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Melges 32's Plow Into Opti Fleet

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  • Melges 32's Plow Into Opti Fleet

    At Lake Garda, the Opti Worlds and Melges 32's are sharing the same piece of water
    It prteyy fuzzy footage but the offending vessel appear to be 226,"Bribon-MoviStar" and 667 "Brontolo HH."...

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    They should be tethered to the boat and sank.
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      Mindless aaaassssssshooooooooooles


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        Melges needs to step up and toss those donkeys out of the fleet!


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          Hang em high, Harry!


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            What were they thinking?


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              This is what happens when yacht racers think they are really important.


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                Is a pickle dish worth risking kids live for?


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                  Originally posted by Jack Fate View Post
                  This is what happens when yacht racers think they are really important.

                  and a lot of Melges 32 sailors think they are very important.

                  What a dick move sailing into the Opti fleet.


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                    Obviously those Opti kids didn't know who they were...
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                      Those f-in kids should stay out of the f-in way!

                      (unidentified M-32 driver)


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                        Lake Garda Near Miss

                        The incident over the weekend where a fleet of opti sailors get interrupted by some wayward Melges 32 sailors, has gotten a lot of attention. The offending M -32 claim that the PRO's working the optis were at fault for putting there course so close to the M-32 course. Here's a statement post recently in that vein:

                        “The most exciting part of the day today though was again having to sail through the optis and seeing those kids faces. At one point I think we almost took out a few of the little tykes when we had to sail past their gybe mark. It was ultra sketchy and although I am sure they dug it, their parents were probably pissed. I mean we are a 32 foot boat sailing at 19 knots through their course. Dangerous indeed, but its not our fault that the PRO’s set up the courses so close to each other and started at basically the same times which all but guaranteed some conflict. The part of sailing here is that there is usually a lot going on, kiters, windsurfers, 49’ers, etc. It’s just part of the deal.”

                        Photos courtesy Norman Sailing, LLC
                        " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                          Can you imagine a gaggle of Opti's or El Toros in front of the SFYC or RYC and some clowns plowing through them like that? While these photos don't show it, the line of Opti's were even on starboard.

                          This is outrageous. I hope there are severe consequences for those M32 skippers.


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                            I thought the current AC fiasco was the worst thing that could happen on SF Bay, but maybe a Melges 32 championship might be worse? The arrogance, multiplied by the description of the "most exciting part of the day" comment, is beyond belief. It's luck more than skill that an Opti "little tyke" wasn't injured or killed.


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                              Way to point the finger at someone else, Mister Melges 32 skipper. Yup, it's all the RC's fault.

                              NO. You chose to sail smack dab right through a fleet of kids. You could have gone around them....dear God, but you'd have had to sail an extra 200 feet, and how totally unacceptable is that?/// blecch. Hmph. . YOU are responsible for your actions. If you didn't like the course, the sail it safely and protest the RC, but don't drive your fucking boat right through a fleet of kids in opti's.