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The End Of Addictive Sailing v1

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  • The End Of Addictive Sailing v1

    This morning we received a quite surprising call from Brieuc Maisonneuve, from Addictive Sailing: the French Coast Guard just informed him his #ORC50 he capsized during the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe / @route_du_rhum 300 nm east of the Acores just landed ... 4km away from the yard, in Lorient, on a beach easily accessible by a crane ...
    Crazy !

    A small team with members from Marsaudon Composites, the @SNSM, Brieuc Maisonneuve and friends quickly gathered to make sure the wreck will not dislocate or go back at sea with the descending tide.

    By the end of the afternoon, Brieuc had made sure the wreck was craned and completely secured in land, temporarily put on a parking lot. The beach as been as much cleaned as possible from debris, and we shall come back in the coming days to keep on cleaning it.

    The French shipwreck dismantling body, the @APER, is to be shortly mobilized so that the boat is properly dismantled, hence limiting further pollution.

    Bravo Brieuc for your reactivity, swift decisions and sense of responsibility !

    We are deeply sad that, although all the searching, developing and running drifting models, using satellite data, she couldn't be spotted before reaching shore. We stand by you Brieuc ! We know how tough this is, and feel it like you.

    But all misfortune something is good, this stunning epilogue offered the unique opportunity to cleanly end this accident by preventing the wreck to further drift as a UFO threatening other boats, or to crash and dislocate and pollute inaccessible seashores.

    images courtesy Brieuc Maisonneuve

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