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YRA: Some changes in store!

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  • buster_hymen
    good points DS, sportboats lack cabin space, so YC's with nice grassy lawns are a plus for nylon shelters

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  • DeathSpear
    In the Spirit of 'similar boat' classes like the SF 30 and SF 180, something we tried to jumpstart this season (albeit a little late) was to start running a Sportsboat division for HDA. Personally I really enjoy the HDA races as they are mostly central bay with plenty of breeze and current. Across the bay I would think there should be enough boats for 2 Sportboats divisions, maybe a 27 - 33 feet and 26 and under. For the smaller fleet, between the vipers, ultimate 20s and 24s, open 5.7, melges 24s it should be able to pull a decent fleet. For the larger boats, the antrim 27s, Henderson, Mumm 30s, FT10s, Azzura310, JS9000 should be able to pull a 10 boat fleet. There needs to be a bit more coordination to line up the schedules and perhaps organize with some fleet captains. I wish I could volunteer for the task, but now its not a good time.

    Another thought, though a bit challenging logistically is to group the fleets on the raft-ups on the PC races. One of my complains is that there aren't many opportunities to socialize or even meet the other skippers and crews of the other boats you are racing either in HDA or OYRA.

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  • PD Staff
    started a topic YRA: Some changes in store!

    YRA: Some changes in store!

    A change of Course for the YRA

    A change of course is in store for the S.F. YRA, and you can help them plot it. With a drop in attendance at HDA and ODCA fleets over the last couple years, with only 2 boats and sometime zero showing up for races, and revenues down dramatically from the late 60’s and early 70’ when fleets had to be broken in 2 to fit them on the course, The S.F. YRA finds itself in unfamiliar waters.

    At a recent board meeting, the direness of the situation was topic A and remedies were suggested to try to stop the bleeding.” We’ve already cut things to the bare bones” Sighed YRA chairman volunteer Patrick Broderick, “We’ve even begun moving from the old Fort Mason Offices to a tiny no window unit in Alameda, cutting the rent to 1/3 of what it was.

    The recession, reduction in fleets, number of members and attendance, have all conspired to reduce the monetary income for the YRA to its lowest in decades, even counting for inflation. In recent years fleet have been folded into singular ones with relative success, the SF 180 and SF 30’s for example has enjoyed great racing, a competitive air and great camaraderie after their individual fleets grew too small. With HDA and ODCA fleet flailing in size, the idea to drop those events and add 2 longer weekend events was suggested.

    “There’s a multitude of reasons, including the downturn in the economy” Pat indicates, In the Late 60’s and 70’s, boat builders such as the Triton, the Cornado 25, Santana 22, the Cal 20’s were pumping out boats left and right, and one design fleets of 30 of more boats were common. It’s been a while since a boat like the J-105 has come along and grown significantly and stayed intact. Nowadays there is one hot new boat after another so 1 Design fleets have a hard time getting established.

    “ In the 70’s, The Vallejo race had to broken in two venues, with half the fleets sailing to Coyote Point, just to accommodate everyone” Pat also indicates “Back then a “Big Boat” was 35’, so there were just more smaller boats, with smaller crews”. There is also the matter of time, and with increasingly more hectic schedules individual single day events are easier to forego the a full weekend event with a party mixed in, as the 3 party circuit events have shown. “The two other events which seem to be prospering are the Charity events, the Leukemia Cup and the Sarcoma Cup”, Pat notes and they are full weekend events too.

    But before you get out your hatchet and exclaim “What do we need the YRA for anyways?" Keep some of these points in mind:

    YRA is not some mysterious, clandestine, cloak wearing secret society, as some people have suggested. “Anyone can attend our board meetings” (Which is where the magic happens) “And you don’t even need to know the password or secret handshake”

    YRA was established in in the 30’s to assist in coordinating the various events among the various Yacht Clubs.

    YRA has always been non-profit with at most 2 paid staffers, the rest is volunteers. Which currently is down to one paid staffer

    YRA is in charge of numerous bouys used around the bay, whether you are in a YRA or not.

    YRA provides representatives to U.S. Sailing. Keeping your needs and concerns voiced on a national level

    YRA runs the Appeals Committee and PHRF Committee

    YRA produces the amazing YRA yearly calendar in association with Latitude 38

    YRA runs the permit operations with the USCG, and runs interference when issue’s arise between the boating community and the USCG, and has become a bit of the middleman in some recent incidents

    YRA runs some of the funnest events on the Bay, notably the party circuit events and a great year end awards party! *Not to mention the trophies!

    YRA staffers work their tails off, coming in on weekends to volunteer on boat and get the results up ASAP

    So at this point in juncture, if you have even a fleeting interest in assisting, have a good suggestion you would like to share, possess an uncanny ability to right grants or are a talented fund raiser, the YRA could use your help. Your thoughts and suggestion are welcome here or you can email directly:

    We thank Pat Broderick for his efforts in the past, he’s been involvedfor 25 years and the Chair for past 4, and a special thanks to Laura Paul for all her behind the scenes efforts to keep things flowing day to day as well as the other volunteers who keep things running at the YRA!


    Pat says if you won a trophy over the past few seasons and have not picked it up, now would be a really, really good time to do so!
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