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    On it!


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      Happy Holidays from Whitecaps Marine

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone from the team at Whitecaps Marine Outfitters! Thank you for your support this year.

      Call us for your exclusive Pressure Drop reader's discount when ordering.

      As always, we offer FREE SHIPPING on all US orders. No minimums, no coupons - just simple free shipping.


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        Bundle Pricing at Whitecaps Marine Outfitters

        Did you know that we offer bundle pricing when you are buying a complete set of foulies?! Give us a call at (888) 994-4832 to discuss bundle pricing on great gear such as:

        Zhik Isotak

        Henri Lloyd Offshore ELITE

        Gill Race Collection

        The racing season will be back into full swing before you know, so make sure you nail your starts with a Sailing Watch or Race Timer!

        As always, we offer FREE SHIPPING on all US orders. No minimums, no coupons - just simple free shipping.


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          Unobtainium Detected In Hood River

          Spied by an early morning dog walker in Hood River over New Year's, this delivery of Unobtainium to Robichaud Batten Systems.
          Unobtainium. Fictional? Or an extremely rare, costly material. Used when strength and resilience are required to withstand the rigors of sailing.
          "The Wizard" Bill Lee of Santa Cruz ULDB fame, once suggested that Unobtainium was used in the construction of the breakthrough 67" Merlin.
          Could this be the proprietary secret behind RBS creating the best battens available?
          Calls and emails to RBS have yet to be returned....

          We welcome Robichaud Batten Systems to the Pressure From Advertising Family.

          Great people and a great product, proudly made in the USA!

          We had the pleasure of spending some time with the crew at RBS last summer and this was the resulting report:

          Clicky !
          " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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            "RBS is better than your BS"

            love it


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              Pressure Drop Welcomes North Sails

     welcomes North Sails to our list of growing supporters!

              About North Sails Group
              North Sails, the largest division of North Technology Group, is the world leader in sailmaking technology. North Sails holds the patent for 3Di, a unique composite construction process that produces high* performance sails that approach the shape holding of a rigid foil. North Sails is the sailmaker of choice for the majority of America’s Cup, Grand Prix, ocean race boats and Superyachts. North Sails offers a wide range of performance 3D and paneled sails for cruising sailors and is the world’s leading sailmaker for one design classes with more National, World and Olympic Class victories than all other sailmakers combined.

              Check out more about their product line and lengthy list of innovative products Here!

              Attention 3 Bridge Fiasco Sailors: North Sails San Francisco will be producing a detailed forecast for the race.
              You can sign up for this free forecast HERE!
     ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~


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                Andrew Kerr is back! NorthU is presenting a full day Tactics seminar, hosted by BYC (lots of parking and easy to get to from anywhere in the Bay!) on February 28!
                Andrew is a multiple world and class champion - and a FABULOUS instructor, with a knack for answering your questions in a manner that means you will understand the answer -
                One design sailors, take note -- since the J24 Nationals are being hosted by BYC this year, Andrew will be placing special emphasis on small boats, one design and large fleet tactics. He has many years of successful coaching and sailing in the fleet and is a GREAT resource for finding ways to eke out that last 1% that can dramatically change your results in such a competitive OD fleet!

                TO SIGN UP -- --



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                  Sail Tactics

                  Sail Tactics provides ultra-high resolution wind and tide forecasts for the San Francisco Bay that help sailors win races or find better cruising conditions. Racers in the SF Bay used the Sail Tactics forecasts to win nearly every major race in 2014. Each morning, 365 days per year, Sail Tactics provides a fresh forecast for the wind and tidal currents generated using the latest-available weather and Delta river-flow data.

                  Sail Tactics started as wind forecasts distributed via email by Mike Dvorak around the time of the America's Cup in 2013. Mike got into weather modeling while studying offshore wind energy for his PhD at Stanford University. While the America's Cup was going on in the SF Bay, Mike was doing postdoctoral research at UC Berkeley modeling turbulent winds in wind farms. As a side project, he challenged himself to model the SF Bay winds using the same state-of-the-art forecasting technology he used in his research. He was pleased to find that his weather simulations could realistically model the complex winds coming through the Golden Gate during the America's Cup events. After the email forecasts sent out only on race mornings gained in popularity, Mike decided to dedicate six months of hardcore programming to create a full blown forecasting website. In March 2014, while Mike was anchored off Sausalito in his 33 foot sloop, Sail Tactics was born as a 365-day per year forecasting operation.

                  In January 2015, Mike enlisted one of his fellow researchers at UC Berkeley and SF Bay tidal modeling expert, Rusty Holleman, to create daily tidal current forecasts. Rusty's PhD at Cal focused on optimizing a tidal current model for flows in the San Francisco Bay. Each day, Rusty takes in the latest weather and Delta river-flow data to create the most accurate tide forecast possible. Rusty's tide forecasts, combined with Mike's wind forecasts give SF Bay sailors all the weather and tide information they need to get a leg up on their competition, find the perfect amount of wind for a cruise with friends, pick the right sails to carry, or simply know when it's time to abandon the race to spend time with family, rather than waiting for the westerly that never comes.

                  What sets Sail Tactics apart from other forecast is two things. One is that we make colorful forecast maps that allows sailors to make strategic decisions on the water. Other guys will charge you $75 per day to simply get a long, text email that says the winds in the Slot are going to increase at sometime in the afternoon, with maybe a shift or two. We draw colorful pictures of the wind and tides that allow you to execute, not wonder. Secondly, our subscribers have a proven track record of winning. They won nearly every major SF Bay race of 2014.

                  We hope you'll consider giving our forecasts a try for a month. Subscription pricing information can be found at this page and Mike Dvorak is happy to personally answer your questions if you email
         ~It's not the size of the website, it's how you use it! ~


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                    Quantum Sails CYC Midwinters Report

                    C&C 30 Makes San Francisco Debut at Corinthian Midwinters
                    By Jenn Virškus for Quantum Sail Design Group

                    Javelin, the West Coast’s first C&C 30, takes a bullet for the sportboat class in the final race of the CYC Midwinters to finish the regatta in 2nd place.
                    The San Francisco Bay’s first C&C 30 made its racing debut in the Corinthian Yacht Club Midwinters held January 17¬–18 and February 21–22. In its first race, with Sail California’s Patrick Nolan driving and Quantum’s Jeff Thorpe doing tactics, Javelin finished third in corrected time to Paul Recktenwald’s J/88 Lazy Dawg and David Rasmussen’s Synergy 1000 Sapphire in the sportboat class.

                    Fast-forward to this weekend, and Javelin, driven by Quantum’s Patrick Whitmarsh, wins the final race on Sunday in heavy air, to secure second place in the regatta behind Lazy Dawg. Trig Liljestrand’s J/90 Ragtime was 3rd in the class.

                    Javelin above and the Soto 30 Gentoo below

                    Saturday morning didn’t look too promising, but after a one-hour postponement, an early-season westerly filled in delivering consistent winds in the high teens. Javelin was able to hang close with the Soto 30 Gentoo most of the way around the course. They lost that race by overstanding the leeward layline both times. Picking up a burlap bag on the rudder somewhere in the middle of the race didn’t help. “In races one and three, we made tactical mistakes because our head was so far in the boat—we sacrificed some of our tactics trying to figure out the boat,” said Thorpe.

                    David Schumann, owner of the J/70 Bottle Rocket (another Quantum-powered boat), was at the helm of Javelin on Saturday. “Coming from a J/70, I was wondering how much bigger this boat would feel, but it was actually really responsive and I felt confident on all points of sail,” said Schumann. “The boat feels stable; it is a pretty stiff platform. Before the bag, it was pretty close racing and that was a lot of fun.”

                    By all accounts, the C&C 30 is extremely well balanced downwind, especially in the breeze, and it’s easy to get up on a plane. “It doesn’t seem like you have to put the bow up too much to get the boat on the step in the right conditions,” said Thorpe. “We were sailing through the lee of the big boats in dirty air, it was just amazing.” It also has a really high righting moment, that allows for an extra-big spinnaker that gets the boat moving. Sailed to its limit, it could reach 20 knots downwind.

                    “For people who are looking for the next step in a high performance boat, this would be a good one, especially given that it’s only 30 feet. The boat has a great grand prix set up and controls, and the performance is great. It really lit up going downwind, and that was a lot of fun,” said Schumann.

                    Upwind, however, is where the boat has exceeded all expectations. The C&C 30 features a really powerful hull, with a wide, powerful set up in the back. Its deep keel and modern bulb contribute to the boat marching upwind. “With the wind blowing 16 to 22, we were really able to see the true character of this boat,” said Thorpe. Throughout the regatta, Thorpe said the crew figured out that there is a huge upwind speed advantage to moving the crew weigh aft.

                    “The boat is very new so we’re slowly learning the rig set up and the loads. Saturday we sailed the boat a little too high, Sunday we opened everything up and sailed about three-quarters of a knot faster upwind with a tighter rig,” said Thorpe.

                    “We’ve sailed the boat with six and seven crew, but seven is the real number,” said Norman Davant of Sail California. The seventh crewmember is key for moving the weigh aft upwind, as well as working the running backstays.

                    “We were aggressively trimming the running backstays in the puffs on Sunday,” said Whitmarsh. “You have to be aggressive with that on the boats that don’t have a permanent backstay. You put on a lot of turns when the puffs come on and then you have to ease really aggressively in the lulls. There’s a lot of work on the runners, especially when it’s puffy.”
                    “Race four was a culmination of learning the boat enough over the three days, having the right conditions, and not making any mistakes tactically. We realized the potential of how great this boat is,” Thorpe said of the win.

                    The C&C 30 is a true sportboat: You’re not going to be taking it on a cruise around the bay with your family. You need a few good people who really know what they’re doing to sail it. That said, the boat doesn’t require a huge sail inventory. It is currently being sailed with five sails: one main, a light to medium air jib, a heavy air jib, a flat, light-air kite and an all-around AP kite for medium to heavy breeze.

                    Another nice feature is the detachable bow pole. “It’s set up similarly to an 18-foot skiff,” said Whitmarsh. “The solid, fixed bow pole keeps the kite projected in front of the boat, but at the dock, all you have to do is undo the bob stay and you can take the pole off, allowing you to keep the boat in a slip.”

                    The C&C 30 has often been compared to the TP 52, but with the nimbleness and maneuverability of a small sportboat, making it an excellent crossover boat. “It’s phenomenal how similar it is to the big boats in terms of how it responds and its upwind speed,” said Davant.

                    According to Davant, the market for the C&C 30 is really that of the Farr 280—but that is a true buoy racing boat. “The C&C 30 is a challenging, technical boat to sail, but it’s also a boat that you can take into some big breeze off shore—I’m confident of that now,” he added.

                    “I’d take it to Monterey in a heartbeat,” Davant said. “But it would be awesome heading west. Put four people on it and you’d have the ride of your life to Hawaii.”
                    Kudos to the Quantum-powered J/120 Peregrine taking the PHRF 2 class. “I let the crew race without me. I'm terrifically proud of how they’ve handled the boat,” said owner David Halliwill.

                    “Our speed was good through the CYC series and I attribute much of it to the rig tune and the crewing,” added Mike O'Callaghan who was on Peregrine for the regatta. “The boat is well prepared and everything works. Our sails for this series were from 2011 and have seen a lot of racing since, but they still look very good, especially the 130% jib.”

                    Quantum sails got Charles James’s Roxanne to the top spot in the J/105 class, as well as the Hanse 370 Min Flicka owned by Julle Le’Vickie in the Non-Spinnaker 1 class.
                    “We were anticipating wind for both days, so we went tight on the rig, and I think that helped us,” said Elliot James, who was doing bow on Roxanne both days. “Sunday was a real one-design race. We were trading places down the first leg to Blackhaller with Yellowfin and Nimbus. We managed to get in front ahead just before the mark, and led upwind and continued to lead round the second mark. Halfway down the second third leg, we had an exciting moment when we blew up the tack line block. We had to douse the kite, get the jib out, fix the broken block, and get the kite back up with the fleet bearing down on us. Somehow we managed to do it and held on for the win.”

                    “This weekend was quite interesting. There were a few broaches, a few mistakes, and a few calls that were too close, but we managed to prevail with two seconds to spare,” said Le’Vickie. “It was lots of fun and a well-run regatta. Our Quantum sails worked well, so we’re quite happy!”

                    Other Quantum boats in the top three include Tim Russell’s J/80 Pain Killer in 3rd in PHRF 3; Ron Kell was 3rd in the Express 27 class with his boat Abigail Morgan; and Ian Matthew’s C&C 29 Siento El Viento was in 3rd in PHRF 5. Click HERE & HERE for complete results."
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                      Get ready for Big Boat!!

                      Whitecaps Marine has 20% OFF all Henri Lloyd until August 17th.

                      The Henri Lloyd Phoenix range is the ideal kit for racing in the Bay and if you need something a little more serious for the offshore racing, then you can't go wrong with Henri Lloyd ELITE gear.


                      Need to order some customized team gear for your crew?? We can help with some great quality options! Now is the time to think about that in order to have it in time for Big Boat.

                      As always, FREE SHIPPING on US orders.


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                        Welcome to KKMI. We are a two location boat repair and maintenance yard on San Francisco Bay. We're boaters too so we understand that boats are more than just a piece of property. We get how important it is to have things done properly. When it comes time to choose a boat yard to care for your precious cargo, we hope you take a look at KKMI. We'd love a chance to work with you.
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                          Expertise From The Experts

                          Quantum Sails Provides Guides for:

                          Headsail Options

                          Making Your Sails Last Longer

                          Creating Your Own Tuning Guide
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                            Cameron Appleton Joins Quantum Sails Client Service and Success Team

                            Quantum Sails Welcomes Cameron Appleton
                            to its Client Service and Success Team

                            World-champion tactician and helmsman Cameron Appleton has joined Quantum Sails where he will support grand prix and big-boat clients while working closely with the company’s design and product development teams. Appleton will also join the TP52 Quantum Racing program for 2019 in the role of tactician. Cameron is one of the top talents in the sport today, achieving outstanding success in a number of offshore one-design classes including the RC44, Melges 40, Melges 20, and Melges 32.

                            “Cameron is one of today’s most in-demand sailing pros, and we’re excited about the expertise and experience he brings to Quantum,” says Quantum CEO Ed Reynolds. “Cam will be sailing and working closely with clients to make sure they are receiving the value they expect and have everything they need to achieve success.” Appleton will also be an integral and active part of Quantum’s sail development teams, spanning design, engineering, production, and marketing. “Cam’s personal experience and the insights gleaned through his interactions with owners, sailing pros, and industry leaders will loop into our processes to help evolve and develop our product and service offerings,” says Reynolds.

                            "Joining Quantum Sails, a leading brand that delivers high-level products and service to our sport, gives me a chance to continue helping owners and teams," says Appleton. "Sails are ever-evolving and when it comes to propelling us around the course, we spend the most effort adjusting and trying to get them right, so I look forward to helping provide support and insight for product development. It’s a great opportunity to be joining the TP52 and sailing alongside the team as we look to continue the quest to stay at the top."

                            Appleton, who lives in Newport, will work out of the Quantum Sails Newport loft and can be reached at and +1 401-662-7736.
                            " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                              Quantum And Club Swan 36 Breaking New Ground

                              On Monday, June 3, 2019, Quantum Sails powered the groundbreaking ClubSwan 36 for its official launch
                              and first round of sea trials. Quantum Sails is proud to be involved in making this boat-of-firsts fly, and in
                              helping Nautor's Swan disrupt the world of sailing with this new one-design class aimed at giving the
                              amateur sailor access to extreme performance. Using Quantum’s iQ Technology® design tool, the
                              Quantum Sails team worked closely with Nautor’s Swan and Juan-Kouyoumdjian to develop a
                              high-performing rig and suite of sails fitting of the innovative, high-tech platform. The result of the
                              collaboration spoke for itself as hull #01 ripped around the waters in Scarlino, Italy, with out-of-the-box
                              sails that fit perfectly and worked harmoniously with the unique, versatile rig.

                              “It is an honor to be part of such an exciting program from its inception,” says Ed Reynolds,
                              president of Quantum Sails. “Quantum Sails is all about total performance and design.
                              Our data-driven approach to sail design and desire to continually push boundaries and
                              make sailing more accessible fit perfectly into the Nautor’s Swan philosophy on this project.
                              With this new ClubSwan 36, you no longer need to be an America’s Cup level sailor to experience
                              this level of extreme performance,” continues Reynolds.

                              The foil-assisted ClubSwan 36 makes the fun and excitement of high-performance dinghy and
                              keelboat racing accessible to a wide range of sailors. The innovative design boasts a flush deck,
                              open cockpit and retractable bowsprit, chamfered bow, and transverse sliding C-foil.
                              Above the deck, the Juan K Office designed carbon rig provides plenty of tuning opportunities
                              while racing this innovative entry-level sports boat.

                              “This truly is a sailor’s rig,” says Chris Williams, Quantum design lead on the ClubSwan 36 sails.
                              “The carbon rig is unique. It has a lot of control and it’s very light. Sailors who enjoy the technical
                              aspects of rig tune and sail control will get a lot out of this class, especially using the Quantum setup.
                              We used our powerful iQ Technology design tools to develop a suite of sails with unprecedented shape
                              without sacrificing the wide range of trimming capacity required with the limited sail inventory
                              dictated by the class rule and the target sailors who will be using them.”

                              In working closely with Nautor’s Swan and Juan-Kouyoumdjian, Quantum Sails found in these teams
                              the same passion and commitment to performance, design, and technology. Additionally, Quantum Sails
                              felt an aligned belief in the importance of helping to elevate every sailor’s performance to maximize the
                              experience and meet their challenges. Quantum looks forward to continued collaboration with
                              Nautor’s Swan and Juan Kouyoumdjian throughout the ClubSwan 36 sea trials as well as in the future.


                              " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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                                Pressure Drop Welcomes Pacific Rigging To The Fold

                                Pressure Drop is proud to introduce or most recent advertiser, Pacific Rigging, an Alameda based outfit that
                                has been serving the entire Bay Area for over a decade, bringing experience and expertise to your boat
                                or project in a timely and professional manner.

                                Pacific Rigging was started in 2010 by John Hansen. John is a dedicated sailor with a true love for all things boat. As a kid, he was turned loose on the delta with an outboard dinghy, a tankful of gas and time to kill. He’s also an alumni of the Richmond Yacht Club junior program, where he sailed a home-built wooden El Toro. Later on, the family bought an old bird boat, hull #18, but after just a season they realized she was due for a rebuild. Robin,which had been owned by John’s grandfather in the 1930’s, was painstakingly restored by John and his family. This project took 10 years to complete, but after all that time in the shed she was relaunched in 1999.

                                A longtime rigger, John got his start in the marine industry 1993 working at North Coast Yachts (famous in the bay area for building the Wylie Wabbits.) After North Coast, John moved to Svendsen’s Boatworks in Alameda. He was a rigger on the mast dock first, and then rigging manager for six years.

                                Pacific Rigging is a full service rig shop – we do everything from deck hardware to running rigging and standing rigging (just to name a few.) We have a small dockside shop and office at Ballena Bay in Alameda, California, and can travel by work boat or truck. While we gladly accept small jobs, we love to help you with project management. If you’re getting ready for a cruise or a race, planning a major refit, or even just heading to the yard for a routine haul out, we can help you through that process. Having a dedicated, detail-oriented team on your side can help even the most daunting projects go smoothly.

                                One of our specialties is preparing boats for long ocean races such as California Offshore Race Week, Transpac, and Pacific Cup. We love to think through each detail of the boat for simple yet robust systems that can handle the rigors of multi-day and multi-week passages.

                                Since the start of the pandemic, we want to do anything we can just to get people out on their boats. A lot of race boats are set up to be handled by full crews - we are happy to help you with solutions to sail your race boat shorthanded or singlehanded. For the rest of the summer, we are offering great deals on harken roller furlers and furler/lazy jack combo specials.

                                Some of our customers include:

                                Cal40 Redhead, 2016 Pac Cup division winner (third overall) setting the Cal 40 Hawaii record.
                                New Running and standing rigging, optimization and race prep.

                                Farr 36 Sweet Okole, 2019 Transpac division winner
                                Installed a new carbon rig and set up for asymmetric spinnakers.

                                Image © sharon green

                                Santa Cruz 52 Lucky Duck,

                                2018 CORW 1st overall,
                                2015 Newport to Cabo Race 1st in Division,
                                2015 SoCal300 1st Overall
                                Managed race boat and oversaw all projects including extensive optimization, maintenance and many performance upgrades.
                                Lucky Duck raced offshore for 8 seasons including 3 Transpacs, 7 Mexico races, and 3 California Offshore Race weeks among others.
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                                " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella"

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