage to the point "Bretagne", before a long downwind descent like in the trade winds towards "Morbihan". They will then head towards Lorient again on the reach. We really tried to stick as much as possible to a Route du Rhum configuration to make it a real warm-up. ?

    Arthur Le Vaillant, skipper of Mieux
    “These 24H Ultim will allow me to validate settings and manage my sleep. We must continue to discover this boat, to learn to handle it alone, to make it as reliable as possible. I want to be as harmonious as possible with him. ?

    Thomas Coville, skipper of Sodebo Ultim 3
    “Today is the opposite exercise to yesterday: we're going from the crew to singlehanded. It's an exercise where we'll sail the boat alone for 24 hours, on a fairly selective course, not only in terms of speed but also in terms of physique. It will be tough, there is wind, it is autumn at the tip of Brittany. On the scale of our boats, the route is rather short but there will be a lot of maneuvers to be carried out. You have to have the path in mind, know when to make an effort, when to go very quickly, when not to make mistakes. Every little mistake will immediately result in a very big gap in distance. This is both the interest and the pressure that this kind of boat puts.
    On our side, we are gaining momentum, we are progressing, we want to push ourselves; I'm leaving focused by measuring the chance of being able to do this race now because we're in perfect timing for the Route du Rhum, I'm really happy. ?

    Armel Le Cl?ac'h, skipper of Maxi Banque Populaire XI
    “Autumn weather awaits us with wind and rain. It's going to be engaged, that's what we came for. This will allow us to get in working order one month before the start of the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe. The objective is to imagine a dress rehearsal of the first 24 hours of racing, with high intensity. We will surely get little sleep with a lot of maneuvers to do. You will have to be very focused. This is surely what will be served to us during the first hours of the Rhum so it's perfect, it really puts us in the mood. It's also interesting for the whole team, it gives us a timing to respect, a pressure to manage, we'll be happy on Sunday when we've completed this course. ?

    Charles Caudrelier, skipper of Maxi Edmond de Rothschild
    “It will be 24 intense hours! It's going to be tough with a square course so it involves a lot of changes in direction and wind angles, so sails, plus a little sea. It's a bit like what you can have during a he start of the Route du Rhum is interesting. These aren't daunting conditions, but for us who are alone on these big boats, it's going to be very physical with the many maneuvers that await us.
    It's my first solo race on this type of boat, so it will be a repetition of everything I've learned over the past three years to be ready in a month. I've been waiting impatiently for this for three years, even 25 years, so it's a lot of pleasure to be here and to be at the helm of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild, it's an incredible opportunity. I will savor. ?
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      For his first solo race, and one month from the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe, the skipper of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild impressed. First to cross the start line of the 24H Ultim yesterday at 12 noon off Groix, Charles Caudrelier never let go of the lead, easily containing his adversaries. He won the 24H Ultim this Sunday, October 2 at 7h 54 minutes and 52 seconds after 493 miles of racing at an average speed of 24.71 knots, after 19 hours 54 minutes and 52 seconds of navigation.

      Debrief on arrival: “I'm happy with my first solo race on this boat. I had the challenge to enlarge his long list of victories, the bet is successful. It necessarily gives me confidence before the Rum, I see that I'm comfortable, I'm maneuvering well, the boat is going fast. It's always good, I feel good. Our new foils are very promising, this boat is easy single-handed, it is very pleasant for that. I've been sailing on it for three years, I know it by heart.
      That said, we have made good progress but we can see that the competition is there, there is little difference between us. I didn't sleep a wink throughout the race, it was intense: we were constantly adjusting the boat, manoeuvring, anticipating maneuvers. These 20 hours were a real sprint! ?

      Armel Le Cleac'h second

      The skipper and his Maxi Banque Populaire XI largely kept up the pace. Armel Le Cleac'h proves that he will have to be reckoned with in a month: he crosses the finish line in second position at 8h 19 minutes and 59 seconds, only 25 minutes and 7 seconds after the winner. He completed the course in 20 hours 19 minutes and 59 seconds at an average speed of 24.4 knots.

      He says: “As expected, it was very intense! We had no moments of respite, a lot of maneuvers to perform, wind - rarely less than 20 knots - and the sea. We stayed in contact with Maxi Edmond de Rothschild almost throughout the race, c It was good to be able to compare in speed. Unfortunately we had a few little technical issues, let's say it's better now than in a month… We're going to repair and improve the reliability to be optimized for the Route du Rhum.

      I would have liked to be closer to Charles, we came back each time so it's rather positive, we know that we are at roughly the same level of performance. It was also interesting to do a lot of solo maneuvers. It was a very interesting exercise to do one month away from Rum. "

      Thomas Coville completes the podium

      Crossing the line at 9h 33 minutes and 10 seconds, i.e. 1 hour 38 minutes and 18 seconds after Charles Caudrelier, Thomas Coville takes third place with his Sodebo Ultim 3 after 21 hours 33 minutes and 10 seconds at sea at an average speed of 22.83 knots.

      He explains on his arrival: “An event at home with such brilliant boats, a committed course… To be done again! There is everything, physical, technical and even strategy. It's not the best we've done, but being in direct contact with Banque Populaire for 80% of the race was really good. A 7 mile gap alone on this kind of boat which sails at 30-40 knots, that's crazy. It shows a hell of a mastery of the guys who lead them. Kudos to Charles! Today he is the one who has mastered the exercise the best, with a boat that has really been tried and tested. He is immediately at the right angle and in addition he maneuvers very well, it reflects the level of the guy. "

      24 hours in 20 hours

      Once again, the Ultims showed their extraordinary potential. Led drum beating by their skippers at exceptional speeds, they swallowed 24 hours of racing initially planned in 20 hours. Something to delight the designers and organizers of the event, as explained by Emmanuel Bachellerie, manager of Ultim Sailing: "No matter how much we've gotten used to these boats for ten years now, their performance is magical and will be more years. When we compare Finistere Atlantique (with a crew) and the 24H Ultim, the gap between the first two is roughly the same. We can therefore see the degree of performance of the boats and this 24-hour format by drawing a box in the Bay of Biscay with different speeds gives a taste of Rum. These are always interesting lessons. "

      Mathieu Sarrot adds: “We designed and organized these 24H Ultim at the request of riders who wanted to test themselves one last time before the Route du Rhum. It was necessary to organize this race quickly since the idea germinated last July following Finistere Atlantique Challenge Action Enfance with Armel Le Cleac'h and Charles Caudrelier. We worked with the Morbihan department, the city of Larmor Plage and Lorient Agglomeration and the Brittany region to be able to organize this race here. We are also happy to count once again on the support of Banque Populaire Grand Ouest. When we presented them with our project in terms of the design and production of offshore racing events and the outfitting of a racing boat, they were won over.

      They were present for the BPGO Trophy organized for the Figaro Beneteau Class in April, they are there for the 24H Ultim and I hope that the future holds other collaborations for us. ?

      Arthur Le Vaillant, still at sea aboard Mieux, should cross the finish line around 3 p.m.
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