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Covid 19 Avoidance In Paradise

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  • Covid 19 Avoidance In Paradise

    Ronnie Simpson knows how to take what life throws his way in stride and can find the rainbow in a squall without looking...
    His latest from his outpost in the South Pacific...

    When I decided to start a business here and try to make Fiji home, one of the reasons I made the decision was because I felt Fiji would be somewhat insulated from the big issues of the world and probably a really good place to be when the shit hits the fan. I was thinking more along the lines of climate change, global famine, economic crash or World War III. The thought of a pandemic didn’t even cross my mind. I wasn’t hoping to test my doomsday theory this early on, but so far Fiji is providing in a big way. Acutely aware of how good I have it and pinching myself daily. Fiji, you’re so good to me. In this photo, i’m anchored at my favorite spot and my favorite wave, Restaurants, with my boy @sailingseabbatical surfing and social distancing the days away. Vinaka Fij
    " I just found out my nest egg has salmonella" Photo Gallery

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    Ronnie has the right outlook!